The Harbin Opera House is located in the city of Harbin in the Heilongjiang province of China. This multi-venue performing arts center is very popular for its marvelous design. MAD architects are the ones who have made the amazing design of this opera house and the main contractor for the construction is Sika AG.

harbin opera house an arial view

MAD architects won the competition for the development of the Harbin cultural island, the island on which the opera house stands so the cultural center, opera house, and the surrounding wetland landscape is developed by them. Harbin is known as the City of Music and this building adds more value to the musical and cultural identity of the city. 

harbin opera house  large room with a ceiling and room wall made of wood

It was constructed in the year 2015 and inaugurated in the same year. The size of the building is approximately 850,000 square feet.  

harbin opera house from inside

How is the design and architecture of the building?

design and architecture of the harbin opera house

There are two separate buildings for the grand theatre and the small theatre. Grand theatre is very vast and the other building is comparatively small. 

harbin opera house  design

White aluminum panels are used for the construction of the building. Transparent glass panels in the entrance add to the beauty of the building. The shape of the interior is curvilinear which makes it quite interesting to visit. 

harbin opera house interior with wooden structure and large glass windows

There is a crystalline glass curtain wall above the grand lobby. The material selected for the interior suits best with the overall beauty of the building and the visitors are greeted with a smooth, charming, and silent ambiance. Wooden touch in the interior gives a warm feeling. 

harbin opera house auditorium with red seats and a stage

The carved paths built inside the building are interesting to traverse. It is a very fascinating moment to visit the opera house from inside seeing its amazing interior design and architecture. At night, the building looks even more beautiful with elegant lighting. 

harbin opera house stairs

The atmosphere around the building is very cool and calm due to the Songhua River. In the winter, the city witnesses a snowfall so it is very pleasant to spend time here every season. 

Harbin Opera House auditorium

It has a big parking space where about 470 vehicles can be parked at a time. This parking space is located on the ground floor outside the building. 

inside of harbin opera house

How many venue halls are there in the opera house?

Harbin Opera House  venue halls

There are the following performing venues in the opera house.

  1. Grand Theatre: The main part of the opera house is the grand theatre. It is the biggest performing venue of the house consisting of 1538 seats.
  2. Smaller theatre: It is the second-largest part of the house and it can host 414 people at a time. It has a transparent glass wall but it is sound-proofed completely. 
rehearsal halls of Harbin Opera House

There are many dressing rooms and rehearsal halls for the participants. There is a public space where the general public can explore the opera house. 

public space of Harbin Opera House

Ticket holders and the general public both can climb up to the top of the house and explore the various areas of the building. 

Harbin Opera House Grand Theatre

The view from the top is mesmerizing as visitors can have a detailed panoramic view of the Harbin cultural island and the surrounding wetlands below, one can spend quality time at the top viewing the lofty buildings and inhaling fresh and cool air.  

A set of stairs in a  Harbin Opera House

There is an open space at the top where a small to medium exterior performance can be held. Visitors can take some rest in the grand lobby space. The lobby is vast to accommodate a lot many people at the same time. 

A large wooden structure with a skylight in harbin opera house
auditorium of harbin opera house
A group of people standing inside Harbin Opera House
Harbin Opera House by MAD Architects
harbin opera house outside
Harbin Opera House Architecture
Harbin Opera House By MAD Architects


So, here was an overview of the Harbin Opera house interior and exterior. Just get some chance to view any performance here as it will be a very fantastic experience for you to check out this art and cultural identity of Harbin.

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