Have you ever heard of FWAD? FWAD aka Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is a theme park, which is inspired by the Ferrari. It is the first Ferrari themed based park and also the world’s largest indoor theme park.

The Ferrari world is a magnificent example of timeless modern architecture. It is such an out of ordinary piece that stands out among all the architecture. 

If you are a fan of Ferrari cars, then take an adventurous tour with us in the amazing Ferrari world:  

  • Architects: Benoy
  • Location: Island De Yas, Abu Dhabi, UAE
  • Area: 176000 m2
  • Project year: 2010


This beautiful theme park is located at De Yas Island. The Island of Yas is situated opposite to  Abu Dhabi, which is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The total area of Yas Island is around 25km2 .

location of Ferrari world

It only takes 10 minutes from the Abu Dhabi international airport to reach here. It is just 30 minutes away from the main city. It looks mesmerizing with its red color, which is contrasting with the ochre color of sand.


Ferrari and Aldar properties signed an agreement in 2005 to build the world’s first theme park. It took around three years to complete it ( 2007-2010). Inside of this theme park, you’ll find different attraction points, and Jack Rouse Associates design most of them. There is a driving school for kids, the world’s most extensive Ferrari gallery in this theme park. Due to these attraction points, this theme park becomes a global tourist attraction.   

This is what architects of Ferrari world say

“Externally the Ferrari World Abu Dhabi building expresses the language and values of the Ferrari brand itself. Benoy’s vision – to create a building that reflects Ferrari’s sinuous form, is directly inspired by the classic double curve side profile of the Ferrari GT chassis. The double curve was proportionately applied in elevation to set the structure’s length and height. This proportion gave rise to the dynamic scale of the building at 700 meters from tip to tip of the tri-forms.”

Concept And Structural Design

The main area of the structure has 3 pointed star housing the inner levels with three claws extending from these points that kind of creates an illusion of enclosed space. The serpentine curves inspire the outer form of the building. It also has a double curve which is inspired by the classic Ferrari bodyworks. Its 3-dimensional designs are the crucial factor in the evaluation of the structure.

concept and design of Ferrari world


This theme park is the property of Aldar Properties PJSC. Benoy Architects are in charge of the construction of this fantastic park. The firm, Jack Rouse Associates, undertake this project.  When you reach this place, the roof is the first thing that catches your eyes.

Ferrari theme park has an iconic and bold roof in red color, which is directly inspired by the curves of Ferrari. This roof has the world’s most giant logo of Ferrari, which is 65 by 48 in meters. The roof drops at the center to bump into the floor in the form of a tunnel, which creates an effect of an illuminated glass window. 

Ferrari world map


The Ferrari World has the most massive steel structure ever built. Its roof has strong insulation, which is done by steel. More than 12,370 tons of steel is used to make its structure. For the main facades, the area is around 29,000 m2, covered with glass to reduce the glare and thermal load. Slabs were filled with 29,000 m2 of cement to construct the structure. In total, this building has 172,000 pieces and 43100 nodes. 


  • It is designed by International Architect Studio- Benoy Architects
  • This structure has a height of 50 meters with a roof circumference of 2200 meters.
  • The total surface of the Ferrari world theme park is 176000 square meters, out of which 86000 m2 is accessible to the public. 
  • Its three-sided roof has an area around 236,000 m2.
facts of Ferrari world


The island has many leisure destinations that you can visit, such as international Formula-1 circuit, first-class hotels, theme parks, and a golf course.

Formula Rossa 

Formula Rossa is a roller coaster in the Ferrari world with a speed of 200 km/h. The track route is around 2.07 kilometers. It is the world’s fastest roller coaster. 

formula rossa of abu dhabi

G- force Tower

G- force tower is one of the impressive attractions in the Ferrari world. Tower height is 60 meters. You will experience the most intense free fall in the world. You’ll find this ride in the center of the park.

G- force Tower

Fiorano GT Challenger

It is the second Ferrari world roller coaster in the theme park, and its wagons are inspired by Ferrari F430.

Fiorano GT Challenger

If you are living in Abu Dhabi or planning to go there, add this Ferrari World theme park to your travel list. This is the perfect destination for fun and adventurous experience for the whole family. 

Ferrari world inside
Ferrari world f1 car
Ferrari world car
Ferrari world shopping area

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