A portable air conditioner is a hidden gem in the world of modern appliances. It’s a savior for people who can’t set up a window unit or deal with unpredictable building management rules. With a portable AC, you regain control over your comfort. The beauty of these compact units They deliver chilly relief just like a regular AC, but without the hassle of installation. Plus, you can easily move them from room to room.

However, there are drawbacks. Portable ACs tend to be pricey, sometimes noisy, and work best in smaller spaces. They might not match up to central air or window units either. But if you’re in a place where scorching temperatures ruin your sleep and make life miserable, investing in the best air conditioner portable is a smart move. It’ll keep you cool and comfortable for years to come.

1. Whynter Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Whynter Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner
Product Dimensions16″D x 19″W x 35.5″H
Capacity500 Cubic Feet
Cooling Power14000
SEER Ratio7.69
Voltage115 Volts

The Whynter best portable room air conditioner is an absolute powerhouse. Compared to other portable units, its two hoses allow it to chill a space more quickly. As an effective alternative to using interior air, it draws in air from the outside to maintain a comfortable temperature. Its adaptability astounded our testers. A full day of use in dehumidifier mode can eliminate as much as 101 quarts of moisture. Also, there is an option to choose a model that has a heater that can get your room up to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

The functional timer of the best rated portable air conditioner was well-received by the testers. Before you even get out of work, you can program it to turn on, so your house will be comfortably cool when you go inside. Plus, the digital display makes it easy to monitor the temperature. The five-foot exhaust pipe allows you some leeway in positioning, however it does need venting out a window. If you ever need to put the device away while it’s not in use, the included storage bag is a great accessory.

Keep in mind that it cools down a little more slowly than other models we tested; so, you should set it early in the morning if you want to have a comfortably chilly room when you need it.

  • It efficiently chills huge areas
  • It can serve as a dehumidifier and warmer
  • The setting is quiet
  • Cooling isn’t as fast as other models

2. Black + Decker Portable Air Conditioner

Black + Decker Portable Air Conditioner
Product Dimensions16.5″D x 26″W x 11.5″H
Capacity350 sq. ft.
Cooling Power8000
SEER Ratio5.4
Voltage115 Volts
Noise Level54 dB

Think about getting this unit if you want to keep your bedroom cool all night long. The best portable air conditioner for bedroom weighs just 53 pounds and is noticeably quieter than competing portable air conditioners. The smaller size and less noise it produces make its fan less powerful, which means it can’t quite match the air velocity of other versions.

Cooling down smaller areas, such as flats, businesses, or even bedrooms, is a breeze with this option. Cleaning the filter is a breeze; with the provided remote, you can change the settings without getting out of bed or disturbing your work.

  • It’s quieter than many other options
  • Cleaning and maintenance are easy
  • Lightweight compared to others
  • The fan isn’t as strong, so it circulates air more slowly

3. DeLonghi PAC-UV Portable Air Conditioner

DeLonghi PAC-UV Portable Air Conditioner
Product Dimensions15.4″D x 17.5″W x 31.7″H
Capacity700 sq. ft.
Cooling Power8600
SEER Ratio7.9
Voltage115 Volts
Noise Level53 dB

This DeLonghi is a good choice for the best portable air conditioner for large rooms such as a studio apartment or a large living room. With a capacity of 700 square feet, it is ideal for very big spaces. When turned on to full blast, it makes the same noise as any other portable air conditioner. On the other hand, you can switch it to silent mode, which significantly reduces the noise—perfect for bedrooms. Plus, our testing showed that it is still one of the quietest air conditioners available, even when not set to silent mode.

As an added bonus, it has a washable filter screen, which is fantastic news for anyone who suffers from allergies. Keep in mind that this model’s energy consumption is somewhat higher than that of other models we examined. We still believe it’s a good deal because of how well it cools a big space.

  • It cools really well.
  • You can choose a quiet mode if you prefer
  • The filter screen is washable
  • It uses more energy than other options

4. LG Smart Portable Air Conditioner

LG Smart Portable Air Conditioner
Product Dimensions13.27″D x 17.32″W x 27.36″H
Capacity2.43 Pints
Cooling Power6000
SEER Ratio6.5
Voltage115 Volts
Noise Level53 dB

Although this may be somewhat different for the smaller model, our testers found the product’s 8,000 BTU (DOE) unit to be remarkably silent considering its power and simple to move about during testing. You may pre-cool the area without ever setting foot inside by using the built-in WiFi to turn on or off the cooling remotely. Another option that offers maximum ease and versatility is to utilize a device like Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa to operate it.

