B33 House 

  • Architects: Alejandro Restrepo-Montoya Arquitectura, Estudio Central
  • Location: Envigado, Colombia
  • Area: 480 m²
  • Year: 2020
  • Manufacturers:  Acquavieira, Concrestone
  • Construction: AGS Arquitectos / Alexander Garzón Sánchez
  • Landscape: Nicolás Hermelín
  • Structural Design: Jorge Eduardo Arbeláez Rojas
  • Lighting: High Lights
  • Constructed at the top of the hill, B33 House looks like it comes directly from a fairytale story. Designed by Alejandro Restrepo Montoya + Estudio Central, we all dream of living in this type of residence. 

The house is designed in a brilliant way that beautifully integrates with its natural landscape. The site is made up of slopes, plains, water, and local vegetation. The location is filled with natural visuals, including mountains and distant landscapes.  

All these features make you excited to know more about this incredible home? If yes, keep reading! 

B33 House Alejandro Restrepo Montoya + Estudio Central

B33 House: Design & Architecture

Design of B33 House Alejandro Restrepo Montoya + Estudio Central

For this project, Alejandro Restrepo-Montoya, María Posada, Lina María Upegui, Diana Valencia, Juliana Zapata are in the team of the lead architect.  

Apart from the breathtaking location, another thing makes this residence a remarkable structure. We’re talking about the architecture of the B33 Casa! 

B33 House with a wooden front door

Architects have created fantastic visuals using empty and occupied spaces. This language of Studio Architects is a great example showing how we can use full and empty spaces wisely to create an amazing effect. 

Full – Empty, Natural – Intervene, Lightness – firmness, and Solid – Transparencies, a wonderful combination of elements that makes this dwelling a spectacular architecture. 

Architects have various sets of solid elements and materials and arrange them on the ground in such a way that it also supports the upper horizontal elements. The void spaces are balanced by volumes, and vertical spaces are balanced by horizontal elements. 

B33 House brick walkway

Different dark and light grey concrete have been used to cover the masonry walls. The metal mezzanines have been specially placed in the space to bring some lightness to the structure, and they beautifully complement the other parts of the house.  

Looking at the interiors, you’ll see that floors, ceilings, and natural wood cladding bring warmth to the space. From natural elements to the landscape, exteriors to the interiors, the B33 casa has amazing visuals! 

B33 house with a large wooden roof

B33 House: Exclusive Exteriors

B33 House Exclusive Exteriors
B33 House exterior

There are patios and other outdoor open spaces present to enjoy the outdoors. The space just before the main gate, known as the arrival area, has both open and covered exterior spaces.  

So anyone who wants to enter the house must go through the transition between outdoor and indoors while enjoying nature. 

B33 house  with a grassy yard and a walkway
A room with a wooden wall and a large window

Even if you’re inside the residence, you can see exteriors and outdoor areas from various points. This beautiful house has an open floor plan that seamlessly connects the outside with the inside. In these open areas, social activities and gatherings could take place. 

A building that has a bunch of bushes in front of it

B33 House: Inviting Interiors

B33 House Interiors

Right after you cross the entering area, there is a vast open floor plan which connects to the kitchen and other parts of the house. Services, bedrooms, and study rooms are located on the east and west side of the layout. All these rooms are made up of walls and volumes supporting the house’s structure. 

There is also a covered terrace and a water lane designed as an extended extension of the interior social space that connects to the exteriors. Look at the above pictures for reference. 

B33 House: Spiral Staircase

B33 House Spiral Staircase
B33 House Staircase

A staircase is added to the access facade to integrate the first and second levels. When you enter the place of arrival, you’ll notice that this staircase also connects to the collective family space. This area divides the children’s rooms from the main bedroom.

As we already told you, the house is filled with void spaces to balance out the volume of the house. On the first level, a succession of voids forms double heights in the interior space. On the other hand, it also defines the lightness of the horizontal planes. 

B33 House: Beautiful Bedrooms & Balconies

A living room filled with furniture and a staircase

The resting areas, including bedrooms, are on the second level. These spaces well occupied the eastern and western facades. From the bedrooms, residents can enjoy the spectacular visuals of the landscape from the north and to the south.

Residents can use each bedroom with a private balcony according to their requirements. Architects have included this element into the architecture so that the horizontal planes will look put together with the rest on the walls and volumes of the first level.    

B33 casa
B33 House Alejandro Restrepo Montoya + Estudio Central
B33 casa Plan drawing
R33 House  ground floor plan drawing
R33 House  first floor plan drawing
R33 House  exterior side plan drawing
B33 House side view plan drawing

B33 House / Alejandro Restrepo Montoya + Estudio Central: The Bottom Line 

So this is all about the B33 House by Alejandro Restrepo-Montoya Arquitectura.

I hope you like this blog on B33 House / Alejandro Restrepo Montoya + Estudio Central. If you find it informative, share it with your family and friends. 

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