The townhouse’s first impression is normally too small, too compact, too narrower, and the list is endless. Well, let us tell you one thing these are the words that perfectly described the old townhouse designs. While now, you might use words like versatile, modern, and spacious. Why is it so? The reason is the structural design change in the townhouse construction. 

There are several examples of modern townhouse design that will make you go ‘WOW,’ all you have to do is read this article to the end. We can understand the hesitation of deciding whether to go for townhouse design or not, despite it being in the trend. Before we move ahead, it is necessary to know the basics of townhouse design.

The very is first is its definition:

What is Townhouse Style (design)?

The answer to this question is pretty simple: the townhouse or townhome is a place that is specifically designed for single-family. These houses share one or more walls with another home owned by someone else. 

The concept of a townhouse design is to have a living space for a family with safety and privacy. When you move into a townhouse or get it built, the property, home, its exterior, interior, and everything else belongs to you only.

Also, modern townhouse design includes a lawn, balcony, bedrooms, living room, and much more. The townhouse is taller and can be a single as well as a double-storied unit.

Understood the townhouse concept? Now let’s move forward towards its characteristics or features:

Features of Townhouse

  1. The average width of an ideal townhouse is around 18-20 feet—any house more than 25 feet is considered a mansion.
  2. The average square foot of the townhouse is somewhere between 750 sq. ft. to 2000 sq. ft. It depends on the constructor what width a townhouse will be; it can be more than 2000 sq. ft. also.
  3. The location is away from the tall buildings, commercial avenues, and playgrounds.
  4. It has a functional division of the floors, be it ground, first, or second.
  5. You can get a basement with proper lighting and ventilation.
  6. You can add floors for different purposes. Like the ground floor for the kitchen, living area, and a storage room, while the second floor is for bedrooms and entertainment space.
  7. The elevated unit – you will see many townhouses has at least three to four stair at the entrance. Honestly, we think this is the best idea to avoid water blockage and other problems.
  8. It can also feature a lawn or a garden to add a beautifying effect to its simplicity.

Advantages of Living in a Townhouse Property:

  1. When you decide to shift to a townhouse community the very first benefit is the low maintenance cost. What else do you need?
  2. Another benefit is its location. You will be living in a community with a great neighborhood and ultimate safety. You can always seek help from the family next door.
  3. You will have plenty of amenities included in the HOA. Many townhouse communities have their own gyming area, clubhouse, and swimming pool built for the members (whose is included in HOA or the maintenance fee).
  4. You will have space for the outdoor run, exercise, or gaming session.
  5. The most significant advantage of townhouse design is you will be away from noise pollution, in short, the quieter place to live.
  6. As for cost, it is much more economical than a house but a better investment than an apartment.

Disadvantages of Living in a Townhouse Property:

We won’t fool you with pros only, so here are the cons of living in a townhouse style. You should know everything about living in a townhouse property, be it positive or negative. Let’s go!

  1. Living in an area where two units share at least one common wall, you can’t expect to have full privacy. There will be private but not equal to the apartment.
  2. You might face financing issues while looking for a townhouse. However, it can be avoided by finding or hiring an experienced person in that area.
  3. There will be limited freedom on what changes you can make to your house. Though, it won’t be a problem because most of the townhouse designs are versatile enough to make you fall in love with them at a single glance. (Refer to the Modern Townhouse Design Ideas section.)
  4. The last point is about the resale value. You may not get the resale value at par for townhouses. So in the future, rather than selling, you can rent it out. It will create a side income flow for you.

Cost of Townhouse Design

As for cost, it depends whether you are building a townhouse or buying one. We have mentioned the costing of both in this section. (Remember this is the average pricing of the US, it can defer from area to area.)

Average Cost of building a single townhouse unit (excluding interiors): $166,500 – $187,500

Average Cost of buying a townhouse unit:

  • Traditional Style Townhouse: $111 – $125/sq.ft.
  • Stacked Townhouse: $120 – $130/sq.ft.
  • Urban Townhouse Design: $135 – $150/sq.ft.

When you go for a modular townhouse whose construction is done off-site with a controlled environment, it will cost you $103/sq.ft.

Modern Townhouse Design Ideas

Here in this section, you will find inspiration and ideas on modern townhouse design. Without much thinking, go through the design ideas. We are sure it will surely convince you to move forward with the decision.

A car is parked in front of  modern townhouse
A row of houses with a white picket fence modern townhouse design
modern townhouse  on the side of a street
A large white building with balconies and balconies
A large white building with two trees in front of it
A large white modern townhouse with lots of windows
A large brick modern townhouse with lots of windows
A row of apartment buildings with garages and balconies
A white house with a lot of windows
A row of houses with plants in front of them
A couple of houses that are next to each other
A car is parked in front of a house
A modern house with a lot of windows
A living room filled with furniture and a fire place
A living room with furniture and a fire place
A kitchen and dining room with a spiral staircase
modern townhouse  living room with furniture and a flat screen tv
modern townhouse living room filled with furniture and a white couch
modern townhouse living room filled with furniture
modern townhouse living room filled with furniture and a large window
modern townhouse  living room filled with furniture and a fire place
modern townhouse bedroom with a large bed and a window
modern townhouse living room with furniture and a skylight
modern townhouse living room with furniture and a wooden ceiling
modern townhouse  living room with furniture and a wooden table
modern townhouse with furniture and a staircase
modern townhouse with furniture and a fire place
modern townhouse kitchen with a large island and a dining room table

Wrapping Up:

You read about almost everything related to the townhouse. We hope the ideas section was like a cherry on the cake, it might have convinced you to take the last step forward regarding the townhouse design decision. 

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly house and in a community where you can spend time with your neighbors, a townhouse is a correct option.

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