If you live in a county or city where there are frequent occurrences or records of a hurricane, it is right to ask your constructor engineer lots of questions about building a barndominium. One of the questions should be can a Barndominium Withstand a Hurricane? You should know as it will help you in making the right planning and preparation.

If you want to know if a barndominium can withstand a hurricane, then the answer is yes. Most of the barndominium you see out there are made with metal construction and so they have all it takes to handle some level of wind and force.

However, there are some things that you need to consider and put in place with the building construction which will help the building withstand whatever that is thrown at it. For instance, according to the news on August 13, 2021, some Barndominium in Tennessee couldn’t withstand the force that comes with the flooding, and some got damaged in the process.

Therefore, you must do the right thing with your structure and keep in mind the effect a hurricane could have on the structure if you stay in the region where a hurricane is known to take place.

Ways Your Barndominium Can Withstand Hurricane

Can a Barndominium Withstand a Hurricane

You keep wondering why some barndominium could withstand hurricanes and some could not. Here are some of the ways you can prepare or plan by empowering your barndominium to stand against and resist all that the hurricane might bring.

The Strength of the Frame

You will be making a whole lot of mistakes by building a barndominium with a wood frame. Yes, some people choose to make use of wood pole frames because it is cost-effective but they do not have what it takes to withstand water, fire, and wind.

The truth remains that wood frames will warp, split, rot or crack easily once there is too much pressure exerted on them. On all grounds, the steel or metal frame is the best for barndominium because they are of a more resilient material.

They can withstand all kinds of natural disasters of which hurricanes are a major one. Even when you choose a metal frame above wood frames, you still need to give maximum attention to its installation.

You need to properly install the frame so that it can stand against the strong wind. You need to ensure that the foot of the frame extends at least 45 inches into the ground. Check out each section and ensure you make use of the right bracing to make the structure solid.

Windows with a High Dp Rating

Windows with a High Dp Rating

One of the things you need to know about a hurricane is that most standard windows can’t withstand the force of the wind that accompanies them. Even when the frames are solid and tough to handle the wind, once the windows are weak, there will be some degree of damage which you will have to fix after the disaster is over.

Therefore, windows and doors for areas with a record of the hurricane do have a design pressure rating. The rating lets you know their ability to stand against pressure. The design pressure of 35 can easily withstand strong winds up to 130 mph.

Such kind of wind is the same a strong steel or metal frame can withstand. So, if you can get a window or door with the DP rating of 35, then you can rest assured it will stand against the wind to keep you and yours safe.

Roofing Structural Design

If you have a steep slope roof with your barndominium, the chances you are going to survive a major hurricane hit is very low. The reason is that taller roofs are prone to damage as they are exposed to direct pressure from the wind which will affect the roofing material and likely cause the frame of the roofing to shift out of place and then fall off totally.

So, if you are planning on building a metal house, then you should consider a flat roof. Most flat roofs can withstand the direct impact that comes from heavy or strong wind. It doesn’t mean that there won’t be signs of damage but it is never going to be as severe as that of a tall roof.

Flood Prevention

Flood Prevention for Barndominium

One of the mistakes most people who end up building a barndominium is that they fail to make necessary research on the ground and the area of construction. If you are constructing your barndominium, you should ensure that it is nowhere near water, sea, ocean, or river.

All you are trying to avoid is the damages that do come from flooding. You never can tell how heavy or severe the flooding may be. Being closer to the water area will make it worse for you. Also, you need to ensure that you have a proper drainage system and structure around and in the barndominium.

Check on the gutter and ensure it is clean and free of debris and dirt that could block the water pathway. As long as there is easy movement or flow of water, you are likely to experience mild impact from flooding.

Added Protection

If you do not live in an area with a high record of a hurricane, it is of no need. However, if otherwise, you need to be concerned and then go all out to invest in added protection. Yes, it will cost you extra money but it is better than having your whole structure damaged.

You should discuss with your construction engineer and allow them to give the right suggestion on what to do. They know better and you should follow the advice they give. Using added protection both indoor and outdoor is never a waste of resources or money.

Keep Objects Away Near Your Building

Keep Objects Away Near Your Barndominium

Sometimes the damages that occur to some buildings are a result of the impact from the object flying in the air. Just imagine a huge tree branch of a tree flying in the air hitting a car or your house window. It is the reason you shouldn’t place any material near your barndominium.

The strong wing can easily pick up the materials or items and fling them along your window, door, or building and it might leave a dent or cause more damage than a dent on your building.


If you are asking Can a Barndominium Withstand a Hurricane? Then the answer is yes. However, there are some things that you need to do. You should consider those things along with your planning before you ever start building.

If you ever live in an area where a hurricane is common, you need to read all that we have on this page. The page is loaded with information on how you can make your barndominium withstand a hurricane. If you can follow any of the suggestions and advice given, you will surely have a building that is strong enough to withstand wind and storm.

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