Located in one of the most expensive districts of Stockholm, Midsommarkransen, Flora is a recently constructed building. What’s new in this structure? What are the things that make this new construction different from the rest of the neighborhood buildings? Let’s know in this blog! 

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Flora Apartments

Flora Apartments
  • Architects: Belatchew Arkitekter
  • Location: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Project Year: 2020

Flora Apartments is a residential building that is designed by the architect Belatchew Arkitekter. This project is for the clients: Belatchew Fastigheter and Sveafastigheter. Everything is selected carefully from location to the interior furnishings and materials and has been used in a very precise manner. 

A person crossing the street in front of 
Flora Apartments

The structure is situated on the main street Bäckvägen, Sweden, enhancing the street’s expression. For this project, the main designing team had included brilliant architects like Lena Odelberg, Helena Stigbahr, Johanna Björkman, Lars Öste, and Maria Esteban Gomez. They have designed the building in such a way that it is adding a contemporary element to the street and the environment. 

Flora Apartments A large wooden building

There are a total of three floors in the building, in which the ground floor has a cafe at one end of the sloping plot. The lower or underground area of the building has a garage. 

Although there are many buildings in the area, including the new and old constructions, Flora Apartments stands different. The architects have designed the building in such a way that it looks like the interpretation of existing buildings and architecture in the area.   

Flora Apartments interior

Not only this, but it also adds a new annual ring to the district. For this, architects have included wood as the new material. Because wood is hardly used on any other building exteriors.    

Flora Apartments and balconies

Let’s talk about the exteriors; the facade is the first thing that we look for, right? Here the facade is kept classic looking with a modern touch. Wood has been used as the main building material for exteriors. All the materials that have been used have natural variations in texture and color.

design of Flora Apartments

You’ll be surprised to know that this is an environment-friendly building! Yes, the entire roof is covered with plants and other vegetation. This becomes the habitat for butterflies and other insects. Isn’t it a brilliant concept? 

Flora Apartments kitchen

This way, the building will get more attached to nature, and the indoors will also stay cool in the hot climate. 

Solar panels on the roof of  Flora Apartments

Another thing that makes this building sustainable and modern is the solar panels. Many solar panels fit on the terrace, and many light openings are provided in flats. 

Flora Apartments top area

All flats have tall ceilings and a signature wall in wood that gives each flat a unique character. These types of wooden detailings can also be seen in balconies, lobbies, and in the interior part of the building’s main entrance. 

Architects wanted to provide a little open or sitting area to each flat. That’s why they have designed the structure that the flats facing the courtyard have large south-facing French balconies

A balcony with a wooden floor and a metal railing

And, the flats on the top floors have terraces. This space is extending all across the full length of the facade. 

Bottom Line

So no matter whether people live in top flats, side facing flats or whichever flat, they’ll definitely get a little open space for sitting or lounge area. Also, all the interiors are in pastel and neutral color palette. 

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