For all residential projects obtaining a BASIX certificate is necessary for the development application and construction process in New South Wales. Introduced in 2004, the BASIX initiative aimed to create energy and water-efficient, environmentally friendly homes. 

A BASIX certificate considers various elements of a residential project, including

  • The building’s geographical location
  • The building’s construction type 
  • Orientation size of the building
  • The size and type of windowpane installed in the building
  • Landscaping of the building
  • Appliances installed within the building for operation

Additionally, it also measures the thermal comfort levels, which reduce the energy consumption for heating or cooling the house to a comfortable level.

When Is A BASIX Certificate Required?

BASIX certificate is required for all residential projects in NSW.

Single Dwellings

  • Single house on a plot, cottage, semi-detached homes, a part of a semi-detached home, etc. 

Multiple Dwellings

  • Residential apartments or flat buildings
  • Townhouses
  • Row Houses

Renovations and Remodelling

  • Constructing a pool with a capacity of greater than or equal to 40,000 liters
  • Upgradation and modification of existing residential structures costing $50,000 or more. 

What Are The Requirements Of the BASIX Report?

BASIX Benchmarks

To measure the achieved water and energy target, the calculation of the average benchmark for per-person greenhouse gas emissions and potable water consumption is done within the NSW residential sector to measure the achieved water and energy target

  • NSW benchmark for water/person – 90,340 liters per year.
  • Energy – NSW benchmark for energy/person- 3,292 kg of CO2-e per year

BASIX Targets

The NSW Government’s performance targets for BASIX Certificate include:

  • Minimizing potable water consumption up to a 40%
  • Minimizing greenhouse gas emissions up to a 40% 
  • minimum performance levels of thermal comfort.

Both the benchmarks of water and energy consumption for the BASIX certificate are measured on a per capita basis, including:

Water – the average NSW residential sector’s consumption of potable water. 

Energy – the annual average NSW residential sector’s greenhouse emissions.

What Is A BASIX Report?

  • A BASIX Report is a draft of the project details, which will be recorded on an actual BASIX Certificate. 
  • A BASIX Report is provided before submitting all the relevant details to obtain a formal BASIX Certificate. 
  • This helps confirm that all information and BASIX specifications adhere to your preferences and accurately reflect the development design intentions.
  • This approach also enables you to change any information and requirements to fine-tune the BASIX Certificate needed for further processes with the council.
  • Since the BASIX report is not a certified document, it cannot be used for application processes. 

How Much Does A BASIX Certificate Cost?

How Much Does A BASIX Certificate Cost

BASIX certificate cost comprises two components-

Fees Charged By The Government Entities

The governing body of the BASIX scheme, the NSW department of planning, charges for each certificate created through the online assessment tool depending on the nature of the development and the number of dwellings. 

NatHERS Certification Fees

The cost of the BASIX certificate also depends on the NatHERS certification charges that need to be paid to release a NatHERS certificate for the development. Currently, this price is $20+GST/dwelling.

Benefits Of A BASIX Compliant Residential Development

Besides minimizing greenhouse gas emissions and your carbon footprint, the benefits of an Energy-efficient residential development are significant.

Increased Comfort For The Residents

Well-designed energy-efficient residences will need much less energy to achieve a comfortable indoor environment throughout the year. Utilizing passive solar design principles, roof, and wall insulations, and proper window and glass material reduces the need for heating or cooling.

Increased Property Value

Environmental friendly and sustainable projects are the way of the future. A BASIX certificate mandates efficient property orientation, installation of energy-efficient systems, appliances, water-efficient fixtures, and smart technologies. The homebuyers and renters are willing to invest extra for environmentally-friendly residential dwellings.

Reduced Energy Bills

Depending on electrical energy for heating and cooling purposes inside every residence contributes around 40% of the household energy expenditure. Energy-efficient homes require less power to operate and can save money on energy bills.

Clean Air

Most pollutants affecting the quality of indoor air are due to various building components, including flooring, paints, and building materials. These potential sources can release harmful chemicals directly into the air. A well-ventilated home developed with environmentally friendly building materials with low VOC (Volatile organic compound) can dramatically enhance indoor air quality.

3 Crucial Points You Need To Know When Hiring A BASIX Consultant?

When Hiring A BASIX Consultant

A BASIX consultant is a well-trained professional who performs the BASIX assessment using the online tool and helps you to get a BASIX certificate. However, before you hire any BASIX consultant, consider the following-

Has Extensive Experience

Assessment of residential development for BASIX compliance can become complicated and tricky if the building is underperforming in one or more thresholds. There are several interconnected and related areas of the algorithm which must be taken into account while performing an assessment. Only an experienced BASIX consultant can incorporate a noticeable difference in the project’s final outcome and development cost.

Has Updated Knowledge

A consultant needs to be aware of any updates and alterations coming to the online assessment tool before they are actually enforced by the government. Good consultants should invest in training in building systems, building materials, passive design principles, and emerging technologies.

Has An Impressive Portfolio

Any successful and experienced BASIX consultants must have an excellent portfolio displaying their exceptional skills and expertise. Generally, the best BASIX consulting firms put up their projects and clients on their websites. Go through them before you hire one.

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