Being the head coach of an NFL team has its perks. This includes being able to live in a multi-million-dollar mansion. Kliff Kingsbury house demonstrated how enjoyable it can be to mentor the Cardinals ahead of the 2020 NFL Draft. Due to the pandemic, players force to stay at home during the draught. They had to make their picks using assorted networking software. As a result, we got a glimpse into the lives of NFL coaches.

However, much of the discussion centered on Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s swanky Arizona residence. The flex was sent out by the team’s official Twitter account, which share a snapshot of the 40-year-old. He see with a pair of monitors in his modern living room and the caption “War Room 2.0.”

The photo has almost 70,000 likes and 7,000 retweets so far, and thousands of comments praising Kliff Kingsbury’s house. For this year’s virtual, WFH-version of the draught, which is originally schedule to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Before the coronavirus pandemic prompt the league to reconsider its plans, his NFL counterparts see in even more modest digs—and more relax gear. For this year’s virtual, WFH-version of the draught, which was originally schedule to take place in Las Vegas, Nevada, before the coronavirus pandemic prompt the league to revise.

Kliff Kingsbury House from ouside

Kliff Kingsbury, the current head coach of the Arizona Cardinals, has a new home as well. According to AZ Central, he recently purchased a winning house in Paradise Valley, Arizona, for $4.45 million. Coach, welcome to your new digs. The 39-year-old Texas native is hire as the Cards’ head coach in January and recently relocate to his new town and staff.

Kliff Kingsbury’s Home

Kliff Kingsbury House from Inside

The contemporary custom built Kliff Kingsbury’s house, which spans 7,200 square feet and sits on more than an acre of land, was completed in 2017. It previously price for $4.75 million, but Kingsbury was able to negotiate a lower amount.

The home is in Paradise Valley, a town of about 15,000-people tuck between Phoenix and Scottsdale. This area is especially for its luxury resorts and million-dollar estates. Kliff Kingsbury’s home was designed by world-renowned architect Ilan Pivko, and it exudes elegance. It is a rare quality in an NFL coach, as many of them seem to have just rolled out of bed.

Kliff Kingsbury House from swimming pool view

The posh location seems to be a touchdown. Any space in the back of the Kliff Kingsbury’s house has a view of Camelback Mountain, thanks to Ilan Pivko’s elegant architectural style. The resort-style backyard, complete with a pool and spa, is the star. Palm trees, grassy lawns, and new plantings are among the landscaping amenities.

The interior features a “palatial” master suite with an “over-the-top” spa, according to the listing information. A huge gourmet chef’s kitchen with an island and high-end appliances is also include in the design of Kliff Kingsbury’s house. Another selling point: the new construction, which is located in Arizona’s wealthiest city, is close to State Farm Stadium, making it convenient for home games.

Kliff Kingsbury House with hall

It didn’t take long for people to become envious after the Cardinals tweeted a snapshot of their coach’s home. Patrick Mahomes, the quarterback for the Kansas City Chiefs, was speechless.

Kliff Kingsbury House kitchen

However, Kingsbury agreed that for the photoshoot, he changed it up a little. Though it’s a lovely home, the Cardinals coach makes it even more so by meticulously arranging everything. For instance, imagine turning on the fireplace in the middle of a scorching Arizona summer. Brian Simpson’s site extols the value of fireplaces in every house these days; adding warmth, character, and ambiance to the space.

Arizona has beautiful weather almost all year. Therefore, it’s important for the backyard to become an extension of the interior living spaces

Kliff Kingsbury House from living room

Kliff Kingsbury’s home is so spectacular that it’s like everyone’s dream home rolled into one. The floor-to-ceiling windows overlook a massive fire pit. The fire pit is illuminate in the middle of the day, in the morning, in Arizona — just so Kingsbury can flex a little more on TV. The overall style is crisp, sleek, and uncluttered. You might find it cold rather than inviting, but that doesn’t stop me from wishing this was my home.

Kliff Kingsbury’s pool is huge and rectangular with an integral spa. A low-profile fire pit, an outdoor pavilion with a pool bath, and a gourmet kitchen with a barbecue and several refrigeration units make up the outdoor entertaining section.

play area of kliff kingsbury house

The use of hardscape and turf in a tidy grid pattern complements Kliff Kingsbury’s house architecture. The backyard of Kingsbury, which featured a fire pit. It is made of blue stone centred between the columns of the outdoor kitchen, did not please anyone.

“Does Kliff Kingsbury live in a house or a mausoleum?” On Twitter, @InsideUSC made a tweet.

Aside from the Amazing View, What Makes This Space the Ideal Work-From-Home Hangout?

At the front and back of Kliff Kingsbury’s house, floor-to-ceiling exterior glass walls. The doors create a smooth transition from inside and out. The fireplace in the picture was design to anchor the living room. This serve as a point of reference for the location of furniture and televisions in this vast space.

What Else Is Going on in This Room That We Don’t Know About from Twitter?

The double-sided, full-height glass wine enclosure that you can see from the dining room. It holds over 500 bottles of wine is not visible in the shot. Another standout room is the bathroom of Kliff Kingsbury’s house! It’s a stunning Bulthaup kitchen with Subzero and Wolf appliances, as well as a built-in teppanyaki grill and coffee machine. A five-car garage and a theatre space are also include in the property.

kliff kingsbury house's swimming pool

Incorporating the surrounding landscape into the house’s design, each space is spectacularly finish. These are dress in the finest materials such as glass, steel, marble, and oak. Living spaces are design to maximize the natural light with bright open interiors. The luxurious floors and high ceilings facilitate unobstruct views. The overall development of Kliff Kingsbury’s house is modernist-inspired, which perfectly fuses art and architecture. 

kliff kingsbury house's kitchen overview

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