Want to get your home in the holiday spirit? Whether you start decking the halls right after Halloween or wait for Thanksgiving, sprucing up your house for Christmas is a great way to spend some time. Sure, you might have your indoor decorations all planned out, but don’t forget about the outside! Hanging a wreath on your front door is a quick way to bring some Christmas cheer. While store-bought wreaths can look fantastic, making your own gives you total control and can save some cash.

The tough part is deciding what kind of wreath to make. Do you go classic with evergreen and a plaid bow, or get creative with ornaments, balloons, or string lights? We’ve got your back! No matter your style or crafting skills, we’ve got ideas you’ll adore. Whether you like fresh greenery, fake plants, felt decorations, or no greenery at all, there’s something here for you. Choose from elegant swags with beautiful ribbons or fun, colorful wreaths that kids will go crazy for. Check out our collection of the best DIY Christmas wreath ideas for some holiday inspiration!

Cookie Cutter Wreath

Chances are, you’re using your cookie cutters a lot during Christmas. If making Christmas cookies is the best part of your holiday, why not show off your love for baking with a wreath that matches the season? Here’s a sweet idea: tie star-shaped cookie cutters together with red ribbon and hang them on a simple evergreen twig to make your own DIY Christmas wreath.

2. Christmas Card Display Wreath

Christmas Card Display Wreath

Instead of letting Christmas cards clutter your kitchen counter, why not incorporate them into your holiday decor? This Christmas wreath is a perfect way to display them, and you can totally customize the colors to match your existing palette.

3. Jingle Bell Wreath

Jingle Bell Wreath

To give a nod to the traditional Christmas song, use a wire to string together some bells for a cute mini Christmas wreaths for front door. Plus, it’ll double up as a way to hear when your guests are arriving or leaving – a fun bonus!

4. Yarn & Ribbon Wreath

Yarn & Ribbon Wreath

Wrap chunky yarn and plaid ribbon around a hoop wreath frame to create a super cozy and festive Christmas wreath. It’s an easy and effective way to capture that snug holiday vibe.

5. Gingerbread Wreath

Gingerbread Wreath

This wreath isn’t your usual Christmas cookie—it’s crafted from a tweaked gingerbread recipe that focuses on making it sturdy rather than super chewy with molasses flavor. But don’t fret; it’s tough enough to hang on your front door throughout the whole season.

6. Felt Holly Wreath

Felt Holly Wreath

This wreath is a perfect project to do with your little ones. It’s made of easy felt shapes and playful pom-poms!

7. Painted Pinecone Wreath

Painted Pinecone Wreath

This winter, make the most of fallen leaves by painting pinecones to resemble flowers. Then, use them to decorate a simple evergreen wreath. You can choose shades of gray, silver, and pink to match beautifully with a pastel front door.

8. Paper Houses Wreath

Paper Houses Wreath

At Christmas, we often see miniature Christmas villages on windowsills. How about adding them to a flocked wreath, too? You can easily make these miniatures using construction paper and hot glue.

9. Paper Poinsettias

Paper Poinsettias

Feeling super crafty? Show off your skills by creating a wreath using intricate paper poinsettia flowers. You can pick any color scheme you want—just go for vibrant hues that stand out.

10. Eucalyptus and Thistle Wreath

Eucalyptus and Thistle Wreath

Spice up a simple wreath by adding fresh eucalyptus and thistle. It’ll look absolutely stunning!

11. Earthy Wreath

Earthy Wreath

This Christmas wreath outdoors has an earthy, whimsical vibe and is perfect for giving your dried flowers a new purpose. Hang it up for the fall holidays and leave it there through the new year!

12. Lit Wreath

Lit Wreath

You can make this charming design using a simple grapevine wreath and battery-operated lights. Add pine cones and other decorations, or get creative with whatever craft supplies you’ve got at home!

13. Romantic Wreath

Romantic Wreath

Hosting a fancy holiday party? Try hanging this romantic DIY wreath you created on your door. It’s got a moodier, more romantic vibe than your typical Christmas wreath.

14. Balloon Wreath

Balloon Wreath

These whimsical Christmas wreath ideas could steal the spotlight in any house down the lane.

