Staging your home with appropriate presentation and preparation before putting up the ‘For Sale’ sign can help enhance the property’s value and even hasten the sale process. This further makes it very important to stage our house effectively by making efforts to enhance the interiors or the front porch and every other part of the house that might require enhancement. 

One common misconception about home staging is that people think this is an expensive and time-intensive undertaking. However, that is not true in most cases, especially if the house is in good condition and features appealing residential home staging designs. Therefore, here are a couple of tips to make house staging easier for all.             

Checklist to Stage Your House for Sale

1. Cleaning the House

 Cleaning the House

The first and crucial task for house staging is cleaning the house as it is no secret that a clean house shows the buyer that one has taken good care of the house. Therefore, it is highly recommended to clean every nook and corner of the entire property. f you can’t do it on your own you can hire a cleaning service like Home Maid Better and will surely give you more than satisfactory results.

This includes everything from the ceilings to the floor and everything else that comes in between. Scrub the bathroom tiles, clean the bathtub, toilet, sink drain effectively to ensure that everything looks brand new.

2. Paint and Wallpaper

The chances of the potential or new buyer liking our paint or wallpaper are very less. So, when staging our home for sale, it is better to tear down the existing wallpaper and paint the walls with some neutral color. 

However, one must avoid painting for the wallpaper as it adversely affects the visual appeal of the house, which will not please any potential buyer. Therefore, make sure to paint the house with a warm and neutral color and enable the buyers to envision their decoration and start without any hassle.

3. Cut the Clutter

Cut the Clutter

Everybody knows that clutter can impact the home’s visual appeal, ultimately resulting in buyers not liking the house. Clutter is not something we want to be a part of our residential home staging designs as it will make the house appear smaller than usual or distract the buyers from the house’s distinct features. 

Therefore, it is recommended to start packing things that we do not require on a regular basis. One must also eliminate other things that are no longer needed, such as old toys and expired food items.  

4. Exterior

We must also put in the required efforts to enhance the appeal of the exterior of the houses as this is the first that will catch the eye of a potential buyer. Hence it is recommended to keep the lawn clean and prune down any overgrown trees or plants. 

One must also clean the windows and add a couple of flower pots to enhance the house’s appeal, just as seen in valley view staging in Napa CA. Suppose if the house is equipped with a pool, then one must ensure that water in the pool is crystal clear

5. Showcase the House’s Best Features 

Showcase the House's Best Features 

Staging your house for sale calls for all the possible tactics that lead the buyer to purchase it. Being a seller, you should showcase your house’s best features and remove all the unpleasant elements. For instance, if anyone searches home for sale in Los Angeles, they should come across the house’s best features that would make them wanna purchase it.

There are certain things to maintain, such as ensuring that fireplaces are in working condition and adorning the front deck or porch with aesthetically pleasing furniture and potted plants. If you have got a pool area and backyard, you need to check whether they’re cleaned and don’t contain litter all over. 

You can also pull back drapes to enable the best views from your house, which increases the buyer’s chances of being liked. 

6. Keep a Check on the Kitchen and Bathrooms 

Some crucial parts of your home are the kitchen and bathrooms. These areas must have proper construction and lighting fixtures which is a must in a buyer’s checklist. Poorly managed kitchen and bathroom areas can turn the buyer off. Hence it is essential to get these things fixed to enhance the value of your property. You can –

  • Ensure you clean the fixtures and appliances.
  • Replace old caulking and outdated appliances. 
  • Do away with stains that are spread all over bathtubs and sinks.
  • Organize the cabinets, drawers, and pantry, along with cleaning them
  • Design a spa-like atmosphere with elements such as luxurious white towels, a white bathrobe hanging on the door, jars filled with loofahs or soaps, candles, and flowers to raise the aesthetics of the place.

Final Thoughts

Staging your home for sale does not always have to be an expensive undertaking, just a few tweaks here and there around the house will do it. However, putting these little efforts can help greatly enhance the appeal and value of the house. So, keep these tips in mind when preparing to stage a house.   

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