If you’re tired of shoveling snow every winter, the best snow blower could be a game-changer. These machines take the hard work out of clearing snow, making it faster and easier, especially for heavy snow.

Cheryl Higley, from SIMA (Snow and Ice Management Association), suggests considering a few things when choosing a snow blower: the type of snow you usually get, how much you need to clear, and the surface you’ll be clearing (some snow blowers aren’t suitable for gravel). Also, think about the support you’ll get from the dealer for maintenance and parts.

Taking Cheryl’s advice, we looked into different types of best snow blowers—two-stage, single-stage, gas, and battery-powered. We tested 9 of the most popular ones on our own driveways and sidewalks after snowstorms. Our evaluation focused on design, performance, size, ease of use, safety, and value.

9 Best Snow Blowers To Consider This Winter

1. Ariens Classic Snow Blower

Ariens Classic Snow Blower
Power typeGas, electric start
Stage TypeTwo-stage
Clearing width24 inches
Throw distance40 feet
No of speed6 forward, 2 reverse

For effortless handling, choose this Ariens snow blower from the Classic range. You can start it up with the simple press of a button, and it runs on gas. It efficiently manages heavy snowfall because of its strong steel construction, which includes the serrated auger. We used it on wet, plowed snow, and it worked well; there was no clogging at all, and the result was a thin coating of melted snow.

The 205-degree easy-turn chute is the coolest feature of this blower. The snow will fall exactly where you tell it to. Because of the ergonomically placed levers, you can operate them with only one hand, eliminating the need to hold down the auger control. It has a safety feature where the auger stops when you release your hold and tools to remove obstructions from the chute.

It has an easily adjustable self-propelled gearbox with six forward speeds and two reverse speeds. The two-stage design allows it to manage snow loads that are twenty inches high and twenty inches broad, making it ideal for larger snowfalls. Thanks to Ariens’ informative how-to videos, assembly was a snap. On top of that, its price falls below the average of the items we evaluated. With this best snow blower, you can remove snow faster and with less chance of injury. 

What’s great: It’s a reasonably priced snow blower that’s simple to handle and perfect for handling medium to heavy snow.

What could be better: It might not have all the extra features some other models offer.

2. EGO Power+ Cordless Single-Stage Snow Blower

EGO Power+ Cordless Single-Stage Snow Blower
Power typeBattery
Stage TypeSingle-stage
Clearing width21 inches
Throw distance35 feet
No of speedVariable

For occasional light snowfall, here’s the best battery powered snow blower that won’t cost you a fortune. Not only is it cordless, but it weighs in at a feathery little over 50 pounds. Being a single-stage type, it is not suitable for usage in areas with severe snowfall. Nonetheless, it amazed us; it managed to clear thick snow in a single pass, with the exception of areas where it accumulated.

You may get more usage out of them if you charge them simultaneously; it takes roughly an hour for each battery. At a fraction of the price of the others we tried, it has some neat features, including a safety mechanism that turns off the auger when you release your grip, LED lighting, and an adjustable speed for the auger.

It took us no more than ten minutes to set it up, and it folds up neatly for easy storage. It needs some assistance, particularly while turning, as it cannot move on its own. The machine is tiny and strong, but it can’t compete with gas or two-stage blowers.

What’s great: This wireless model is perfect for occasional light snow.

What could be better: It needs a bit of push, especially when turning since it doesn’t move on its own.

3. EGO Power+ Cordless 2-Stage Snow Blower

EGO Power+ Cordless 2-Stage Snow Blower
Power typeBattery
Stage TypeTwo-stage
Clearing width24 inches
Throw distance50 feet
No of speedVariable

Compared to gas-powered snow blowers, electric ones have a lot of benefits. You won’t have to worry about gas or oil changes with them, and they’re quieter and healthier for the environment. Although it sometimes requires some fine-tuning, this model is an excellent buy for an electric snow blower since it is eco-friendly, easy to assemble, quiet, and effective.

Its two-stage design and sturdy steel augers make short work of heavy snow and ice, and it can easily handle snow up to five inches deep. You may regulate the forward and reverse speeds of the self-propelled features using the control dashboard. It can fling snow up to 50 feet, has two batteries for extended usage, LED lights, and a broad chute rotation. Just connect the handle and chute to the main unit for easy setup.

What we like: The best cordless snow blower matches gas models but without the noise or fumes.

What could be better: It’s pricier compared to other electric snow blowers.

4. Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO

Ariens Deluxe 28 SHO
Power typeGas, electric start
Stage TypeTwo-stage
Clearing width28 inches
Throw distance50 feet
No of speed6 forward, 2 reverse

With respect to its powerful gas engine and 28-inch path, this best snow blower can easily remove thick snow from large driveways. 

It handled icy snow left by a plow easily. Though it’s heavy, its self-propelled gearbox and easy-turn steering make navigating tight corners easy.

For snow blowing in windy situations, the quick-turn chute is ideal, and the LED lamps come in handy at night. We utilized the self-propelled capability without the auger, and it moved across cleared areas smoothly using a grip-activated auger control. It has both gas and electric starting options.

It’s bulkier and more expensive than the others we examined, but it’s hard to find a better option when you require efficiency and power.

What we like: This snow blower packs serious power and covers a wide area.

What could be better: It needs quite a bit of room in a garage or shed.

5. Snow Joe SJ627E

Power typeCorded Electric
Stage TypeSingle-stage
Clearing width22 inches
Throw distance25 feet
No of speedVariable

Think about the Snow Joe SJ627E if you’re in the market for a powerful electric snow blower that won’t need a cable. When plugged into an electrical socket, it provides additional power and eliminates the need for batteries.

While clearing the snow, keep in mind that you have a cable to manage. The SJ627E is able to withstand up to 13 inches of snowfall and performs better in wet, heavy snow than cordless versions, so many people think the sacrifice is worthwhile.

Comparing it to the Ariens Deluxe 24-inch, which can move 62 tons of snow per hour, it can move around 25 tons. When comparing the power of cordless and gas blowers, it falls somewhere in the center. On top of that, it lacks features like self-propulsion yet is the most affordable electric blower. But with a weight of only 35 pounds, it’s quite easy to store and move about.

What we like: This best snow blower offers affordability and impressive snow-clearing capabilities with its steel auger. It packs more power than cordless models and comes equipped with dual LED headlights.

What could be better: It lacks self-propulsion, requires manual pushing, and must be plugged in for operation, limiting its mobility. Additionally, the warranty spans only two years, which might be a downside for those seeking longer coverage and peace of mind.

6. Greenworks 8 Amp 12 inch Electric Snow Shovel

Greenworks 8 Amp 12 inch Electric Snow Shovel
Power typeElectric Corded
Stage TypeSingle-Stage
Clearing width12 inches
Throw distance25 feet
No of speedVariable

Perhaps a cordless snow blower seems like too much work, even if you’re sick of using the shovel. The Greenworks Electric Snow Shovel is a good option to think about in such a situation. This multipurpose tool is ideal for cleaning sidewalks, stairs, and other areas without the hassle and expense of bigger snow blowers or shovels.

The shovel’s 12-by-8-inch intake and 8-amp, 40-volt electric motor allow it to remove snow up to 8 inches deep or slightly deeper. It weighs just fifteen pounds, making it more easier to use and less taxing than a standard shovel. People who don’t have a lot of room for larger snow shovels will also appreciate its compact size.

It is not the intended use of this electric shovel to substitute a real snow blower. If you’re aware of its limitations, however, it’s a practical alternative for the price. Consider looking at electric snow blowers such as the Snow Joe SJ627E or EGO Power+ SNT2102 if you feel you need additional power.

What we like: This electric snow shovel stands out for its efficiency, offering quicker snow clearing compared to traditional shovels. It’s straightforward to use and comes at a very affordable price point, making it an accessible option for many. Its compact size also makes it easy to store away during the off-season. 

What could be better: Its capabilities are limited to light jobs and small areas, so it’s not ideal for heavy-duty snow clearing. Additionally, it requires a power cord for operation, which might limit its mobility.

7. SuperHandy Snow Thrower

SuperHandy Snow Thrower
Power typeElectric, Battery Powered
Stage TypeSingle-Stage
Clearing width10 inches
Throw distance25 feet
No of speed1 Forward

When space is at a premium, a compact power shovel like this one from SuperHandy is the way to go. With just a 10-inch width and 5-inch depth, it packs a powerful punch, capable of hurling up to 25 feet of snow at a rate of 300 pounds per minute. With an adjustable pole that stretches from 46 to 54 inches tall and a weight of only over 11 pounds, it’s ideal for rapid usage as the snow melts.

