Dishwashers are one of the most common kitchen appliances used in homes. Compared to washing dishes by hand, a dishwasher saves time and energy, and water. It is used to clean and rinse dirty dishes, but why does my dishwasher have a foul odour, they also catch some bad smells and stale odours. 

Is There an Unpleasant Smell Coming from the Dishwasher? 

Unpleasant Smell Coming from the Dishwasher

There are many reasons behind this, such as it can be caused by improper operation or by a malfunction. Most commonly, it happens when users often forget to clean the equipment after the operation. As a result, you can get not only an unpleasant smell but also dirty dishes. And only a professional will help you to fix your dishwasher.

Do you open the hopper door and smell mould or sewage? This is not surprising if the chamber door is tightly closed after a wash cycle. Eventually, water residue causes mould to form on the rubber gaskets. 

And sometimes, it happens due to the build-up of trapped food particles or grease. These particles and residues are mostly leftovers of foods like eggs, fish, or other strong-smelling foods. They all can clog the filters, block the drain hose, and many other things in your dishwasher and ultimately cause an awful smell.  

How to get rid of the “smell” and restore the normal operation of the washing machine, you will learn in our article.

That’s why it’s very important to understand the root of such a horrible odour. Otherwise, as time passes and the intensity of use increases, the problem will only get worse. In most cases, the unpleasant odour is due to:

  • Small food particles get stuck in the dishwasher filter, which is difficult to clean, especially on the inside sides, racks, and every corner of the machine.
  • Wastewater flows back into the dishwasher because the drain hose is kinked. To avoid this, make sure that the drain hose is straight to prevent sewage water from flowing back.
  • Alternatively, the blocked drain pipe may be positioned incorrectly (too low). This causes the water to flow back into the dishwasher’s base easily.
  • To enable the water to flow back to the base of your device, you might raise and loop the drain line.

Limescale Build-Up Is Another Factor

Limescale Build-Up Is Another Factor

Are You Using Harsh Water to Clean Your Dishes in the Dishwasher?

Believe it or not, the quality of the water in your neighbourhood can have a significant impact on the amount of limescale that collects in your dish cleanser. The mineral composition of harsh water consists of magnesium carbonate and calcium from limestone.

They may be safe for people, but prolonged contact with them can damage your dishwasher. These minerals accumulate on various elements of the machine, such as the water jets and the heating element, which are designed to remove dirt and food particles.

There Are a Few Ways to Get Rid of the Smell from Your Dishwasher

There Are a Few Ways to Get Rid of the Smell from Your Dishwasher

Cleaning and maintaining your dishwasher, like any other household item that you use often, should be a daily task. Fortunately, there are so many different techniques and methods to clean your stinky dishwasher in a few minutes.

Here are a few easy ways and methods to keep your dishwasher clean

  • Once a week, use a good dishwasher detergent to remove the foul odour and remove visible oil from critical internal parts of the dishwasher.
  • Remove any limescale buildup from hard-to-reach areas like the sprayer’s arm or the heating element.
  • Before you place your dishes in the unit, make sure any large pieces of food are thrown away.
  • Rinse the unit’s filter, which is situated at the bottom. This will prevent the drain from clogging and food from getting back on the dishes.
  • Dirt can accumulate in the rubber seal of the dishwasher door, as well as inside the spray arms. If they are not cleaned over time, they may acquire an unpleasant odour. To prevent this, wipe the surface with a clean cloth and a hot soap solution.
  • You may also use a citrus refresher, such as lemon freshener to give your dishwasher a strong, pleasant scent.

That’s it! Follow these simple but effective methods for removing the unpleasant odour from your dishwasher.

Hire Experts

Hire Experts


Having a dishwasher with unpleasant smells and odours is of no use! You should always regularly clean specific parts, including filters, spray arm, and drain hole. 

If you don’t have time to do it yourself, hire a professional plumber. Expert Appliance Repair – dishwasher repair specialists in Canada will be more than happy to do it. They have experts with great experience, knowledge, and proper tools to fix your dishwasher the first time. Just google this company and get a repairman on call to fix your dishwasher.

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