Malta is an archipelago, which means it is made up of a series of islands. The largest of these islands is Malta but coming in at a close second is the Island of Gozo. Although many people may not have heard of Gozo, it is a popular tourist destination, and we can see why. This stunning island is a tranquil place, where people can relax and unwind in the sunshine. It is the perfect place for people who want to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Another reason why people love visiting traditional Gozo farmhouse is that it is only a short ferry ride away from Malta.

This means that tourists have the best of both worlds; they not only get the chance to relax in peace on the island of Gozo, but they can also visit the busier, more populated island of Malta by jumping on a ferry. 

Often, when people visit the island of Gozo, they do not want to leave. In fact, research suggests that many people choose to emigrate to this beautiful island every year. However, finding a home on the island of Gozo can be difficult, particularly if you are not sure what you are looking for. 

One of the most popular types of homes on the island of Gozo is a traditional farmhouse. These buildings are not only well built, but they are also stunning too. But how do you know if you have found a traditional farmhouse? If you are looking for a traditional farmhouse on the Island of Gozo, here are some of the authentic features you should look out for: 

1. A Strong and Thick Front Cart-Room Door

Finding farmhouses in Gozo that have authentic traditional features can be extremely difficult, particularly when you’re not sure what the authentic features of a traditional Gozo farmhouse are. Traditional Gozo farmhouses have several authentic features that homebuyers should look out for.

One feature that should be present in all traditional Gozo farmhouses is a strong and thick front cart-room door. These doors were installed to make the farmhouse more secure. When locked, these doors were usually reinforced by placing two long rod latches across them from the inside to make the door stronger in case of any intruders. 

2. The Main Door

The main door of a traditional Gozo farmhouse had to be large enough when fully opened for a cart to pass through it. This door would have been made of wood, and it would have been created in two parts, with the right side closing on the left side. A latch would have been used to keep this door shut. 

3. A Stone Slab on the Façade

A Stone Slab on the Façade

Another authentic feature of a Traditional Gozo farmhouse is a jutting-out stone slab on the façade of the farmhouse. This stone slab would have had a hole through it which formed a stone ring, known as a marbat. This ring was used to tie up horses, donkeys, or mules, which were the most common form of transport when these homes were created. 

4. The Walls

The walls of a traditional Gozo farmhouse were built thick in two layers. Earth was then packed between these layers. But why were the walls of traditional Gozo farmhouses built so thick and filled with the earth? It is quite simple really. Building thick walls increased the security of the property, and filling walls with soil or earth helped to insulate the home.

5. The Courtyard

The Courtyard

In almost all traditional Gozo farmhouses, the cart-room led straight out into the courtyard. In the past, the courtyard was seen as the most central and important part of the home. It was usually a spacious area that included several features including a stone slab on top of two small pillars to form a bench, and a stone water-trough for any animals to use. There would also have been an exterior staircase located in the courtyard.

6. Patterned Tiles

Another authentic feature to look out for in traditional Gozo farmhouses is patterned tiles. There are many reasons why tiles were used in farmhouses. Not only were they practical because they were extremely durable and easy to look after, but they looked amazing too. 

Unfortunately, many Gozo farmhouse owners chose to remove the tiles from their homes and replace them with more up-to-date alternatives. This is a real shame, as these tiles were not only stunning, but they also added a great deal of character to a property.


Before you start searching for your dream farmhouse on the Island of Gozo, it is important to understand what the features of a traditional Gozo farmhouse are. This will help you to find the perfect property. If you are looking for a traditional Gozo farmhouse, then make sure you keep your eyes peeled for the features we have listed above.

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