The pole’s clever design allows it to split in half, making it easy to store in cramped quarters or subterranean places. Its distinctive style justifies the little premium over bigger versions. Who would have thought such convenience and efficiency could fit in such a little form factor?

What we like: It’s compact, easy to store, and has an adjustable pole height.

What could be better: It’s on the pricey side.

8. GreenWorks Cordless Snow Shovel

GreenWorks Cordless Snow Shovel
Power typeCordless, Battery Powered
Stage TypeSingle-Stage
Clearing width12 inches
Throw distance25 feet
No of speed1 Forward

With its 45-minute battery life, Greenworks’ cordless model is ideal for removing light snow from big driveways or sidewalks all at once. With its one-speed control and ergonomic grip, it’s simple to use and will keep your back pain-free for longer workouts.

Its lower amperage and longer battery life make it more expensive than other options here, but we still like it. We were hoping for speed adjustment or other amenities to match the price, but the 80-volt battery is more than enough for most light snow. It may not be the most fancy electric snow shovel, but its long-lasting battery and user-friendly design make it a solid pick.

What we like: It starts with a button, clears big areas on a single battery charge, and has an ergonomic handle.

What could be better: It’s pricey.

9. Earthwise SN70016 Electric Snow Shovel

Earthwise SN70016 Electric Snow Shovel
Power typeCorded Electric
Stage TypeSingle-Stage
Clearing width16 inches
Throw distance30 feet
No of speedVariable

When you consider the benefits and features of this option, you may ask why it isn’t our top selection. Despite being a dependable tool for both large and minimal chores, the Earthwise 16-inch 120-volt Corded Electric Snow Thrower didn’t win first place since it requires a bit more work upfront. If you’re not used to assembling power tools, the fact that you have to put it together completely before using it could be daunting. Fortunately, the handbook provides comprehensive instructions with illustrations to help you understand. Although the technology may seem a touch archaic, you will like the powerful engine and infinite battery life once you get it set up.

With this shovel, you can easily clear tracks that are up to 16 inches wide and 8 inches thick in snow. When tackling deeper drifts, it’s best to use half of its capacity. This will prevent blockages and motor strain. If your driveway is unpaved, you’ll be glad to know that it can manage snow on gravel. You should exercise caution and wear safety glasses in case it hurls pebbles while operating. Those spare wheels, too? While you remove snow, they maintain it steady, and thereafter, it’s simple to move about.

What we like: It has a super wide clearing path, can handle snow on gravel, and the wheels give good traction.

What could be better: You’ll need to assemble it.

What to Consider When Choosing an Electric Snow Shovel

To choose the best snow blower, you must consider the following parameters.

1. Size and Weight:

When deciding on the appropriate size and weight of an electric snow shovel, it’s important to consider your personal taste and previous experience with manual shovels. Long durations of use, particularly while pulling a rope, may be taxing for heavier versions, which often have bigger motors. Electric ones are more portable, but the weight of the battery close to the handle could make them seem unbalanced. If you’re on the tall side, it’s best to choose a good item with adjustable handles.

2. Type:

A few names for best electric snow blowers include “snow shovels” and “throwers.” Large, lawnmower-like machines characterize traditional snow blowers. You may get them in corded or cordless varieties. The power is continuous with corded ones, and they’re better able to manage gritty snow. While cordless variants are more nimble, they run on batteries. For example, the EGO POWER+ Cordless Electric Snow Blower accepts different batteries, so it’s a good idea to stick with the brand you already know and trust.

3. Clearing Depth and Width:

These shovels can remove snow up to 8 inches thick, depending on the size of the intake. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, the SuperHandy Snow Thrower/Power Shovel can manage 5 inches of snow, while the top-rated Earthwise SN70016 Electric Corded 12Amp Snow Shovel can remove up to 8 inches. Different jobs call for varying widths, which range from 10 to 16 inches. A broader shovel is better suited for wider areas, such as driveways, while a narrow shovel is better suited for narrower walks. Before deciding on a clearing depth, think about how much snow falls in your area. Having a larger input capacity is usually a smart choice in colder climates.


When it’s snowing, an electric snow shovel is a practical and trustworthy tool to have on hand. Evaluate your needs and how often you will be using the vacuum before deciding between a corded and a cordless type. Keep in mind that they aren’t heavy-duty snow blowers; they’re more suited to light snowfall in less expansive areas. On a large driveway, they can have trouble with deep, wet snow.

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