Mounting the tv on the wall can free up your space in the hall and prevent the television from tipping. 

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When you have a good Tv mount, it can enhance your tv watching experience. The mounts are easy to install and cost-effective too.

One of the major reasons why people use tv wall mount is to fit the big tv in a room with less floor space. It also helps to position the screen where you can see it easily. 

Types of TV Mounts 

There are different types of tv mounts, each of which has unique features. All the different kinds of tv mounts can be useful, but as per your room size and tv size, one of the types may be more useful to you than others. 

Let’s look at the major types of tv mounts for your home:

1. Fixed TV Wall Mount

Fixed TV Wall Mount

The most basic and simple solution for your tv is a ‘fixed’ tv mount. Although solid and sturdy, these fixed brackets don’t allow screen movement. These wall mounts are easiest to install compared to the other tv mounts.      

You can install this mount in just an hour. You can get these mounts at an affordable price range. 

When so many things are positive, some things may not go well. One of the major drawbacks of this tv wall mount is that this mount cannot move in all directions. So, you won’t be able to adjust the screen as per your comfort. Another drawback is that when you want to use or remove any cable, you need to remove the tv from the wall and then place it again. 

2. Titling TV Wall Mount

Titling TV Wall Mount

A higher degree of wall-mounted television mounting is titling mount. It will allow you to shift the upward review point, if vital, by somewhere in the range of 5 to 15 degrees.

The tv mount will enhance your watching experience for all, especially kids. However, it won’t allow you horizontal movement. 

3. TV Mount Stand

TV Mount Stand

You can also use a tv mount stand which will allow you to keep your television on the tabletop, a shelf, etc. 

There are different types of tv mounts – some sturdier compared to others. Some of these platforms are also mobile, while others secure the TV using brackets resembling those for TV wall mounting. Also, if you want to move the television from one room to another, these mounts are also useful. 

When you use a mounting stand, you will not need any drilling on the walls nor any hassle in mounting the tv. However, if we talk about negatives, you won’t get a clean look like tv mounts. The stands are unsafe because they are not firmly screwed; thus, children may move them, which is dangerous for them. Also, it can damage the television. 

When you have big television, TV stands are not a good choice. 

4. Full Motion TV Wall Mount

 Full Motion TV Wall Mount

This tv mount will offer you the widest watching angles. There are different names for this mount, such as extending arm, articulating, swivel, and full motion to describe the mount. 

The full-motion tv wall mount is on one side of the bracket, which is attached to the wall, and a swiveling arm is extended outward into the space. One can minimize and fold it, so the tv looks flat against the wall. 

The price range of these will be higher, and the installation process will be complicated. But when we see prices in front of benefits provided by the mount, the price seems reasonable.

The tv mount offers full motion ability and easy access to the backside of the tv. Thus, if you have to make any adjustments or modifications, you can easily do it. So you can easily attach and remove the wires easily. 


1. How Much Does It Cost to Hang the Television on the Wall?

The cost may vary in different regions, but it normally costs under $100. However, do note that if you hire an experienced professional, then it may cost you more. 

2. Should I Hang the Television on the Wall?

Yes, you must hang the tv on the wall; it will free you from buying a different tv stand.

3. Does Mounting the Television Damage the Wall?

You need to drill a hole into the wall to mount the television. Therefore, you’ll need to fix the mount from your wall whenever you remove it. But if you place your TV into drywall without utilizing a stud, your wall will probably sustain significant damage.

Final Thoughts

At last, we would say that tv mounts offer you a better tv watching experience. The mounts also keep the television safe from kids and pets; thus, the possibility of television damage decreases significantly. You can buy a good tv wall mount for your home; you can buy one of the types that we have discussed above in this blog. 

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