Everyone wants his or her apartment to look attractive. It’s important to pay attention to all the details. The first thing that the guest will see is the small number on the door. It might provide a positive or negative impression on a guest.

Helping Tips

helping tips for apartment door numbers

Don’t start scrolling through the available options until you know exactly what you are looking for. But how to understand this? How do you know the features of door numbers to consider before ordering the products? Here are the characteristics to pay attention to.

Pay attention to the sizes. If your door number won’t be visible, it won’t be able to satisfy its main function. You cannot place a tiny door plaque. On the other hand, too big a number might be inappropriate as well. In some states, the authorities might charge fines to the owners of dwellings whose door numbers exceed 4 inches tall. It’s a standard measure, so you should be looking for products satisfying this requirement. 

Pay attention to the style of the place. The look of your door numbers is one of the most important criteria to take into consideration. You shouldn’t neglect the exterior features of your apartment when choosing a number. For example, there’s no point in attaching elegant or luxury signs if you live in an ordinary apartment. It will create a feeling of inconsistency. 

Pay attention to the colors. When we talk about the visibility of the door number, we can’t neglect the colors. This might seem not very important but if you select similar hues of the sign and the door, no one will read the number. If you have a black door, for example, choose light colors. White is the best option because it creates the most visible contrast with the surface. 

“Buro” Design

Buro design for apartment door numbers

Made of perfectly smooth acrylic glass, house door numbers with a buro design suit the apartment with simple and modern designs. This won’t make the exterior of your room stand out from the crowd, but it’s a good design solution if you like a plain style. You should consider this variant if your apartment’s door is of gray or white color.

B sign has a great experience in creating door signs of acrylic glass. To craft this one, they apply their own technique and the best materials available. In the store, you can take a look at how the plaque will look on different surfaces. This will simplify your choice.

Thin Number

Use Thin numbers for Apartment Door

When ordering this apartment door number, you should pay attention that the B sign store displays the price per symbol. If you need to install just one number, this might be a good deal. Similar to the previous variant, this option is a good fit for light surfaces. Even though, you can make a special custom order and discuss certain features with the manufacturer.

Elegant Number

Elegant Number for apartment door

This elegant number sign is a good option if you want to enhance the luxury home exterior design of your apartment. At the same time, despite being elegant, its look isn’t exaggerated, it’s rather plain and soft. There are no extra features that might attract too much attention – just a thin line with a symbol and a number. This is ordered to enhance the beauty of the place. Currently, the B sign offers the option that comes in black color.

Stainless Steel Number

Stainless Steel Number for apartment door

This is a classic choice you might have seen on many doors of many apartments. Despite that, this is still a good option for you if you prefer quality to design and look. B sign created such door number of stainless steel and guarantees that, in proper conditions, they will be very durable and won’t cover with rust.


The B sign store assures all the customers that all products available will last as long as necessary. Make custom and in-bulk orders if you need signs for other purposes as well. If you are looking for the best selection of apartment door numbers, you should explore the assortment of the website and choose the best options for you!

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