Every building has its own definitions, enhanced by its unique cultural and environmental conditions. Each building is specifically designed to fit the user’s needs and the natural elements that surround it. The 21st century has seen some of the most astounding structures that have successfully incorporated nature into them. This in turn is known as Tropica Architecture. The architecture of a tropical house focuses on the issues like natural light and ventilation, integration of nature, and design finesse in terms of embracing the surrounding climatic conditions. 

The designs of a tropical house design are defined by various factors like the material used inside and outside, the organic contexts, and much more. Built around human experiences, tropical modernism amalgamates modern solutions by going back to a time when vernacular architecture or traditional architecture was the norm.

We have curated a list of some of the most exquisite tropical houses that have a modernist yet picturesque take on habitable spaces. 

1. JN House by Jacobsen Arquitetura

JN House by Jacobsen Arquitetura
  • Petrópolis, Brazil

This holiday weekend retreat for a bunch of family and friends is an ideal spot to unwind amidst the green landscape of the mountains. It locates close to the Atlantic Forest which gives it a tropical vibe. 

The tropical modernism aspect of the house is integrated into the house through its exquisite architecture through a sculpted approach. The structure is made up of concrete and has garden slabs with structural frames.

The slit openings from the structure open up the entire house towards the tropical landscape around by keeping the much-needed privacy factor intact. Waterbody at the start along with a lush green landscape adds up in making the structure a part of its surroundings. 

2. Casa Branca by StudioMK27 

Casa Branca by StudioMK27 
  • São Sebastião, Brazil

This beach house is located in close proximity to the Northern Coast of Sao Paulo. Casa Branca considers comfort and elegance as paramount while seamlessly blending the tropical context. The wall to floor-length windows opens up the outside, to the inside.

The interior keeps very minimal with a similar palette for furniture and walls. Perforated wooden doors along with an elegant staircase that adds exclusivity to this tropical house. 

3. Casa Bahia by Alejandro Landes

Casa Bahia by Alejandro Landes
  • Miami, Fla., United States

A modernist tropical house set in a mystical location where it seems as if the home is floating on water. Casa Bahia embraces tropical modernism by exploring dynamic spatial experiences within the interior that surrounds a pristine exterior.

In design, the structure is timeless with unmatched simplicity and precision to detail. The core architecture of the home is on stilts with a seamless open facade. Even in the interior, wooden doors and water bodies at several locations elevated the tropical house experience. 

4. Secret Garden House by Wallflower Architecture + Design

Secret Garden House by Wallflower Architecture + Design
  • Singapore, Singapore

The Secret Garden House is sited in a bungalow area where it makes use of tropical modernism to camouflage the house from the exterior area. It is designed around a secret garden and collaborates with many traditional building techniques as well. 

The house mass positioned in such a way that the landing profile of each level creates open spaces for terraces and gardens. The plateau formed then becomes the terrace for various living activities and gardens, The sublime material palette blends seamlessly with nature around. This tropical house is an ideal abode for nature lovers who admire design finesses and material exclusivity. 

5. Casa Delta by Bernardes Arquitetura

Casa Delta by Bernardes Arquitetura
  • Guarujá, Brazil

This pristine and scenic private residence excels in inculcating tropical modernism as an aspect while achieving a tectonic finesse in its making. The construction techniques and crafts used behind this structure are truly commendable.

Ideated as a weekend house the project has a sloping terrain nearby the Atlantic Forest reserve. The ideal location allows a 360-degree scenic view of the entire reserve. A large trapezoidal canopy along with a sunscreen panel cladding is in itself one of the most attractive features of the home. It also has an infinity pool that adds aesthetics to this tropical house. 

6. Brillhart House by Brillhart Architecture

Brillhart House by Brillhart Architecture
  • Miami, United States

Located in the heart of Downtown Miami, this elevated house was inspired by the Florida Cracker-style architecture. This exquisite home features 100 feet of uninterrupted glass, a design exclusivity in itself. The outdoor living space of this tropical house and the facade can be entirely opened when desired. 

This feature in turn invites the abundant nature inside. 

7. Maleny House by Bark Design Architects

Maleny House by Bark Design Architects
  • Sunshine Coast, Australia

This tropical house is designed as a residence adjacent to a mountainside. Perched on the top of the rim that overlooks an impressive landscape below, this house intends to absorb as much nature as it can. A sense of transparency retains; around the house by bringing in a sense of lightness. 

The core material used was timber to replicate the lightweight ness as a concept of the design. 

8. Jungle House by StudioMK27 

Jungle House by StudioMK27 
  • Guarujá, SP, Brazil

This Tropical House locates amidst a mountainous topography filled with dense vegetation of the rainforest. To make sure that views of the house were enhanced to view the picturesque landscape, the entire house was elevated and built into the mountain area.

This tropical house has a smaller area on the ground floor which later forms a cantilever on the first floor. It intends to bring in the mountains and the green terrain inside. 

The house also has a flat terrace with a green roof that seamlessly blends with nature by inviting the huge mountainous vegetation towards it. The material palette of the home is kept earthy to make it a part of its surroundings. 

9. House by Studio Saxe

House by Studio Saxe
  • Santa Teresa

This house is made up of multiple steel frames and explores modern geometries. These facets in turn help them stand out as a contrast to their surroundings. Steel and concrete are used as core materials to balance out the warmth of the wood.

The interior has tropical modernism as an aspect by using nature-driven details. This is complemented by the vast outdoor areas that embrace the natural landscape around. 

10. Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett Architect Builder

Planchonella House by Jesse Bennett Architect Builder
  • Cairns, Australia

This tropical house is sited in the tropical part of North Queensland. It embraces the surrounding landscape of the rainforest by following the ridgelines of the contours. The timber roof on stilts extends over the entire outdoor canopy of the home. An open staircase allows access to nature in a dynamic way. 

11. Playa Hermosa by Olson Kundig

Playa Hermosa by Olson Kundig

This tropical house is an abode to a gorgeous treehouse-inspired home which is a tall tower-like structure. It rises equally with the surrounding canopies of the tall trees to catch the view of the beach. There is dense vegetation that covers all the views o the shoreline, only the top portion successfully captures the scenic shoreline. 

Final Words

The design of the structure is open and airy with an emphasis on its functionality as well. The architect’s intent was to make use of the landscape by creating top and bottom floors completely open to them. The house had the core idea to capture the scenic lengths due to which the horizontal footprint keeps minimal.

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