Hog Pen creek residence construction work has finally got completed and it is just amazing to have its view. Texas’s Architecture firm: Lake Flato has built it with beautiful design and planned architecture and seeing its awesome interior, we will give it full marks. 

Hog Pen Creek exterior living space

The Hog Pen house is a lakeside retreat situated at the junction of the Hog Pen Creek and Lake Austin. Owners of this house wanted to have a place that puts prominent emphasis on exterior living space and that brings a lot of fun in summer residing at the banks of Lake Austin. The other reason for the construction of this house was the off-season Ironman Triathlon training.  

Hog Pen Creek structures

There is a long exterior boardwalk for the people to walk through a couple of structures. There are a couple of Oak trees outside the house that provides a cool breeze to flow in. The house has an L-shaped footprint which was planned to keep in mind the constraints of the sloping site and water setbacks from the lake and creek. 

Hog Pen Creek Living room

Talking of the main living area, it is a two-story house with porches on two ends and has a master bedroom loft. The interior of the house is amazing and you will fall in love with it when you see its pictures. There is a 75-foot lap pool, crow’s nest office in the house. The lap pool is the perfect place for the off-season triathlon training. 

Hog Pen Creek pool and kitchen

Having a clear view of the lake Austin from the upper story is fantastic, the natural view outside is mesmerizing in the morning and the evening at the time of sunset. Also, sitting at the banks of the water bodies gives great joy and a peaceful, serene environment. 

Hog Pen Creek garage

In conclusion, we can say that Lake Flato architects have done a superb job constructing this lakefront home. 

Hog Pen Creek dining area and Kitchen
Hog Pen Creek  with a wooden walkway and deck
Hog Pen Creek balcony
Hog Pen Creek interior fire pit
A person sitting on a dock next to water lake
Hog Pen Creek concept drawing
Hog Pen Creek from front view with wooden walkway

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