15. Dried Orange Wreath

Dried Orange Wreath

Throw in some dried citrus slices to bring in a pop of color and a nice fresh scent. Add acorns for a bit of extra dimension.

16. Geometric Metal Wreath

Geometric Metal Wreath

Choose your favorite greenery and fill up this gold geometric wreath—you’re all set! Hang it up or place it in the center—it works both ways!

17. Fresh Flowers Wreath

Fresh Flowers Wreath

Make this stunning wreath using fresh flowers. Pick colors that match your decor, or go classic by switching the showcased pinks for the more traditional burgundy and hunter green.

18. Puppy Wreath

Puppy Wreath

For all dog lovers out there, this cute live wreath is a must-have. It’ll stay beautiful for quite a while if you keep it away from direct sunlight. It’s decorated with noble fir, incense cedar, white pine, and juniper, giving off an incredible scent too!

19. Ombre Ornaments Wreath

Ombre Ornaments Wreath

This wreath is wonderfully easy and super cheap! You might end up making more than just one!

20. Pom-Pop Wreath

Pom Pop Wreath

Make this colorful pom-pom wreath with a modern twist in just five minutes!

21. Gilded Leaves Wreath

Gilded Leaves Wreath

Make this outdoor wreath shine with gold glitter leaves for a simple, sparkling look. Or, for extra dazzle, add ornaments underneath (like the ones shown here).

22. Simple & Elegant Wreath

Simple & Elegant Wreath

Craft an elegant and modern wreath with three gold rings—easy and stylish, all at once!

23. Toy Truck Wreath

Toy Truck Wreath

Check this out—personalize the toy truck to give your decor a custom farmhouse feel. So cute!

24. Frozen Pine Wreath

Frozen Pine Wreath

Welcome the season with this beautiful pine wreath! Take out the red ornaments, and it’ll suit winter perfectly. Keep it away from direct sunlight, and it’ll stay fresh for a longer time.

25. Gold Wreath and Garland

Gold Wreath and Garland

Why limit yourself to just a wreath when you can also DIY a matching garland?

26. Hoop and Fresh Greenery

Hoop and Fresh Greenery

Grab a wreath hoop and adorn it with different fresh greenery for a gorgeous style that’ll last you well into the new year.

27. Seashell Wreath

Seashell Wreath

These Christmas wreath ideas are ideal for a beachside home with a chic coastal vibe.

28. Moss Wreath

Moss Wreath

A vibrant red bow stands out beautifully on the green moss. Excellent Christmas wreath ideas.

29. Magnolia and Citrus Wreath

Magnolia and Citrus Wreath

Take a simple magnolia wreath and add fresh oranges for a lovely look. Switch things up by using different fresh fruits like berries as the season goes on.

30. Glowing Snowflake Wreath

Glowing Snowflake Wreath

Made from affordable snowflake ornaments glued to a craft foam base, these Christmas wreath ideas look great whether it’s day or night!

31. Star Anise Wreath

Star Anise Wreath

Here’s a secret: this wreath has a scent just like licorice!

32. Mini Christmas Tree Wreath

Mini Christmas Tree Wreath

Small bottle brush trees give this wreath a fun retro twist, making it stand out from the usual ones.

33. Felt Floral Wreath

Felt Floral Wreath

These felt wildflowers give Christmas wreath ideas a modern touch, but guess what? You could actually keep it up until Valentine’s Day!

34. Wine Cork Wreath

Wine Cork Wreath

Here’s a way to finally put those saved corks to good use!

35. Bow Wreath

Bow Wreath

Once you’re done with all the wrapping and find yourself with a bag full of bows, we’ve got the perfect DIY project for you!

36. Royal Blue Berries

Royal Blue Berries

Check out this unconventional spin on the classic live wreath made from noble fir and cedar. It’s decked out with pine cones and artificial berries, making it a showstopper that’ll make your front door stand out. Keep it away from direct sunlight to help it stay fresh for a longer time!

37. Glossy Paper Wreath

Glossy Paper Wreath

Here’s a smart trick for using up leftover wrapping paper. With tons of designs available, you can make one for each room using a different kind of paper!

38. Fresh Sage Wreath

Fresh Sage Wreath

Make this wreath using fresh sage. Attach the herb to a Styrofoam base using floral pins. Here’s a bonus: once it dries, you can use it for cooking. Just snip off what you need!

