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Guest Post Policy and Guidelines

Quality Requirements:

When you draft an outline for the content, the amount of research and hard work it takes is enormous. However, that reflects in your content. Read the quality requirements we expect in your content:

  • Write content with a word count of a minimum upto 1000+. We would love to have an extensive blog on our website with 1000+ words.
  • We want easy to read and engaging content that will make the audience enjoy reading time. When you are selecting the title, make sure it can draw everyone’s attention and describe the article’s primary motive.
  • The content should be structured appropriately with subheadings and bullet points. Also, try to make short paragraphs with 70 to 100 words to hold the reader till the end. Look at our Write For Us!
  • We want freshly brewed content with useful information and an engaging writing style. Don’t even think of sending us a spin article, our content editors will catch the fault in a minute, and it will be rejected.
  • The English language is preferred, as our audience is comfortable with that only.

Preferred Topics and Subjects:

Even though the architectural style isn’t a vast topic, it has complex subjects. From explaining its existence to present-day houses in those styles, you can select anyone in a particular style. So not to get you in confusion, we have mentioned topics on which we accept blogs regardless of the subject. Have a look!

  • Modern
  • Colonial
  • Classical
  • Bungalow
  • Contemporary
  • Vernacular

If this is still less, you can always check out our website to see the style of blogs we update. Also, you can send us a mail to discuss the topic for finalization. We will help you out!

To avoid getting spammy links in the content, we created a few link requirement policies. Please go through the guidelines before you place any link in the article.

  • You can place external links in the content as many as you want, but they should be relevant to the content and a high authority website.
  • Place at least one internal link in the article, which takes the reader to one of our topic-relevant blogs. This way, the audience will have a valuable content package.
  • You can only place one link that will take the reader to your website. (Make sure the landing page is relevant to the topic you have written.)
  • Author Bio! Send us a descriptive bio with the name and image for the author bio section. Don’t forget to add the links to your social media accounts.
  • Content with affiliated links from the guest post author’s side is not taken. The links will be removed from our end or changed (if found any).

Post Image Requirements:

We do accept images and videos with the article. If you want to add a specific type of image in the content, you can send us. However, we have guidelines for them too. (Very lenient ones!)

  • The dimension of images should be 1281*1098 pixels.
  • You should have the right to use the images to add to the blog or cite the source. You can also download free source images from Pexels.

P.S: You can use Canva to create header images. (We also do the same!) 

Editorial Rights

We have all the rights to edit your content once you submit it to us. Our content editor will check the article for grammatical errors and writing style. So, don’t mind if we ask for too many changes. Our main motive is to provide readers with qualitative and engaging blog posts to read.


We can assure you one thing, that is the proper promotion of your article. How? We have a power-pack team of SEO and social media experts that will do the work. You should also promote it from your end.

Where to Submit?

Draft the article, do the proofreading, get it reviewed, and then submit it to us on [email protected]. Our content editors will review your article and suggest changes (if any). Make the changes and resubmit it. If your content is good to go, it will be on its way for the website posting. We will inform you via mail about its status. After the article is updated on the website, you will receive a mail with its live link and acknowledgment.