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We are glad to know that you are interested in writing for us. We always welcome innovative authors and their thoughts. We are willing to post your thoughts and unique knowledge that will please our audience’s mind and will unleash their curiosity.

Our articles and blogs are being approached by owners, entrepreneurs, developers, as well as searchers, and that is the reason we strive for quality content. We are in search of contents that can provide our readers with inexplicable knowledge about the topic discussed.

Along with this, you will also get a platform to show your skills in the field. Your post will go through the checking process by our team based on which we will give you feedback and comments so that you can make changes in the article. After that, resubmit it to us.

So to help you in writing the quality content we have come up with the guidelines that you should follow.

Write For Us or Submit Guest Post on the following Architectural Styles:-

  • Modern
  • Colonial
  • Classical
  • Bungalow
  • Contemporary
  • Vernacular


  • We accept any kind of .doc file.
  • Your content should have at least 800 words. More than that is appreciated.
  • Your content should include sub-headings and bullet points.
  • Short paragraphs of 70-100 words are preferable.
  • Make sure the external link you provide must be relevant to the topic.
  • Prepare your content plagiarism-free and grammar check is necessary.
  • Articles should have images or videos, as it attracts the readers.
  • The dimension of images should be of 1281*1098 pixels.

After the completion of your content you can directly send it to us on