You may be wondering why you should call a roofing contractor. You might think, “I can do this myself!” But when it comes to your home’s most important part of the exterior, there are few things more valuable than expert help. Here are 10 reasons you should hire a professional for your roof replacement:

1. It’s a Hard Job

Roofing is a complicated process. Roofs are meant to protect your home from the outside environment, so it’s vital that they are done correctly. Roofers have spent years honing their skills and are able to tackle jobs large and small with confidence. This is no wonder considering the tools they have to work with.

A roofing contractor will use specialized equipment like scissor lifts, which are used for raising workers above their surfaces to get a better look at things. Roofers also need to know how to read blueprints and charts that are specific to roofing houses.

Roofers even have their own set of safety codes that must be adhered to when on the job site! Roofing isn’t something you should take lightly or try on your own.

2. It’s Dangerous

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Working with electricity, heights, and loads of potential falling tools raises the risk factor. Of course, there are ways to reduce this by using safety precautions like wearing hard hats and gloves, but the truth is that it’s just not worth the risk or your life.

Not only can accidents or injuries cause harm to you while on the job site, but if things go wrong, they could also potentially damage your home. Hardwood floors can buckle under too much weight; doors might not be able to close properly after a dropped load; expensive Italian marble countertops can crack when exposed to excessive heat.

We aren’t trying to scare you away from doing this yourself; we’re just saying that hiring someone who specializes in roofing is for your own good. The risks are just too high to do this kind of work alone, so hire a pro instead.

3. It’s Expensive

We said it before and we’ll say it again: hiring someone who specializes in roofing is for your own good. In fact, you’ll have peace of mind that the job will be done well because they know what they’re doing and can guarantee that their work will last as long as possible (even up to 20 years on some materials).

If you want to save money in the long run, consider turning to a professional for help with your roof replacement. They may cost more upfront, but over time you won’t need to call an expensive contractor out every year or two to fix and patch up your roof and its various components.

Those repairs can add up after years of neglect, so you’ll actually be saving money in the long run by taking care of it when it’s brand new.

4. It’s Guaranteed

When a professional does your job, they’re doing their best work to ensure that you get what you paid for. If there are any issues or problems with their workmanship (within a certain time frame), they will come back and fix them without question! Not only does this mean better quality for your home, but it also means fewer headaches on your end.

With all of the things going wrong with homes right now (leaky roofs and burst pipes spring to mind), you want to make sure you aren’t accidentally held liable for things outside of your control. Secure the peace of mind that comes with hiring a professional, and you’ll never have to worry about who’s responsible when something goes wrong again! 

5. It’s Sustainable 

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Whether you’re making an eco-friendly choice or not, using a specialized roofing contractor is always good for the environment because it means fewer residential buildings are sent to landfills once they are replaced.

If you’re concerned about the environment (and we know you should be!), then it makes perfect sense to hire professionals to do your residential roof replacement. You’ll be doing your part to help reduce landfill waste without having to sacrifice quality workmanship by hiring someone who doesn’t specialize in residential roofing.

6. It’s the Right Choice

When you neglect your residential roofing, it means that you are putting more pressure on your foundation, which can lead to all kinds of problems down the line. A damaged foundation could cause buckling floors or walls, which will need to be fixed or completely replaced.

That’s an expensive repair for homeowners! Not only does this affect the surrounding rooms in the said house but it also affects any buildings nearby. A single cracked foundation can put homes at risk out of a landslide or even collapse!

Those may seem unlikely but they are possible without proper maintenance and upkeep of roofs around them. You don’t want to have these issues (who would?), so don’t let something as simple as repairing a roof fall by the wayside.

7. It’s a Turnkey Operation

While there are plenty of roofing kits and repair products available for purchase, professional installation is still your best bet when it comes to residential roof replacement.

Not only can you be sure that materials will last as long as possible (once again, up to 20 years), but they also come with warranties that will help protect your investment! The peace of mind that comes with knowing all of this is well worth the money you spend on overhead costs.  

If you don’t pay someone now, you may pay later in upkeep costs or repairs! 

8. It’s Professionally Done

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In short: it just looks nicer when you have a professional contractor do your roofing replacement. While this isn’t a reason for hiring a contractor, it’s certainly a perk that comes with hiring one. The materials used will typically look better and last longer as well. We all know how competitive home buyers can be, so why not give yourself an edge by making your roof the talk of the town?

9. It’s Timely

While you may have been putting off your residential roof replacement for weeks or months now, a professional contractor is going to get right on it! With a high level of skill and expertise in their field, they’ll be able to pinpoint issues quickly and efficiently – ultimately getting you back into your home faster than doing it yourself ever could.

Residential roofs are certainly more difficult to repair since they’re higher up but having someone who knows what they’re doing definitely pays off in the long run.

10. It’s Not Cheap…

Though hiring a professional residential roofing contractor may not be cheap, it also isn’t crazy-priced. If you compare their prices to doing the work yourself, the difference is negligible. It only costs slightly more to hire someone else for this job since today’s economy has driven up home maintenance costs across the board.


When you consider that hired professionals are able to get your project done faster than you could ever dream of; money begins looking like an afterthought anyway!

Of course, you should always check for special deals or discounts when considering any contractors; but don’t let cost control your decision too much. You’ll save yourself a lot of headaches in future repairs if you take care of your roof today.

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