The roof light for your residential, commercial, and industrial buildings is the good one for giving enough brightness. Since various models and designs of roof lights are present in the market, you can simply pick the best roof light. Before that, you have to trust a local rooflight supplier with your project, which will give satisfying work, and also you have to pick the experienced and certified suppliers for your project.

This is the initial step, so you can also research and consult with your friends and other family members to get the best products from the right supplier. Below are the important questions to ask them to know about their products and service and purchase their valuable products.

Do You Supply Your Own Products?

This is the important question that every customer should have to ask the suppliers. The reason is that it will help them to pick the right type of supplier. Only when the supplier has the potential to design and manufacture their owner products will they give a good experience in the field. So the experienced supplier will surely give the properly customized rooflights that are suitable for the interior design or exterior design of your building.

What Is the Glass Type for Your Product?

What Is the Glass Type for Your Product

Your supplier’s products should contain the maximum thickness in their glass. The minimum thickness that should be present will be 6mm, and the main thing is it should have a double-glazed unit. This will keep your glass safe even if it is in heavy heat and also will not cause a fracture at any moment.

It is good to know whether the glass has gone through the heat soak test and whether it should have toughened glass.

Why Is the Upstand Very Important for the Users?

The users will have to check about the upstand and whether it fits their ceiling. The fitting of the light without any problem and also perfect fitting can avoid the damage and danger to humans. Therefore you have to ask yourself whether the upstand of the rooflight is good and easy to fit and whether it contains a waterproof nature. It is best to find a good supplier is having their own products with the proper quality assurance.

What Type of Finish Is Present for the Framework?

What Type of Finish Is Present for the Framework?

The frames of the roof light should contain a polyester powder coat finish. This will safeguard the paint and make the roof light durable and long-lasting without any disturbance. So before you are going to trust a local roof light supplier with your project, you have to check whether the supplier has a license with them.

The best supplier will have this, and so when you are purchasing the products with these kinds of licenses, then it is sure that the product’s paint will be of good quality even if it is in the various temperatures and climatic conditions. This will help you to trust a local roof light supplier with your project and make your service to be more valuable.

Can You Tell Me About the U Value of Your Roof Light?

The polyamide insulating sections will give the thermal breaks for the lights, so when you want to know about u value, then you have to trust a local rooflight supplier with your project. The project that your supplier is providing should contain the thermal performance for your rooflight’s design specification. The whole light u value is the important one, so when your supplier is not providing the center pane u value alone, you can trust them.  

How Safe to Open the RoofLight?

How Safe to Open the RoofLight?

For walk-over rooflights, this is a mainly essential question. Your rooflight dealer should be able to offer the guidelines for regular distributed and resolute loads for walk-over specifications and be able to confirm that their glass survives and exceed those standards.

In architecture style, all our walk-on skylights are separately tested and qualified by structural designers, providing full peace of mind. With such technically controlled units, you must ensure that it is fixed with protection features, remarkably closeness detectors, soft-close devices, and current dominant functionality.


The most trustworthy roof light provider will have a complete installation method and must be able to walk you through the process. At architecture style, we have a close installation group that secures products that need glazing on sites, such as multi-pane rooflights and additional bespoke rooflight plans.

As various other customers choose to fit their architecture style rooflight, we’ve gone to huge lengths to plan our products to be simple to install. In addition to providing possible upstands, we offer bedding tape that goes around the exterior face of the upstand to make a completely clean finish.

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