Having scheduled maintenance is a good way for you to prevent any further problems from occurring. And maintaining your manufactured home is one of the best ways to avoid costly repairs and keep your house sturdy.

A maintained house can withstand any problems, like typhoons, earthquakes, and the winter. Maintaining your manufactured home helps ensure your family is safe and sound in the place. Below are 7 practical tips you can do to maintain your home. 

Check the Roof

Roof checking

The roof is undoubtedly one of the most integral parts of maintaining your home sturdy and comfy to live in. It prevents any rain from entering your house and helps keep your home cool by preventing less heat from entering your house.

 So generally, maintaining the condition of the room is vital to keep your home warm, cool, and safe in any weather, and below are some ways you can do to maintain your roof

  • Check for broken debris and missing shingles
  • Look out for cracks and a soft spot
  • Reseal or Recoat your roofing if needed

Clean Up the Siding 

Clean Up the Siding of home

One of the most unchecked parts of the house, but the first thing you see, is the siding. Sidings are essential to keep as these house parts can immediately leave an impression.

Good siding means the house is neatly kept and regularly checked, while siding filled with dirt and mildew means otherwise.

It is also essential to regularly clean this because when mold and mildew overgrow the siding, it will become harder for it to clean, so it is better to prevent it before it takes over. Below are ways to clean it.

  • If vinyl sidings, use water and detergent
  • Use a mixture of chlorine and water for mildew and mold

Ensure the Foundation

a men use hammer

Ensuring the foundation of the house is sturdy and strong will make your home last for years. This is undoubtedly one of the most critical parts of the house as this keeps the house altogether.

If the foundation has an imbalance, cracks, or any softness, immediately fix this, as ignoring this will bring a significant problem to your house, and the cost will be high.

Below are what to look for and what to fix if issues have been found

  • Use a carpenter level to check the imbalance in the house
  • Check for cracks in the foundation
  • Call for a professional for repairs to minor or major issues

Clean Your Home

Clean Your Home

Needless to say, cleaning is such a powerful and easy way to maintain your house. You can quickly start this in the morning or even in the afternoon. It’s a simple task, but doing so will help your house look and feel clean.

Those build of dust and dirt will become an issue if ignored, so the best way to prevent this is by cleaning daily. Below is the list of ways to clean your house

Look Up Your HVAC System

HVAC System

For places with different seasons, The HVAC system should always be looked at, so this can run efficiently. Maintaining the HVAC system at your home can help people feel comfortable and keep the house in good condition.

 This is also useful so that the effect of asthma and allergies will be lessened and the air quality will also be superb. The list shows how to maintain the HVAC system

  • Check the air filters in your HVAC system
  • Change the air filters if needed
  • Regularly clean the airways of the HVAC system

Remember the Gutter

the Gutter system of home

The gutters are one of the overlooked places when maintaining a home, but regularly checking this will prevent any significant future damage.

Ditches should be cleaned as this could be clogged by the leaves and debris, which will cause leak damage and heavy gutter, which will eventually break.

During the winter, this also helps prevent the snow from taking over your place, so check the gutters to ensure their strength in heavy snow. The following are ways to maintain the gutters

  • Ensure that the drainage system is unclogged and clean
  • Check the power of the gutter
  • Check this once or twice a year could be before winter or during spring.

Inspect Your Windows and Vents 

Inspect Your Windows and Vents

windows and vents will help prevent any airflow around your home from leaking, thus allowing in maintaining the house’s temperature.


This also helps the HVAC system to run efficiently in your house, as there will be no unnecessary changes in temperature. This also helps keep the pest and bugs away from small spaces they can live in. The list shows what to inspect and do to your windows and vents

  • Caulking your windows and vents
  • Cleaning the ducts for airway

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