Project Specifications

  • Project Name: Pink House
  • Architect: 23o5Studio
  • Project Location: Long Xuyen, Vietnam
  • Project Year: 2019
  • Project Area: 290 sq.m
  • Site area: 257 sq.m
  • Construction area: 145 sq.m
  • Lead Architect: Ngô Việt Khánh Duy
  • Design Team: Hưng Trần, Nguyễn Minh, Võ Thanh Linh, Phạm Đức Minh
  • Interior Design: 23o5 studio team, Host Father Workshop

The Pink House is a residential project designed by 23o5 Studio in Long Xuyen, western Vietnam. The architects explored nature, context, and people and as a result, they designed a living space revolving around these three.

With a neighbourhood context of rice paddy fields and rural house lifestyle, the space zoning in this residential project takes place with patches of green trees scattered throughout this pink house, along the living and relaxing areas. The gaps created by these tree filters result in a pleasant atmosphere for the dwelling unit as it maximizes the air circulation.

The design is aimed to cater to the needs of the female hostesses and sisters. The main ideology is to take advantage of the light and transitions in the contemporary living environment.

Closeness- Privacy and Security, Expansion- Exploration, Calm-Life, and spatial sensations keep on evolving in this home.

Pink House by 23o5Studio dining room with a large table and chairs

The living room is connected to the kitchen, both of which open up the entire view to the pool, where the transition of light happens from day tonight. This project is organized along the vertical axis of the plan.

Each bedroom gets its area and a distinct atmosphere. Every nook and corner of this pink house is a haven for contemplating and appreciating the natural environment.

Thinking of a living space organization and setting, we are always obsessed and preoccupied with the concepts of serenity, silence, and intimacy. A space planned and designed with a defined function can fulfil various other roles that cause a neutral scene triggered by the user.

This is where the definitional ambiguity and ambiguity in terms of dimensions, proportions of space, and usage comes into the picture.

Pink House by 23o5Studio  with a staircase going up to it

The theme of the project and environment around the subject is a solid form, whereas, the space is divided into several layers with a homogeneous material- Wash stone (Granite) used in the interiors, as well as exteriors, blurs the boundaries between the two. 

The space is calculated and allotted based on the intended usage and each activity that takes place in that particular area.

As a cover and basis for the life that evolves around it, architecture has a particular material relationship with human existence. The metaphorical and emotive meaning of a big aperture with space between the sky and the structure is the tiny picture of man before the great nature. A solid mass of functional spaces has been squeezed.

Light is built up with areas that directly and indirectly split the space into distinct components: light, material, transition, tranquillity, and temperature, resulting in a calm and familiar environment with the atmosphere of traditional East Asian living spaces in the field. People are drawn together by the calmness the space imparts, which allows them to truly experience themselves.

Pink House by 23o5Studio swimming pool

“In thinking about architecture, I am always obsessed with Serenity, Silence, and Intimacy”

23o5studio has defined its approach to architecture. Their ideology is to serve user experiences that are entertaining, pleasant, and customized. The design team at the studio carefully examines and utilizes recognizable aspects of the local architecture. These factors are considered throughout the architectural design process.

As per their design concepts, the idea of calm and stillness leads to architecturally built environments that foster a stronger bond between humans and nature, as well as with themselves.

The project is designed in a way that establishes an indoor-outdoor relationship between the spaces. The solid, angled mass of the walls is perfectly balanced by the large circular opening that looks up to the sky.

This aperture creates a picturesque that frames the transitions of the sky at every house of the day. From daylight to the dramatic sunsets, various hues of the sky are captured and made visually accessible through this frame.

The landscaping with natural vegetation and man-made water features improves the quality of the built environment. These architectural elements are physically and psychologically beneficial to the users.

The composition of a traditional Vietnamese house follows symmetry and balance, the principles that date back to ancient religious beliefs. Each home is a basic unit with rooms and the house plan in the form of geometrical figures like rectangles, squares, etc. 

An aerial view of Pink House by 23o5Studio

This project follows geometric harmony with a perfectly balanced composition of various geometric shapes. The house retains the concept of symmetry and balance in terms of the built environment and natural environment as well. Both atmospheres are perfectly weaved together forming spaces that impart a feeling of relaxation.

Pink House by 23o5Studio bedroom

Planning of spaces has been done in a way that each interior space gets an abundance of natural light and looks out to the view of nature. Each bedroom with wooden bi-folding doors looks out to a personal natural atmosphere. It appears as a frame for the natural scenery.

The design team has used a limited colour and material palette which imparts the character of minimalism to the house. The use of the same wash stone (granite) makes the space feel continuous and maintains uniformity in the whole project. This subtle material is enhanced by the contrasting bright green landscaping.

Pink House  indoor swimming pool

This is an example of an exceptionally advanced vision in design and architecture, where the architect followed the old, local principles of designing and enhanced it with a modern approach.

The water feature, i.e The pool brings outdoors into the interiors which brings in natural light and at the same time allows the growth of small plants and trees around it. The project can be categorized as sensory architecture because the careful attention to the organization of spaces allows the design to interact with the users. 

Pink House with a green roof
A pool in the middle of a courtyard
Pink House bedroom with garden view
Pink House stair case
A large pink building with a wooden door
Pink House garden tree
Pink House outdoor dining area
Pink House garden
Pink House pool in a courtyard with a building in the background
A building with plants growing on the side of it


The design encourages better occupant lifestyle outcomes as it pays attention to how people perceive the space. In this project, apart from enhancing the user’s in-the-moment experience, the architect has also carefully laid down the after-the-moment outcome for the users.

The sensory design approach for the pink house makes it engaging to the users and enhances the user experiences through nature and its intimacy with the interior spaces.

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