The beauty of modern architecture homes is a sweet symphony of a mixture of modern styles and mid-century aesthetics. Modern architecture homes can differentiate extensively. An architect can shape with large home windows, unique materials, and sometimes with a Miesian aesthetic. Some may be modern-day subtle Californian style mixing natural stones and woods with earthy tones. As distinctive as those are, both belong to modern themes.

Modern structure prioritizes clean traces, sleek surfaces, polished curves, and open living areas. The mid-century modern home architecture is mostly about creating subtle yet classy dwellings that are not overly ornamental and decorative. Form follows function – this popularity is the base of this fashion, and usually, mass appeal is the sign of the times.

That doesn’t mean modern architecture homes miss out on style quotient. Many of the world’s most recognized architectural wonders are modern home architecture.

Here are 22+ Unique Modern Architecture Design Homes

1. Michael Hennessey Architectures’ ‘Laidley Street Residence’

Laidley Street Residence

Designed by Michael Hennessey Architecture, the architect styled this boxy modern architecture home with a tumbler facade minimally to emphasize the natural light and confide in the park’s views. The two-story building, which the architect built on top of a storage building, has living quarters on the first floor and three bedrooms on the second. 

Since its rear also features glazed walls and incredible views, the dwelling area has a non-stop stream of natural light.

2. Pattersons Associates’ ‘Local Rock House’:

Local Rock House

This Pattersons Associates designed modern architecture home in Auckland showcases cutting-edge architectural design. Designed with indigenous pyrite rock, the house includes black-screened containers as part of its formational structures. The construction is sure to leave an impression with its contemporary aesthetic.

This uniquely formed house embraces multiple floors, about 395 square meters or 4,251 square feet. On the exterior, the classy swimming pool utilizes pyrite to mirror the house’s facade, resulting in a harmonious overall appearance.

3. Alphaville Architects’ ‘Slice of the City: 

Alphaville Architects’ ‘Slice of the City

Slice of the City is a contemporary modern architecture home built by Alphaville Architects in Japan. The majority of the household is enclosed and resembles a field-like structure. The unique structure has windows inside the house instead of outside.

Additionally, residents can use a rooftop lounge area at the heart of the town when they prefer to be outdoors rather than inside.

4. Takuro Yamamoto’s ‘Little House – Big Terrace’

Little House - Big Terrace

Takuro Yamamoto has built a marvelous wonder – A little house with a big terrace. The construction intends to provide a pair of massive terraces on the outer end, once more inside the center of the city space. Takuro Yamamoto has divided the architecture into two divisions. The first part of the structure is mainly the residential area. On the other hand, the second half is entirely open.

The ground floor’s open area is also a parking area. On the floor above, the terrace matches the visual appeal of the interior section and is visible through big doors and windows.

5. Masahiko Sato’s Y7-residence

Masahiko Sato’s Y7-residence

Y7-residence is another contemporary modern architecture home designed by the renowned architect Masahiko Sato. The design is minimal to avoid encompassing the surrounding garden and landscapes; the residence includes blocks of garage and living area.

A part of the house levitates above because of the hill under it. Masahiko Sato is customized to prevent destruction or harm to nature and its land.

6. Randy Bens Architect (2996 West 11th)

Randy Bens Architect (2996 West 11th)

Vancouver’s modern architecture homes designed by the Architect Randy Bens is a perfectly aligned figure of two Tetris. The structure is strategically decorated with white brick and dark cedar to enhance the look. The exterior has fewer windows that flood the indoors with ample light.

The house’s main bedroom is concealed from the roadside and has a spacious balcony and a pleasing outdoor landscape.

7. Massive Order’s Box House 2

Massive Order’s Box House 2

The highly recognized Massive Order designs Box House 2. Their name speaks for the design. The entire structure serves the purpose of maximum functionality. This modern architecture home has many glasses and other unique elements that merge with the outdoor surroundings.

Its luxurious interiors with modern materials, minimalistic details, and emphasis make an impression of conventional fashion.

8. Cinema House by UTAA

Cinema House by UTAA

This UTAA-designed house has an alluring appearance. The construction results became quite peculiar, with its intricate planning primarily based on an uneven land structure and the client’s precise needs.