39. Snowflake Wreath

Snowflake Wreath

You can use this wooden monogram snowflake wreath throughout the entire winter season!

40. Grapevine Snowman Wreath

Grapevine Snowman Wreath

This snowman wreath is absolutely adorable, and it lights up—all at an affordable price!

41. Gift-Wrapped Wreath

Gift Wrapped Wreath

If you love vibrant, shiny stuff, this DIY wreath is just the thing for you!

42. Metallic Pine Cone Wreath

Metallic Pine Cone Wreath

Spruce up pine cones and acorns with metallic paint and glitter to create a woodland forest wreath that’ll be perfect throughout the winter.

43. Green Ornament Wreath

Green Ornament Wreath

When you move your ornaments beyond the tree, something truly beautiful happens.

44. Winter Frost Wreath

Winter Frost Wreath

Fresh noble fir and white pine create this timeless wreath that’s not just pretty but also smells amazing! Keep it in a covered area to maintain its freshness throughout the season.

45. Birch Bark Wreath

Birch Bark Wreath

Slice picture-perfect leaves from birch bark sheets to craft a one-of-a-kind natural wreath that’s perfect for the entire winter.

46. Rustic Wreath

Rustic Wreath

This rustic wreath, adorned with silver jingle bells, gives burlap a surprisingly chic twist. Joanna Gaines would definitely give it the thumbs up!

47. Wreath in a Frame

Wreath in a Frame

Create lovely poinsettias by crafting red felt pieces, then arrange them in a frame for an indoor wreath.

48. Candy Wreath

Candy Wreath

Instead of using real candy to decorate, craft a fake version for your decorations.

49. Fabric Wreath

Fabric Wreath

Gather fabric in any seasonal color combo and bunch it up to create a wreath that’s cheerful and full.

50. Jewel-Tone Ornaments Wreath

Jewel Tone Ornaments Wreath

Add a fresh twist to the usual seasonal colors by using less traditional hues. Remember to include some sparkly touches like glittery ornaments and star-shaped baubles.

51. Lime Green Wreath

Lime Green Wreath

Adorn simple balsam with chrysanthemums and hypericum berries for a decorative touch.

52. Berry Wreath

Berry Wreath

This simple project becomes incredibly lush when you add lots of berries to it.

53. Fruity Wreath

Fruity Wreath

Create a sugarcoated look on the fruit using Epsom salts and white glitter—it’s the secret! Complete the look with loosely wrapped ribbon for that finishing touch.

54. Fresh And Free-Flowing

Fresh And Free Flowing

Make a fresh, airy, and modern olive branch garland by wiring a slightly smaller form inside a larger one for a full wreath. Cover it with bay leaves, olive branches, and silver dollar eucalyptus.

55. Use Bold Color

Use Bold Color

A vibrant red instantly brings Christmas cheer to your front door. This simple berry wreath is just the perfect touch for that festive vibe. 

56. Tannenbaum Wreath

Tannenbaum Wreath

Create a tree-shaped design using fresh greenery, giving an alternative to the usual round wreath without losing the lovely scent. Use clippers to shape the foliage for your tree.

57. Acorn Wreath

Acorn Wreath

Get your dining chairs ready for the season! Gather tiny acorns, nuts, and yard treasures, then attach them to a wreath form wrapped in a chocolate brown ribbon. Glue the wreath onto a bed of magnolia leaves and use a fancy bow to secure it to the back of each chair.

58. Square Things Up

Square Things Up

Give classic magnolia a modern twist by shaping it into squares. These wreaths with straight lines mirror the lines of the space, creating a contemporary look.

59. Terra-Cotta Pots

Terra cotta Pots

Utilize weathered pots from your collection or age new ones with our technique. Conceal the wreath hanger using a ribbon, then top it off with a bow.

60. Horseshoe Wreath

Horseshoe Wreath

This wreath is very easy to make, taking just around an hour and a half. Simply sketch the shape on plastic foam, cut it out, attach bay leaves with wire, and finish it off by tying on some ribbons.


DIY Christmas wreath ideas aren’t just enjoyable; they also make fantastic gifts for friends and family! Did you craft a unique wreath not mentioned here? Share your creation with us below!

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