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The List Of Beautiful Postmodern Architecture

The List Of Beautiful Postmodern Architecture  

If you would look around and search a bit then you would be able to find out that there are so many different kinds of architectures. Some of them still exist while there are postmodern architectures that are no more design though there are architects who still get inspired by old age architecture and present with a masterpiece.

Postmodern architecture buildings have to be one of the forgotten kinds of architecture that are still very beautiful. If you are wondering about what postmodern architecture is then it is the architecture style that was created to oppose modernism. This style was popular before modernism and after the colonial style of architecture.

Beautiful Postmodern Architecture


Architects came up with this style of buildings by the end of the 1960s and it was the time when modern architectural style was about to take place. This postmodern architecture stopped modernized architecture for a long time. Postmodern architecture is popularly know as postmodernism as well as pomo and this architecture makes sure to include some cultural value while getting buildings to construct.

Due to this style of architecture, modern architecture had to go through a lot of criticism. There are still some of the beautiful postmodern architecture buildings still present in the world which is a great thing. If you are wondering about some of the best postmodern architecture buildings then here are some of the list below that you need to check out:

Venna venturi house:

This house is exactly located in Philadelphia that is in the United States of America and this is indeed a very beautiful house. The construction of this some took place in the year 1962 and it was completely make in the year 1964 so it took 2 years for the construction procedure.

This beautiful home was constructed by none other than the very talented Robert Venturi and this house was built for his mother and this house is named after his mother’s name only. This home is the best example of postmodern architecture building as it has the touch of modernism whereas the whole concept of this home was based on industrial architecture.

The house has a slanting rooftop instead for the flat one and there is also a space for the chimney and overall, the house turned out to be beautiful. The surrounding of the house make the home look prettier which is the best thing for sure.

Venna venturi house


Piazza D’Italia:

This building is construct in New Orleans which is in the United States of America. It is a beautiful home that is still in its position but it is surround by all the modern buildings. This building seems like a piece of nostalgia in-between the speedy life. That is the reason that this place still seems beautiful.

This building was construct by the very talented architecture of that time, Charles Moore. It was 1978 when the building was build at that place and it follow the beautiful concept of postmodern architecture that turned out to be beautiful.

This building is famously known as the postmodern ruin as it is the only building between all the tall modern buildings and there was a time when people started forgetting about this building but now people find peace in this place.

Piazza D’Italia


The Portland building:

This building is situate in Portland that is in the United States of America. This building seems to be a nice building. Which has taken the face of a modern building in the present day. It is so beautiful that one would fall in love with this building in one look. The credit of this building construction as well as, designing goes to the very famous architect of that time, Michael

This building was completely construct and open in the year 1982. This is a 1 story building and here several colors were use in this building to make it look pretty. Here small windows can be seen that are completely different from the windows that we have in the present generation.

The Portland building


Guggenheim Museum:

This postmodern architecture museum building is located in Bilbao. That is in Spain and this is one of the most beautiful. As well as, stunning building designs of that time. Frank Gehry is the one who needs to be appreciated for creating such a beautiful museum.

The construction of this building took time and the construction start in the year 1991. It took 6 years and complete in the year 1997. This building is not only very beautiful but at the same time, it is very innovative. As well which a great thing about this building is.

Guggenheim Museum


The Neue Staatsgalerie:

This building is located in Stuttgart that is in Germany. This is a perfect combination of modernized design with country-type looks. James Stirling, Michael Wilford, and other teammates need to be appreciate for such an amazing building. The construction of this building started in the year 1979. The whole building was make by the end of 1984.

The Neue Staatsgalerie


These were some of the best postmodern architecture buildings that you need to check out and for more such things you can browse through Architecturesstyle.

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