The property is pulled a little towards the interior for more consolation and privateness. The residence’s facade has multiple small and big windows with sliding entrances made of glass doors. This blend of allowing the natural light to flow in and separating the living room & work quarters has enabled the architects to give an intriguing look to this modern architecture home.

9. House with Dormer Window (Hiroki Tominaga-Atelier)

House with Dormer Window

Designed for an elderly couple from Gifu Prefecture, Japan, Hiroki Tominaga-Atelier has renovated the house with a classic twist. It combines both conventional Japanese architecture with a European theme. The architects have ensured the residence receives enough daylight far from the road.

The residence’s interior was designed with a minimalistic approach, keeping it simple, just like its exterior. The beautiful courtyard is tucked in the rear side of the house, far away from the bustling streets and fenced away from neighbors.

10. MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects’ Enough House

MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects’ Enough House

This Canadian marvel by MacKay-Lyons Sweetapple Architects is named Enough House. It has a traditional look with its sloping roof and chimney. This structure was constructed for the company’s architect intern. In the neighborhood of this modern architecture home is a schoolhouse from the 1830s, making it seem just like an ancient building.

The exterior, arrayed in rusty steel paneling, is dominated by wooden architecture, providing affordability. The glass-enclosed living space seamlessly extends towards a pond and a picturesque countryside road, offering unobstructed views of endless pastures in every direction.

11. GNP Arquitectos’ Lo Contador House

GNP Arquitectos’ Lo Contador House

The renovated Lo Contador House is a 60% new structure designed by GNP Arquitectos. While it may share some similarities with the shape of modern architecture homes due to its slopey roof, the entire execution and design are undeniably modern.

Although the original floor structure is still easy to see, the project represents a departure from traditional style with no visible traces, making it a 100% modern structure.

12. Fiona Winzar Architects’ The Eyelid House

Fiona Winzar Architects’ The Eyelid House

Fiona Winzar Architects faced several challenging situations while building The Eyelid House. With its constraint plot adjoining a three-story motel, it demanded innovative design solutions.

The architect successfully crafted modern architecture homes through clever positioning and strategic use of overhanging roofsThis architectural wonder is perfect for a quintet family while boasting a captivating aesthetic. Despite the roof’s pitch being more inclined toward one side of the house, the structure resembles the traditional residential form.

13. Tato Architects’ House in Yamasaki

Tato Architects’ House in Yamasaki

Tato Architects faced a unique challenge with another contemporary Japanese house. Situated in Hyogo Prefecture, which houses the world-famous beautiful skies, the architect aimed to design the house to maximize natural light and ventilation.

To achieve this goal, the architect constructed three roof-like structures on a rectangle-shaped building designated for a guesthouse, bedroom, and washroom. One can comfortably access the different parts of the house through the well-laid ladders planned across the space.

What’s intriguing is that the lightweight materials used in these structures allow the natural outdoor lights to filter in and out of the house.

14. Claremont Residence by Keen Architecture

Claremont Residence by Keen Architecture

Keen Architecture’s most cherished Claremont Residence is a touted modern architecture home. It stands as a beloved modern architectural gem for individuals leading busy lives. Keen Architecture built it to make the most of the vast property and the beautiful view. The result is a highly personalized dwelling with a central core that offers an accessible entrance for the outdoor seating area, perfect for entertaining guests.

To maintain its modern aesthetic, a louver system with timber shutters conceals the contemporary metallic-framed facade, setting it apart from the white houses of its neighborhood.

15. Pilotis House by Furuichi and Associates

Pilotis House by Furuichi and Associates

In Okayama, the Pilotis House, designed by Furuichi and Associates, showcases the versatility of modern architectural homes. Located near rice fields, it takes on the unconventional shape of a cross, influenced by the constraints of the plot size and local humidity levels.

16. Waratah Bay House by Hayne Wadley Architecture

Waratah Bay House by Hayne Wadley Architecture

Australia’s The Waratah Bay House is a piece of art by the legendary Hayne Wadley Architecture. It stands out among modern architecture homes due to its distinctive features. The angled roof gracefully hovers over the steep structure, adorned with tiled bird motifs.

This avian theme continues inside the house, with an intelligently angled kitchen counter and shelves echoing the bird’s silhouette, creating a unique and artistic design.

