Finally, it’s that time of the year that we’ve all been eagerly awaiting – the holiday season! Whether you have already started redecorating your house with all sorts of Christmas decorations or are just waiting for great deals on the decor, we’re here to help you! Christmas will never be complete without a Christmas tree, right?

The real Christmas trees are cool and everything, but if you’re an environmentalist or just want a tree that lasts for many years, artificial Christmas trees will be a great option to consider. So, where to buy artificial Christmas trees? What are the best artificial Christmas trees?

Every year, Amazon comes up with the best deals and lowest prices on various Christmas decorations. Today, in this blog, I’ve listed the top 10 artificial Christmas trees available online. From pre-lit small Christmas trees to budget-friendly large ones, there is a fake tree for everyone on the list.

So, hold your excitement, and let’s quickly get on the list.

1. National Tree Company 7 ft Dunhill

National Tree Company 7 ft Dunhill

You may already have heard so much about National Tree Company, as it is one of the popular companies that produces the highest number of the best artificial Christmas trees. This is a Dunhill Fir tree, which is 7 feet tall with a 55-inch base diameter. It has individually crafted branch tips that offer a real tree-like appearance.

With over 10,000 ratings, this one tree is one of the most popular artificial trees on Amazon. It also comes with a stand and is relatively easy to install, so you don’t have to worry about anything. However, this product doesn’t come with lights, so you have to buy them separately and add them to the tree yourself.

2. Puleo International 9 ft Pre-Lit Slim Balsam

Puleo International 9 ft Pre-Lit Slim Balsam

Make a statement with this beautiful 9 ft tall and 54-inch wide Christmas tree! This is one of the tallest artificial trees you can find online, but the great thing is that it comes with lights. Yes, it has 800 clear lights and green pine needles, which gives it the perfect tree look and shape. It also has a sturdy metal base and sections, which are quite easy to assemble.

All you need to do is take the tree out of the box and connect all the sections. You can adjust the branches and plug in the lights to get it into the right shape. You’ll surely feel the ambiance of the wintry forests in your home after getting this artificial tree.

3. Best Choice Products 9 ft. Spruce

Best Choice Products 9 ft. Spruce

Make your home, office, or any party special with this gorgeous artificial Christmas tree!

This tall and sturdy tree is perfect for people looking for a tree that can last for many Christmas seasons. It comes with sturdy branches and a strong base, so you can freely hang all of your favorite ornaments. It also has full and fluffy branches with fine tips, giving it a wonderful, realistic appearance. This spruce artificial tree is available in 4 height variations: a 4.5 ft tree with 400 tips, a 6 ft tree with 798 tips, a 7.5 ft tree with 1,346 tips, and 9 ft with 2,028 tips. You can select the one that suits your budget and space.

4. National Tree Company Carolina Pine 7.5 ft

National Tree Company Carolina Pine 7.5 ft

Another of the best artificial trees from this company is this beautiful 7.5-tall tree with a 61-inch base diameter. It features hundreds of well-crafted branch tips that create a tree that looks and feels lifelike, like a real tree.

The tree also comes pre-decorated with pine cones and 750 white lights, but the great thing is that the lights will remain lit even when a bulb or two goes out. So, after unpacking it, leave it for about 40-45 minutes so that it will take shape properly. With all these benefits at a reasonable price, this is one of the best artificial Christmas trees available on the market.

5. Homcom Spruce Pink 5 ft Artificial Christmas Tree

Homcom Spruce Pink 5 ft Artificial Christmas Tree

Looking for artificial Christmas trees for sale? Look no more and order this right away!

This tree is from the HOMCOM brand, available for just $53.99. People who have always wanted to put their Christmas tree next to their fireplace will surely love this option. You can’t put real trees near the fireplace, but this is a flame-retardant realistic Christmas tree. So, you can decorate this 7 ft tree wherever and however you like without worrying about anything.

6. HOMCOM 6 ft Artificial Pencil Christmas Tree

HOMCOM 6 ft Artificial Pencil Christmas Tree

No watering, no needles, and no more allergies—this isn’t a dream; this can happen in reality with the ultimate artificial pencil Christmas tree by the HOMCOM brand!

So, if you’re also tired of maintaining the real Christmas tree, it’s time to bring home this astonishingly slim Xmas tree! It comes with 390 realistic branch tips and a plastic stand. You can finally enjoy the holiday season with your loved ones.

7. Yaheetech Pre-Lit Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree, $55 with Coupon

Yaheetech Pre-Lit Flocked Artificial Christmas Tree, $55 with Coupon

Make your holiday decorations more vibrant and colorful with these types of glittering and sparkling artificial Christmas trees. It is currently available in three colors: white, pink, and the classic green. It also has several benefits, like a foldable stand, 340 branch tips, and 150 incandescent lights. The leaves are also flexible and fire-resistant. These types of frosted artificial Christmas trees with lights give off a unique festive vibe that will instantly put anyone in a happy and excited mood.

8. Turnmeon 5 ft Battery-Operated Pencil

Turnmeon 5 ft Battery-Operated Pencil

To all the people hunting for budget-friendly Christmas decorations, here’s an excellent deal for you: TURNMEON 5 ft lighted bling Christmas pencil fake tree. This product comes with a timer and 50 warm multicolor lights, which are battery-operated. This single tree can make your home ready for Christmas in a few minutes. So, bring coziness, warmth, and happiness to the holidays with these functional and aesthetic artificial Christmas trees with lights.

9. National Tree Company 7 ft Pre-Lit White

National Tree Company 7 ft Pre-Lit White

Bring home this sparkling crystal tree or give it to someone as a Christmas gift. This is a 7 ft pre-lit artificial full Christmas tree in a gorgeous white color. It consists of a solid metal base and individually crafted 500 white lights, which are already attracted to the tree, making it convenient to set up. High-quality materials create the needles, so this tree is hypoallergenic and fire-resistant. This simply means that you can decorate this tree near your fireplace, which will also last for many years.

10. Twinkly App-Controlled 7.5 ft

Twinkly App-Controlled 7.5 ft

Uplift your Christmas decorations with this dazzling Twinkly pre-lit tree, which a mobile app can easily control. All you need to do is download the Twinkly app on your iOS and Android devices. From creating playlists to adjusting the light timers, there are so many things you can do with the help of this single app. So, this time, say NO to the real Christmas tree and buy these types of exceptional and affordable artificial Christmas trees.

Merry Christmas!!

With so many options and varieties available on the market, selecting the right Christmas tree can be a daunting task. From size and shape to decorations and budget, there are several things to consider while purchasing the best artificial Christmas trees. Also, don’t forget to check the reviews and ratings before placing your order. So, whether you like a natural, simple Christmas tree or a sparkly white pre-lit tree, you have found your favorite in the above list.

So, grab your favorite tree before the holiday rush rushes in!

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