The Creek House

The Creek House
  • Project name: The Creek House
  • Location: Sanger, California, United States
  • Architecture Firm: Arthur Dyson Architects
  • Year: 1986
  • Status: Completed
  • Typology: Residential
  • Site area: 270,943 ft²
  • Built area: 1,845 ft² 

Built by award-winning architect Arthur Dyson, today, the creek house is one of the most famous Structures on the internet. Located on the Collins Creek, a tributary of the Kings River, this home has quite a unique structure than the other ones. Let’s know more interesting things about this dwelling. 

The Creek House middle of a field

What started on the paper in 1988, now this unique home in the forest of Central California, is turning heads! When the homeowner met with the local architect, Art Dyson, the idea of The Creek House was born. 

The Creek House exterior

Designed by famed architect Arthur Dyson, this free form design is a stunning representation of organic architecture that focuses more on nature. Due to its unique shape, it is also known as a hobbit house

The Creek House garage

About Architect

The Creek House Architect

Arthur Dyson is an American architect, born in Inglewood, California. He is a famous award-winning architect known for his impressive works. He designed the Lencioni house in 1985 according to the requirements of the owner. Now it is widely recognized, and it also appeared in many magazines, professional journals, and architectural yearbooks.

The Creek House with a curved roof

Speaking about the design, Dyson says: “I never became an architect to design what had already been [done], but to look for a better way. My goal wasn’t simply to do

something different but to do something better. Rather than trying to enclose the clients, we tried to embrace them.” 

The Current owner of the residence is Deborah Lencioni Lapp. The Lencioni house has a unique two-story oval form which is the most popular part of the residence. It is now for sale for $599,000.

A wooden house with a round roof

The homeowners wanted a compact dwelling that would provide a simple daily living with an intimate atmosphere for small evening gatherings. 

The Creek House dining room

Their specific requirements include a workshop area, a kitchen that should be south to the outdoor living areas, and is surrounded by a breakfast bar for casual family and social dining.

Alluring Vicinity

The Creek House Alluring Vicinity

You can get an idea of ​​the beauty of the site neighborhood by knowing that it is situated in the middle of a forest. Several hundred yards from the nearest neighbors also screened from public view, this secluded place is perfect for finding your inner peace and creativity. 

exterior of Creek House

This will give you more opportunities to explore than any urban dwelling with closely adjoining buildings. Imagine living in the serenity of the forest, where you can actually connect with mother nature on a totally different level. 

When the morning sunlight will enter through the glass walls while the sounds of nearby creeks playing the rhythmic music and the wind in the trees will soothe your soul: All these things will clear your body, mind, and soul. This is a true retreat from the chaos of city life. 

Creek House backside view

The lovely house is bounded on the south by Collins Creek; This is why you will never feel hot on hot summer days. This is a perfect example of how nature can join a human home in the most creative way. It naturally connects its occupants with nature; It should be appreciated.

Fantastic Facade

Creek House  outer structure

This two-story building is well known for its outer structure, which looks like a hobbit home. Situated in a one hundred year flood plain, a finished floor three feet above grade was mandatory to build. By looking at it, you will know the difficulties in balancing the desired interior height with the flat.

Creek House main gate

The structure consists of the integration of two structural curves. The upper curve encloses the maximum amount of space with the use of a minimum of materials. In comparison, the lower curve, which is inverted, provides a visual counterpoint to the arching roof by swinging down to the foundation.

structure  of Creek House

The front of the building’s flowing shape establishes an eye-pleasing sinuous form of the exterior surface finished in red shingles.

Let’s Go Inside…

Creek House living room

After your eyes are flattered with the amazing exteriors, let’s take you into the really stunning part of this dwelling. Spreading in about 1,845 square feet, this unique residence has a relatively subdued interior.

Creek House living room with furniture and a stair case

The creek house has two levels in which there are three bedrooms and two and a half baths. The whole place is filled with geometric shapes that intersect with custom wood details throughout the home. A Double-height living room features a full-length glass wall overlooking the swoon-worthy natural setting. Let’s know more in detail about every part of the house.

The First Floor

Creek House first floor

The home opens into an enormous living space. It also includes a wraparound bar in the kitchen. A free-flowing open layout connects the living room with the dining area beautifully. The first level contains living, dining, kitchen areas, a workshop, and a garage. 

The Creek House  bar and fire place

A stunning masonry block wall beside the front door is well contrasted with custom wood mouldings along the kitchen island and ceiling.


The Creek House Kitchen

The luxurious kitchen includes original, custom-designed cabinetry that very well complements the molding details throughout the home.

The Second Level

The Creek House  stair case

Architects have visually connected the second level to the first level through the opened interior walls. It is also enclosing the bedroom, bath, and study loft areas where privacy is needed. A spacious home office is also located on the upper level.

The Creek House room with furniture and a book shelf

Comfy Master Bedroom

The Creek House bedroom

The master bedroom is located on the second floor of the house. Additional glass doors have been provided to access the private balcony.

The Creek House bathroom
The Creek House bedroom with a large bed and a ceiling fan

 It also includes a master bath that features an oversized soaking tub.

The Creek House guest bedroom with two different beds

Two additional beds are also placed in sleeping quarters in the lofted area for extra sleeping space. 

Chilling Outdoor Space

Creek House Outdoor Space

The outside space is as beautiful as the indoor space. There is a special wooden rear deck built for entertainment. You can enjoy your meals while listening to the tranquil sounds of the nearby creek. 

Outdoor Space of Creek House

At night, the creek house looks really a mesmerizing piece of art.  

Antique Decors

Decors of Creek House

All over the house, on the demand of clients, intricate metalwork has been done. This includes ornamental stair balusters, chimney caps, and shop window frames.

A wooden shelf with a glass case on top of it

Each part of the house is designed according to the client’s desire. This unique architecture and interior design are giving a personal touch which the homeowners love. 

A living room with a chair and a mirror

Talking about the architecture, current homeowner Deborah Lapp says, We had an idea that we would make something secluded.” She continued, “You are completely involved in nature. It’s important that someone comes into this house and knows how to love it. I’m hoping to sell the house to someone who will treasure it in that way.” 

A living room with furniture and a large window

Final Verdict 

So, this is all about the hidden house, aka The Creek House in the forest of California. This house will Increase your creative energy; you’ll surely find peace in this house. Read our other blogs on extraordinary dwellings all around the globe, such as Grand Black Villa by Reza Mohtashami.

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