17. Flexhouse by Evolution Design

Flexhouse by Evolution Design

Evolution Design faced the ultimate challenge of translating the locale’s vibrancy into a modern architectural design with Flexhouse. The ribbon-like textured components that stretch to form an open terrace encase the resulting glass structure, providing breathtaking views of Lake Zurich.

With the breathtaking views of Lake Zurich, the house’s glass walls soak up ample sunlight in the daytime. The remarkable exterior is complemented by its interiors, making the house feature many rounded border areas and adding to its architectural appeal.

18. Bahar House by Ayeneh Office

Bahar House by Ayeneh Office

Bahar House in Iran is a striking example of modern architecture homes presented to you by the world-renowned Ayeneh Office. The building is divided into blocks to segregate public and private areas while embracing a rounded form that sets it apart and infuses intriguing architectural elements into the indoors.

Its rounded form stands out from the others and offers thrilling architectural elements to the interiors.

19. Dwelling at Maytree by ODOS architects

Dwelling at Maytree by ODOS architects

Dwelling at Maytree by ODOS architects, nestled in the Wicklow Hills, transforms a vintage cottage into a modern architectural home. With a spacious living area spanning 287 square meters or 3,089 square feet, the residence offers three bedrooms, a two-car garage, a study room, and an open-plan area.

Its captivating shape blends seamlessly with the base of a little lush green hill, and monochromatic blue screens add to its street-facing facade features. It adds a visually appealing element to the white structure.

20. Dilido Haus by Gabriela Caicedo-Liebert

Dilido Haus by Gabriela Caicedo-Liebert

In Miami Beach, Dilido Haus by Gabriela Caicedo-Liebert is a futuristic example of modern architecture homes. Completed in 2016, it adheres to the MiMo (Miami Modern Architecture) aesthetic, which combines Art Deco and Streamline styles.

The luxurious construction balances public and private spaces and features lush green landscapes that elevate the property’s standing among its peers.

21. Gaze by APOLLO Architects

Gaze by APOLLO Architects

Gaze, designed by APOLLO Architects, is a modern architectural home that captivates with its unique design and diverse space. Created for an art collector, Gaze remains hidden from the outside.

Concrete interior walls provide privacy and valuable spaces for displaying artwork, effectively blending form and function.

22. House at the Cliff by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

House at the Cliff by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos

House at the Cliff, designed by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, showcases their affinity for “building a house on air.” Situated on a rugged site in the Spanish town of Calpe, this modern architectural home has an airy layout with mountains as a scenic backdrop.

Its geometric, white design complements the scenic surroundings, making it a perfect retreat.

23. Nook Residence by MU Architecture

Nook Residence by MU Architecture

MU Architecture’s Nook Residence embraces a pavilion-like design that partially hides behind a white wall, blurring the boundaries between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Large glass inclusions provide access to outdoor areas while harnessing natural light. With its thin railings, the facade mezzanine allows residents to enjoy the landscape fully.

24. Guazuma House via Alberto Zavala Arquitectos

Guazuma House via Alberto Zavala Arquitectos

Guazuma House by Alberto Zavala Arquitectos is another modern architectural home with a pavilion-like structure. It offers a seamless indoor-outdoor experience, with sliding glass doors providing a connection to the surrounding nature.

Private areas are discreetly tucked away in boxy structures behind the main living area, offering a balance between openness and privacy.


1. What are modern architecture homes?

Modern architecture homes represent a significant architectural trend that dominated Western architecture from the 1930s to the 1960s. Characterized by a deliberate and functional approach to design, these homes embody specific social ideologies.

2. What are modern-style homes called?

Modern architecture homes go by various names, sometimes varying terminology by region or country. However, they are commonly called contemporary, modernist, minimalist, mid-century, prairie-style, post-modern, organic architecture residences.

3. Why is modern architecture so popular?

While design trends may come and go, modern architecture homes have maintained their allure for over a decade. This enduring fascination stems from their foundational principle: form follows function. Contemporary architects emphasize simplicity, showcasing structural elements and eschewing unnecessary design embellishments.


These Modern Architecture Homes masterpieces demonstrate contemporary living with their innovative designs and minimalist style that strike a balance between functionality and form to provide fresh ways of imagining modern houses.

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