Good things come in a small package, and if your one such package is a studio apartment. People often call these super cute places by different names like studio flats, bachelor apartments, or efficiency apartments. With some effort, you can create tiny spots into the comfiest and beautiful place. Keep reading to know how to decorate a studio apartment and lots more. 

What is a Studio Apartment?

A studio apartment consists of usually one large room with a bathroom and kitchen. The beauty of the studio apartment is that you can make use of each corner of the place in the most prominent and best way. Generally spread usually in 300-500 sq ft, this type is best for single or two, who don’t want to waste time in keeping house clean, investing a large chunk of money only in a large house.

What Investment in a Studio Apartment is an Ideal Decision?

If you are not sure about investing in a studio apartment, then you must have a look at the following reasons to know why it is an ideal choice:

  • A place to live without spending a fortune on it
  • Saving in electricity bills
  • Easy to furnish and maintain
  • Cleaning takes less time
  • Easy to pack and move when you are nomadic at heart
  • Best way to exercise your creative mind to adjust so much in limited space
  • Offers high ROI on selling it

Congratulations! Finally, you have bought your own studio apartment, since you have bought it on our advice, so now it’s our responsibility to present you with different types of decor ideas. Your new home can be small, but there should be no reason that suggests it needs to be boring. 

How to Decorate a Studio Apartment?

Consider the studio apartment as your blank canvas, and you have the freedom to paint in the way to want to paint from statement making to the minimalist den. We hope with the following ideas, your “how to decorate a studio apartment” problem will be solved. So let’s delve more and find out ways to make it a lovely place to enjoy your time at home. 

Divide The Space into Sub-rooms With Furniture

Divide The Space into Sub-rooms With Furniture

As we all know, there is not one large room that needs to be divided into the living room, bedroom, and kitchen. To carry out this division, you can use furniture to section off different areas of the space. To box off your living are use either chair or couch and bed for your bedroom section. You can also use rugs, coffee tables, or shelves to feel more organized. 

Use Bookshelf as a Room Divider

book shelves as a room divider

What else then using a bookshelf as a room divider between the kitchen or living space or bedroom. You can DIY bookshelf yourself or buy one from the market. But make sure to use the tall one, so that you can make the best use of it by converting it into a library or document holders. One can place some decorative pieces on it to beautify the place.

The Bed Can be a Daybed

bed into daybed

If you have a lot of things to accommodate in your small space and do not have enough space for the couch, then you can use your bed as a daybed. Wondering how? Place your bed against the wall and throw extra large cushions on it to give it a look of the couch. Even you can use buy a sofa cum bed to solve the problem of space. This idea works like magic to accommodate more people in a small area, especially when you are inviting friends at home.     

The Accent Wall is the New Interest

bedroom accent wall

Create some great visual interest wall with the beautiful accent wall. You can use some bold wallpaper or allow your wall to speak your mind through paint and brush. Accent wall acts as a giant piece of art. From strips, wood, subtle, jungle, panel, tiles or bold color can do wonder to create your own accent wall. 

The Loft is The New Love

Loft studio apartment

If you are blessed with the tall ceiling, then they make use of it for storage by creating a loft. Even you can create an additional sleeping space for kids or guests at the top and space underneath as a study room or whatever you like. Take the help of the professional to the best use of a tall ceiling now for custom-built loft structure. What do you think about it?

Say Hello to New Custom Closet

bedroom closet

Who says you can’t do much in the limited space? Don’t blame the limited space for throwing clothes and shoes on the bed. Make the best use of an unused wall by converting it into a beautiful open closet. With the help of hanging shelves, rack treat this beautiful closet. This large closet allows you to store clothes, footwear, accessories, and whatnot. 

Don’t Forget Shelves

shelves in kitchen

Yippee! We got another exciting idea for your blank wall. Guess what it is? Its shelves. Create a stunning shelves unit to store put the best things on display, including your favorite books, pottery, home decor, and lots more. You can buy the shelves or use the hanging shelves to serve the purpose. What do you think about its economical idea?

What About The Bike?

bike in studio apartment

Storage space is the problem to store the bulky bike in a studio apartment. Is there any way to solve this problem? Yes, a beautiful way. Treat the bike as a piece of art and hang it on the wall. Hang a bike rack on the wall, and your display is ready under the beautiful wall. The best thing about it is that it won’t occupy any floor space and still easily accessible. A piece of a fair and large painting hung above the bike is just like a cherry on the cake.

Big Art is The New Bold

art wall

If you are stuck with the thought that a big art piece in the limited space would be a bad idea, then you are 100% wrong, it will absolutely look stunning. In fact, it is the best way to scale up the small space in a beautiful way. You can add some contemporary artwork or vintage style artwork, also work like wonder.

Divide and Conquer With Curtains

bedroom room divider in studio apartment

The bedroom is meant to be a private space and a place away from all problems and worries, a place to relax and chill. Hang the curtain with the help of a tension rod to create the real bedroom. It is advisable to choose white fabrics at it looks airy and allows light to pass through it. Enjoy your good night’s sleep in your own small kingdom. 

Thanks to Wall Shelves

wall shelves

Welcome beauty in life and wall with the hanging wall shelves to store books, make flower arrangement and lots more. Places this shelves above the sofas. You can use multi-levels shelves to organize things in a better way. One can use the corner of the wall to put the wall in a stunning display.

Call Multi-use Furniture on Duty

multi functional furniture in studio apartment

Invest in double-duty furniture when your limited space is a major concern. Nowadays furniture market offers numerous choices in double-duty furniture from the bed, sleeper sofa, storage bench to folding chair, storage bed, foldable wall dining table, and the list goes on. Isn’t it a fantastic idea?

Make The Use of Light Wisely

effective lighting in studio apartment

You can’t hang any type of light, anywhere as hard overhead can prove to be cruel for limited space. One can make the best use of a table or standing lamps with the exciting shape and material to create it a focal point. The right kind of light helps to look the space larger. So play the right lighting card for a more spacious effect.


What do you think now about the studio apartment? We hope that how to decorate studio apartment will be solved after reading this. The rising rent, studio apartment market is slowly and gradually reaching the ordinary people. Decorating the small space need patience, planning, and idea to make the best of it.

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