The Wintrust Arena is a multi-purpose event space famous for hosting wonderful basketball matches. Not only basketball matches but it hosts different concerts too. It is situated at the McCormick Square in Chicago’s Near South Side community area.

wintrust arena

Home to DePaul University’s men’s and women’s basketball teams, this arena center’s construction was completed in 2017, and then it is used for a variety of different functions. With a whopping capacity of 10,387-seat, this arena creates an incredible experience seating inside and watching a live basketball match

wintrust arena aerial view

Government officials had made this arena to bring a transformation to the community and to bring moments of excitement, fun, and happiness for the people. 

wintrust arena  with a blue light on the side of it

Its design is done by architects: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects. Spread over an area of 300000 ft², it looks magnanimous. It has a transparent outer structure made of glass which gives an inside peek to the passers-by. This transparent outer structure makes it look even more beautiful at night.  

wintrust-arena with a sign on the side of it

Not only from the outside but it is equally beautiful from inside as well. The lobbies, dressing rooms of the team players, convention halls, and the actual arena where the basketball matches are held are just mesmerizing. 

wintrust arena  on the side of a road

There is a usage of white color seen more prominently in the center where most of the wall color and even the flooring is of white color. Also, blue is another prominent color used in the dressing rooms, in the arena where the seats and the roof are of blue color. 

wintrust arena  basketball court

The combination of blue and white looks perfect for the arena and makes it look amazing. The roof of the center is also unique and has an inventive shape, it swells upward over the arena seating. This upward swelling of the roof makes the eaves to be lower. 

A basketball game is being played in a large arena

The design of this center takes inspiration from the other buildings of the neighborhood. Mostly it is found that the other arenas are shut down when there are no matches but this arena was created with a purpose that it should add a vibrant spirit when events are going on and also when there is not much activity taking place inside. 

A basketball court with a few people on it

This is also one of the reasons behind the structure having glass panels to keep it visible to the outside people so that the inside activities don’t get locked down. There is a world-class scoreboard giving a glimpse to the passersby and also notifies of the events going on inside. 

wintrust arena  basketball court

Grand stairs and concourses are planned well and they give a great feeling when one enters the center. Spectators are kept connected to the event with the open concourses when they are freely moving inside the center.

The placement of the backstage areas, loading docks, mechanical spaces, and athletic facilities is done very strategically and it greatly contributes to the surrounding neighborhood.

wintrust arena basketball stadium
Wintrust Arena basketball  change room
Wintrust Arena building structure
group of people standing inside wintrust arena chicago
A large crowd of people in a wintrust arena chicago
wintrust arena chicago  from top view
people playing basketball in wintrust arena chicago
wintrust arena cafe area
wintrust arena gym
A sports stadium with a bar and seating area of wintrust arena chicago
A diagram of the different parts of a wintrust arena chicago
Drawing of wintrust arena chicago
detailed drawing of wintrust arena chicago
drawing of wintrust arena basketball court
drawing of wintrust arena chicago front and back side
Interior drawing of wintrust arena chicago
2D dwawing of wintrust arena chicago
3D drawing of wintrust arena chicago


So, here was an overview of the Wintrust arena Chicago, its design, and architecture. If you get a chance to watch any match or event at this amazing place then you should definitely grab it and check out the beautiful construction of the arena.

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