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Interior Design 101: The Importance of Good Lighting  

Interior Design 101: The Importance of Good Lighting

Interior design can transform a home. There are many elements within interior design. It is easy to overlook lighting when it comes to thinking of the elements that make up interior design. It is often overshadowed – pardon the pun – by the bigger elements like furniture, decorative styles, flooring, and color schemes.

However, lighting is incredibly important; it really does have the power to transform a room. Let’s explore the importance of good lighting.

Literally Brightens the Room


First and foremost, lighting obviously serves a practical function. It quite literally brightens the room, therefore enhancing the space and allowing you to use it.

There are several options when it comes to lighting, and they can be used to create different effects. From overhead lighting to sconces to lamps, there are a lot of options. The lighting can also be used to impart more functionality within the space; smart lighting allows you to turn up or down the lights as well as change the color too. 

Set the Mood and Create an Atmosphere


As mentioned above, lighting can be used to create a mood; in that respect, it is an important interior design tool. Some rooms will want different moods created. This is where changing the color of the lighting and being able to dim the brightness comes in.

However, in addition to that, the type of lighting you use is also instrumental in creating an atmosphere. Overhead lighting is often brighter, but it can be seen as clinical thanks to its use in healthcare settings.

On the other hand, lamps might be less practical, but they are often thought to be cozier. 

Transformative Properties


The truth is that the same room can look incredibly different depending on how it is lit.

For example, a candle-lit room is going to look different from a room lit by sconces or by overhead lights or string lights. Obviously, during the day, the room will be lit by natural light; however, at night or in low light, the room will rely entirely on the light sources within it.

Changing the lighting within a room can be difficult depending on what you want to do obviously, changing a lampshade is pretty straightforward; however, if you want to have spotlights installed or otherwise change the wiring of a room, then you will need the help of a professional like Prime Electrical Service Inc. 

Illusion of a Bigger Space


Good lighting can be powerful in a home. Of course, good lighting can brighten up a room and can change the theme of the room. It can also alter how a room is perceived.

When a room is dimly lit and has a very limited light source, it can appear confined and small. However, it can appear bigger when a room is well-lit, whether it is through the natural light from a window or through sufficient lighting fixtures. Should the conversation of moving ever be something that is considered, rooms that appear spacious and light (thanks to the good lighting installed) are more appealing to potential buyers?

Understandably, potential buyers want as much space as they can possibly get within their set budget. Creating the illusion that the space is bigger than it is could help to attract potential buyers to place an offer.

It could help to get a house off the market quicker and for homeowners to find new ways to utilize lighting in their new homes.

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Drawing the Eye


The lighting used in a room can help to draw the eye and be used directionally to highlight certain features while maybe de-emphasizing others.

For example, in the kitchen, you could install work surface lighting or lighting under the cabinets in order to highlight the worksurface more.

There has been a recent trend within interior design whereby to add lights in your staircase and it is incredibly effective. You could choose to backlight some of the art pieces on the wall again to draw more focus. 

Wrapping Up

It should now be clear that the lighting within your home is incredibly important. It isn’t simply functional; it is also a valuable decorative tool.

Think about your design style; how could you switch up the lighting in your home to create a new effect without even redecorating the rest of the room? If the job is too big for you, don’t be afraid to enlist help. Invest in the support of professionals or ask friends who are capable of completing the task.

The sooner you can get lighting fitted and ready to use, the sooner you can begin to enjoy your newly lit spaces. It might even entice you to redecorate. Regardless, the newly updated good lighting will make a noticeable difference the moment the light switch is turned on.

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