Renovating your bathroom may significantly help you boost the value of your home. Although the bathroom is usually the smaller space of your home compared to the rest, refurbishing it the right way will allow you to balance your luxurious wants and functional needs for comfort and convenience.

For example, replacing a conventional towel rack with an innovative towel radiator, during your bathroom renovation project will facilitate you in reducing humidity in your bathroom and preventing mold to make your return on investment worthwhile in the long run. 

Therefore, we will discuss 6 bathroom renovation tips in this article that you must pay attention to. Let’s dive into it!

1. Be Clear with Your Budget

Be Clear with Your Budget

First off, you should be realistic with your budget. Prioritizing your needs over your wants will help you achieve this. For instance, you should ask yourself whether you want to add luxurious items to your bathroom or invest in quality fixtures and fittings.

Prioritizing your needs will allow you to stay within your budget and get the crucial things done rather than breaking the bank. If you’re left with spare money after spending on the necessary renovations, you can use it to pay attention to décors such as mirrors and wall paint.

2. Decide the Toilet Place

Decide the Toilet Place

When remodeling your bathroom, you must ensure that the toilet is not the first thing the visitors or anyone in the house sees. Neither it’s too aesthetically pleasing, nor does it ensure privacy when someone uses the toilet.

Your best bet would be to place the toilet behind the bathroom door and place the vanity or shower in front of the door. This way, you will be able to give an amazing transformation to your bathroom.

3. Lighting Is Key

Lighting Of Bathroom

To maximize the functionality of your bathroom, you must pay attention to lighting. A poorly-lit bathroom will not allow you to complete your tasks in a breeze, such as doing your hair or makeup or tweezing facial hair.

At the same time, lighting can also play a key role in adding a unique look to your bathroom. Therefore, you can invest in a combination of decorative yet practical lights and >LED lights in your bathroom to balance out every factor.

4. Be Certain About the Design You Want

Be Certain About the Design You Want

It’s okay to ask for small changes from the builder, such as adding an extra light bulb or wallpaper on one of the walls of your bathroom.

However, you must be 100% sure of the design you want as you don’t want to ask for massive changes, such as changing the shower size. Otherwise, it will not only frustrate the builders but will also skyrocket your costs and delay the renovation project.

Therefore, you should always discuss the design with your builder. It’s even better to show them a picture so the reality meets your expectations.

5. Research the Right Builder for You

Research the Right Builder for Bathroom Renovation

Of course, if you’re getting major remodeling for your bathroom, you may even have to get the plumbing done. Your renovation project will require you to research the ideal builder and work with them.

You should consider their experience, skills, rates, and availability. It’s also better if you ask for a picture of their past projects, so you know that their style of work matches the design in your mind.    

6. Choose the Right Furniture

Choose the Right Furniture For Bathroom

Each person establishes their own rules for the selection of appropriate furniture and interior design. A bathroom is a place where we stay one-on-one with the objects that surround us. 

Therefore, the interior should primarily bring joy to you and your family members, and someone else’s taste has nothing to do with it. But regarding the functionality and comfort of the selected models, furniture specialists can give some advice.

For example, if you have heated floors in the bathroom, buying a bathroom drawer or cupboard with legs is better. A countertop with a sink should not be installed close to the side wall and the bathtub. This will make it easier for you to clean and preserve the appearance of the furniture. 

As for the choice of drawers, it depends entirely on the size of your bathroom, the number of family members, and your taste. 

Final Words

For example, if you have not yet had time to make a family and live in an apartment with a compact bathroom. In this case, you will fit a two-door countertop with a sink. Such a drawer will easily fit all the necessary household stuff. 

These roomy cabinets are also convenient for those who use large-sized filters for water purification. They can easily fit in the cabinet, making it easy to replace them, and do not spoil the look of the bathroom. 

If the size of the bathroom is small and the family consists of more than two people, you can buy a small cabinet equipped with a laundry basket and a few compact drawers. 

For those who think that nothing else will fit in their bathroom except the sink cabinet and washing machine, there are small and roomy wall cabinets. For the happy owners of spacious bathrooms, a whole world of floor-standing pedestal sinks, cabinets, and furniture sets of large sizes was developed.

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