BMW welt stands for many iconic things and it is known for the brand experience and at the same time, it is also a well-known car delivery place. This center is situated in such an amazing place and it has got a BMW museum followed by BMW headquarters which is great so if you would visit this place then you would have a great time altogether. 

The hall is been designed by the very talented Himmelb(I)au and the building turned out to be very beautiful and stylish at the same time. The entrance of the building has to be the best part here and that somehow resembles the icon of the BMW welt which seems wonderful. It is a best example of modern architecture.

BMW museum

When The Whole Thing was Constructed?

This building was designed in the year 2007 and there is no doubt that this building can beat many present-day buildings in case of technology and looks which is a great thing. The space of the building is again a highlight about this building that would attract you towards it. 

When was BMW museum constructed?

This building seems too beautiful and smooth that it would soothe your eyes and if you are a technology lover that this building is not less than any treat to watch. Beginners can learn a lot from this building construction and design as that is first-class for sure.

A Special Tribute to the Surrounding of The BMW Welt

Special care was taken for the slight lines and the visualization of the area and for that the designers made sure that they choose the best surrounding or create good surroundings for the construction of the BMW Welt. Apart from this the construction of the BMW museum is also mind-blowing that you would love for sure. 

Tribute to the Surrounding of The BMW Welt
BMW museum exterior
BMW museum with lighting

The landscape outside the building seems so beautiful that it can win hearts and that has been specially created or you can say chosen for the BMW museum Munich which is great. The contrast of sight views and the building went really that people love to experience and you should also visit there to see that.

The Headquarters Design

There are facades in the building that are made up of glass and this lets people sitting inside the building enjoy the dynamic view of Olympia Park. The headquarters of the BMW welt is been designed by the talented designer Karl Schwanzer and there is no wonder that the headquarters turned out to be very beautiful. 

BMW museum Headquarters Design

Just like other parts, the headquarters are also technologically advanced and you would love the whole look of the headquarters. The size of the headquarters is again a big highlight as it is very huge and spacious as well from inside of the headquarters.

BMW museum Headquarters Interior

The center of the BMW welt is all about the vehicle delivery and so this part is constructed in a way that could ease up the whole process. There are of course floors that consist of different vehicles and all the brand new vehicles of the company are shifted to the lower cars and the process is done by the loading yard of the company. 

BMW museum

Due to this whole process, the vehicles are arranged in a way that the top floor would have the oldest collection, while the group floor would have the new collection. The middle floors are also arranged accordingly so that everything can look organized and beautiful.

Bike in BMW museum

This building has got some cool corners that are entirely dedicated to the maintenance of the cars that the building and headquarters have. Here you would be able to check a carwash where all the cars get washed once in a while and this helps a lot in maintaining the look of the car and even the old cars are washed once in a while. 

large space of BMW museum

This building also has got a mechanic’s workshop which is there to support any mechanical emergencies of any of the vehicles. This building has got a cleaning inspection site as well as, one paint inspection where the cars are been inspected whether they are cleaned or not and at the same time, they also make sure that the painting of the car in on point so that the look of the vehicle would be maintained.

The most amazing part is that the building has got a one-day storage space that is quite huge and this is can support any car for a single day. The space is so huge that it can easily support about 250 cars which are amazing for sure and this supports the care delivery process of the building which is great. 

There are transparent elevators in the building on which the cars get transferred and this looks super cool and this place has got a marina which is thick enough that a car can easily rotate and this space is made to show the customers how the car is.

BMW museum model


This place can have 1200 people at a time which is great and the best part is that this building headquarters as well as, the BMW museum is open for the public so if you are interested in a technologically advanced beautiful car showroom and museum then you can certainly check this place out. This whole space is about 25,000 square meters huge which are great and everything gets into it beautifully.

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