People shifting to solar energy are increasing in Mississippi. Mississippi is one of the sunny states that’s why getting solar panel installation is a good investment. Mississippi solar panels can be able to generate enough solar energy to power your household. So, if you are still in doubt about getting solar panel installation here are some tips on Solar power in Mississippi: All you need to know. 

Know the Return on Investment for Residential Solar Power in Mississippi

Solar Power in Mississippi

The PV solar size depends on the needs of your home. Solar providers can help you get the accurate energy consumption of your home so they can give quotations on what package fits your home. The upfront cost might be pricey but here is the incentive you can get when you avail one in Mississippi:

Company Rebates 

Some solar providers give discounts or rebates to their clients who avail of solar panels. This is one way of marketing strategies to get more clients to go green. Some companies can give up to $1,000 less on your total solar panel cost. 

Federal Solar Tax Credit

The Mississippi government offers a 30% tax credit for those who will avail of solar panel installation. You may not be able to get this in cash but it will be credited to your tax liabilities, if it can cover all of your annual tax this year then the remaining will be credited again in the next coming years until every cent of it will be used.

The 30% is already a big amount, take a $20,000 solar panel package for instance. If the company gives a $1000 discount, then you will have a $19,000 solar package instead multiplied by a 30% federal tax credit then you can get a $5,700 credit to be used for your tax liabilities. 

Reduced Bills

One of the main advantages of shifting to solar energy is lowering your monthly electricity bills. Although Mississippi has a low electricity rate, making it lower can still make people save. Imagine paying lower bills for the next 25 years or more, since solar panels can last for 25 years or more. If you add up all the savings from reduced bills then it will be able to pay the upfront cost of your solar panel installation.  

Cost of Solar Panel

Solar Power in Mississippi

How much does it cost to go solar in Mississippi? Many factors affect the cost of your solar panel system. Here are some of them:

Energy Need 

Each home has different energy consumption. Customers’ energy should measure even before getting an accurate quotation on how much their solar panel system will be. Solar providers use devices and equipment to measure your energy usage so they can determine how many panels are needed and what system would be ideal for your place. 

Brand and Quality of Materials 

Solar panels come in different brands. Most reputable solar providers will offer high-quality branded solar panels so they can secure a relationship with their customers. They can also be safe when it comes to covering warranties of the product as well as performance. So, go for companies who offer branded solar panels, they might be more pricey but worth it. 

Type of Roof

Roofs have different structures and materials. Some roofs need additional structures to be able to hold solar panels. For this case, the cost will add to the overall cost of overall solar panel installation. Solar providers want to make sure that your solar panels are secured and be able to work efficiently so they recommend structures that are needed for your home roof. Some may even recommend ground mounting if needed, for this another additional cost is expected. 

Wrapping Up

So, if you are still wondering about the issue: Can you use solar panels in Mississippi? Yes, indeed Mississippi has more sunny days in a year and this can be a good sign that solar panels are ideal for the place. Now that you have an idea on Solar Power in Mississippi: All You Need To Know. You can now start looking for a solar provider near you and start discussing with them the best solar panel system to get for your home. So, you can start enjoying the benefits it can give you.  

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