You are regularly bothered by the sunlight that hits the rooms of your home. Even more, the looks coming from the outside disturb you enormously, so you must equip the orifices of your home with roller shutters. In this article, we will give you all the tips on how to measure to put a roller shades?

What Are the Installation Possibilities of Roller Shutters?

Roller shades can be installed in a variety of ways. We have among others: on the back (it is the most common on a window); under an inverted lintel (the best installation for a door to avoid the handle) or applied against the facade to maintain the brightness of your interior.

What equipment is required for throe measurements for the installation of a roller shutter?

The installation of roller shades requires the ammunition of the most suitable tool, in particular, the meter. We will remind you that whatever your installation option, the taking of dimensions is done more or less in the same way and requires identical equipment.

Tips on Measuring for Roller Shades Before You Start

Tips on Measuring for Roller Shades Before You Start

Before you jump on any project, it’s good to prepare well. This is why certain tips can help to make the measuring process faster and stress-free. 

Here are three fast hints on how to prepare for measuring for roller shades:

  1. Always use a steel tape measure to achieve the most precise measurements
  2. Be clear on what is the width and what is height. To make everything clear, stick to the width by height format (W x H). 

Pro tip: Mark width and height as such.

  1. Always measure down to the nearest 1/8 inch. No matter how tempting it may be, never round up or down to a whole inch. 

Extra tip: Measuring more than one window? Make sure that you measure one by one. Never assume that windows are the same size (in most cases they aren’t)

What Are the Steps in Taking Measurements for a Roller Shutter?

What Are the Steps in Taking Measurements for a Roller Shutter

The installation of your shutter takes place in two major steps: taking the measurements and postponing the measurements.

The taking of measurements: it must be carried out as well on the width, the height as the depth. Regarding the width, we recommend that you take the measurements at three points, as the width of the doors and windows is likely to vary from one room to another. That said, this is the smallest measure you will remember for the purchase of your roller shutter. 

As for the height, you need to take it between the lowest point of the descent of the shutter and the lintel. The height measurement should be done as close as possible to your window. If it is an inverted lintel installation, we recommend that you get as close as possible to the facade!

You also need to take the measurements on the depth. When it comes to depth, the measurements taken must be carried out inside the tablet. This is not the case for a window, measurements will have to be taken from the outside of the board to the window, and for a door, you need to take measurements from the frame to the lintel. We recommend that you always take three steps and take into consideration, the smallest.

The postponement of the measurements: we advise you to record all the measurements taken in a notepad before reporting them to the specialists who will take care of the installation of your roller shutter.

We advise you to make color choices in perfect harmony with the decoration of your interior, and you will have finalized the taking of measurements for the installation of your roller shutters.

Inside Mount Roller Shades: How to Measure

Inside Mount Roller Shades: How to Measure

For many, measuring the inside mount roller shades is a real nightmare. However, with the right guidelines, it’s a fast and easy process. 

Inside mount roller shades are placed inside the window frame. Their main purpose is to enable a look that can be described as clean and sleek – this should promote your window as grander and promote a better view. 

Here is how to measure inside mount roller shades in five simple steps:

  • Focus on the depth. Measuring should be between the front of the opening to the glass – this is the depth of your window frame. Is this measurement mandatory? This measurement is what will ensure that your window recess meets the minimum depth requirements for an inside mount. 
  • Measure the width. Measuring the width of each window is a must. Measure the width at the top of the window for roller shades.
  • What about the height? Yes, height is another important factor. Measure the height on three posts: of the left side, of center, and right side. The tallest measurement is actually your window’s height. 
  • Do you know the opening size? You should know the exact opening size with no deductions. This is something that is created in production and is strictly done in the factory. 
  • Always double-check. No matter how well you have measured everything, better be safe than sorry. This means that you should double measure everything. For minimum headache, you should always measure twice. Just in case. As general rules, measurements should follow the width by height format (W x H).

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