Black Villa 

  • Project name: Black Villa New York
  • Location: Harriman State Park, New York State, United States
  • Architecture Firm: Atelier Reza Mohtashami
  • Architect: Reza Mohtashami 
  • Year: 2020
  • Type: Residential
  • Built area: 400 m²

This ultimate family house is designed by architect Reza Mohtashami. Located in Harriman State Park, New York. The Black Villa New York has not only a unique name, but it also has some unique features. Let’s know more about this incredible structure. 

Black villa in Harriman State Park

With the total site area of 9600 m² in which the built area is around 400 m², this house is one of the gems in the architecture field. From stunning interiors to the extravaganza bold exteriors, this villa has the most remarkable architectural designs. Let’s know more about the interiors of this stunning residence:

Black villa in Harriman


The remarkable Black Villa is situated in one of the beautiful locations of the United States, Harriman State Park (New York). It is the second-largest park in New York state. This place is famous for 31 lakes, multiple streams, public camping areas, and great vistas. Also, people come here for hiking as there are more than 200 miles (320 km) of hiking trails in the area. 

Black villa

About the Architect

Black villa architecture

Black Villa Harriman State Park is designed by Mashhad-based architect Reza Mohtashami. He is quite known for his extraordinary buildings and structure all around the world. He and his design team Reyhaneh Daneshmandi and Elham Daneshmandi visualize and create this wonderful villa.

Black villa interior

The main focal point of this house is the color, Black. You may have already got an idea about it by its name “Black Villa,” but yes, here everything is in Black. It offers great interior designs and some of the uncommon features like an open living area with a high skylight that takes most of the ceiling.

The Living Space

Black villa living space

The living space is kept in an open concept with a lot of natural lighting. There is a huge skylight just above the sitting area to get ample brightness and a sense of nature. 

Black villa living room

Of course, the furnishings are all in black except the centerpiece. It is made from light wood, which breaks the whole all-black atmosphere, and it also gives a break from the monochromatic theme. 

Black villa in new york

Dining Area

Black villa dinning area

Just behind the entertainment space, there is a dining area. The dining table is also made from dark wood, which beautifully goes with the rest of the house’s theme. 

Black villa in Harriman State Park

There are also two big curved shaped pendant lights just above the dining table to give the right amount of lighting. 

Black villa in Harriman State Park

There is also floor to ceiling glass windows, right behind the dining space. So that residents can enjoy their meals while looking at the breathtaking views of their surroundings. 

Luxe Bedrooms

Black villa luxe bedroom

The bedrooms are quite spacious and luxurious. A little part of the ceiling and the floors are hardwood floors which look absolutely great against the all-black bedroom interiors. 

Black villa in Harriman State Park

Beds are also place on a wooden platform that gives the posh and deluxe feeling. 

Black villa in Harriman State Park

From bedding to the headboard, everything is keet in various shades of black. Various fabrics are also select and place all over the house to put together this grand look of the home. 

Black villa in Harriman State Park

There is one wall in the master bedroom that has a fireplace that is entirely make from stones. From light shades of grey to the darkest shade of black, stones are use to cover the entire wall. 

Black villa in Harriman State

Powder Room

Black villa bathroom

The bath is also as fancy as the other parts of the house. One bath wall keeps as rough stone looking to create a raw industrial kind of effect. The bathtub is also make from a greyish black stone, which is perfectly going with the rest of the theme. 

Extra Elements

Black villa extra elements

There is just not only one or two things that are wonderful, but the whole residence has many details that make it ultra-modern and luxurious. 

Black villa in Harriman State Park

For example, there are these floating wooden stairs right behind the dining space, which connects the lower and upper levels. 

Black villa in Harriman State Park

Little corridor space with some antique and unique art pieces and high ceilings are another eye-pleasing architectural element. 

Black villa in Harriman State Park

There is also a pool that is located in the outdoor area. There is also a sufficient lounge area and a sitting area to enjoy the poolside views.

Black villa in Harriman State Park


So this is all about the incredible Black Villa. If you want to know more about these kinds of architectural structures such as Merida House by Ludwig Godefroy, La Belle Vue by OKHA, and Famous Glasshouses around the globe, just click on the link.  

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