The most award-winning university campuses have sophisticated designs, elegant dining halls, and impressive decorations for photogenic universities worldwide. These idyllic learning environments mix prestige, reputation, and architectural beauty to draw learners from the world’s farthest corners. Although the perception of beauty is subjective, under a comparison ratio, these ten world universities would outshine the rest. Complete your college essays about art on time and impeccably with the help of pro academic writers.

1. Cambridge University in England 

Cambridge University in England 

The Cambridge University in England stands out in architectural exquisiteness. Its campus buildings are quaint and charming. The lovely gardens found along River Cam seals the deal for anyone in search of a photogenic university. Its 29 graduate colleges are all stunning. The university is academically well-off, as well. National Autonomous University of Mexico

The second most beautiful university in the world is the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Its exquisite beauty and architectural dominance make it UNESCO’S World Heritage site. The university campuses boast impressive murals and smartly decorated walls. 

2. The University of Coimbra in Portugal 

The University of Coimbra in Portugal 

Coimbra University is the eldest higher learning institution in Portugal and still the most beautiful. Its exquisiteness has stood the test of time. One lovely feature of the University of Coimbra is the prehistoric King João III’s statue. The statue sits outside the Joanina Library, one of the world’s most beautiful libraries.

3. Oxford University 

Oxford University 

The fourth most beautiful university is Cambridge University’s main competitor, Oxford University. Oxford University is old, but not lacking the impressive architectural designs and styles in modern colleges and campuses. One beautiful landmark of Oxford University is the Radcliffe Camera, a neoclassical library offering the most serene study rooms and beautiful structural construction.

4. The Yale University 

The Yale University 

Based in New Haven, Connecticut, Yale University is a lovely campus with cathedral-like Victorians and buildings. Featured here are great fall colors, impressive architecture, historical gothic buildings, and free art museums. In this serene and relaxed university environment, you’ll find the Cross Bones Secre and Skull society building.

5. Moscow State University

Moscow State University

Occupying the sixth position in the world’s most photogenic universities is Moscow State University. The university’s central building was erected in 1953. The look and height of this building have attracted worldwide accolades. The world-class Stalinka building runs across the Sparrow Hills to provide a quality outlook of Moscow. The university is breathtaking, majestic, and possesses a superior sense of history. 

6. The University of Andrews in Scotland 

The University of Andrews in Scotland 

In the 7th position is the University of Andrews, a Scotland-based college that combines local and global, and ancient and modern architectural designs. Its residential houses are classy and beautiful stone-built buildings with original periodic features and stylish new apartments. Its unrivaled beauty is heightened by the romantic backdrop for Duchess and Duke of Cambridge.

7. Stanford University – California

Stanford University – California

Stanford University’s prestige and reputation are unrivaled. The university’s campus ranks top among the world’s most photogenic buildings. The university prides itself on architectural dominance, thanks to the Stanford Memorial Church that’s characterized by beautiful mosaics. 

The campus’s beauty is elevated by the use of stained glass and high-grade decorations. It’s good to know that Stanford University sits around many acres of attractive flowerbeds, tree-lined avenues, and well-kept gardens.

8. Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven in Belgium

Katholieke Universiteit Leuven is the oldest university in Belgium and the biggest, too.  The university’s beautiful main building is a true epitome of beauty. As the top-performing University in Belgium, the quality of education is quite high as well.

9. The University of Salamanca in Spain 

The University of Salamanca in Spain


The Spain-based University of Salamanca concludes our list of the most photogenic universities in the world. Its exterior façade is exceptionally majestic and beautiful, with the Patio de Escuelas Menores being the most attractive and impressive of all.

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