Owing to the three modes—cool, fan, and dry—you can adjust the climate to suit the current conditions, whether it is hot and muggy or wet and damp. Easy to understand and use controls make this best small portable air conditioner easy to use. Even though it can go down to some of the lowest temperatures of the units we tested, we did see some temperature fluctuations around the five-minute mark in the cooling test, so it can take a little to settle at the temperature you want.

  • The controls are simple and easy to use
  • It runs quietly
  • It’s compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • You can adjust the humidity settings
  • It might take some time to cool down an area

5. LG DUAL Inverter Air Conditioner

LG DUAL Inverter Air Conditioner
Product Dimensions19.41″D x 18.11″W x 30.43″H
Capacity3.1 Pints
Cooling Power14000 
SEER Ratio7.9
Voltage115 Volts
Noise Level53 dB

Our testing showed that the portable air conditioner from LG is very quick. It didn’t take long for the icy air to start blowing when we adjusted the temperature and fan speed. 

Cooling down big apartments or offices with significant cooling needs, particularly those holding digital equipment, is a breeze with this LG portable unit’s huge BTU rating and remarkable features. With its strong build and twin inverter compressor architecture, it outperforms many other air conditioners with comparable ratings when it comes to cooling up to its rated capacity.

The best dual hose portable air conditioner is very easy to maintain. You don’t need any tools to remove either of the grills that cover its two air filters. Particularly well-designed for simple removal is the top grill. Additionally, it has an easy-to-clean glossy exterior and a smooth, seamless cabinet. To maintain the LG dust-and fingerprint-free, just wipe it off with a moist cloth.

  • Smart control feature
  • Energy saving
  • Dual inverter technology
  • Heavy unit
  • Problem with leakages according to some users

6. Midea MAP08R1CWT

Midea MAP08R1CWT
Product Dimensions13″D x 17.1″W x 28.3″H
Capacity4 Cubic Feet
Cooling Power8000
SEER Ratio6.5
Voltage115 Volts
Noise Level52 dB

This portable air conditioner from Midea has adequate cooling power; it will get the job done, but it won’t blow the competition away.

Transferring this unit can provide some difficulties. Despite having two handles, they are somewhat shallow, which makes them difficult to grasp securely.

The upside is that it is stable and rolls effortlessly, even on carpet. Just so you know, this device can become rather loud—58 dB at its peak, albeit it does go down a notch when turned down.

One minor gripe is that the remote doesn’t always react instantly; occasionally, inputs don’t register or take a few seconds to take effect.

  • Energy efficient
  • Works well with bigger windows
  • Noisy
  • Single hose
  • The fan speed can solely be adjusted via the remote control

7. Whynter Elite ARC-122DS

Whynter Elite ARC-122DS
Product Dimensions16″D x 17″W x 29.5″H
Capacity82 Pints
Cooling Power12000
SEER Ratio13
Voltage115 Volts
Noise Level52 dB

The Whynter ARC-122DS is a portable air conditioner with a modern style that will look great in any setting. Despite weighing 68 pounds, it is simple to move about on level surfaces because to its solid wheeled base, which increases its mobility. It can effectively chill spaces up to 450 square feet in size, thanks to its maximum output of 12,000 BTUs.

This unit is ideal for compact bedrooms, flats, or workplaces since it is one of the most powerful on our list. It rapidly reduces the temperature in our room because of its dual-inverter technology. On top of that, we loved how silent it was, even when turned up to its maximum level, so it would be perfect for use in a bedroom.

The unit did a better job of keeping the indoor air pleasant than other models we examined, even when the relative humidity increased. The use of stainless steel in its construction gives it a sophisticated look.

  • Contains an integrated dehumidifier to cut down on high levels of humidity in the air
  • Alexa-compatible for simple voice control operation
  • Silent operation makes it ideal for bedrooms and other living spaces
  • Does not have Energy Star certification

8. Evapolar Portable Air Conditioner

Evapolar Portable Air Conditioner
Product Dimensions‎6.5″D x 6.5″W x 6.5″H
Capacity‎‎‎550 sq.ft.
Cooling Power‎800
SEER Ratio
Voltage‎5 Volts
Noise Level25 dB

The best portable car air conditioner from Evapolar is little, yet it’s a powerful machine. It claims to reduce the temperature in your room by as much as 19 degrees. This air conditioner is different from the norm in that it does not need a hose. It is ideal for hot, dry conditions since it cools down using water instead.

The evaChill removes dust from the air while simultaneously cooling and humidifying it. Maintaining clean air is a breeze with its basalt filter cartridge.

Because it is USB-powered, this portable air conditioner is ideal for use in vehicles. Its 26 square feet of cooling surface makes it ideal for areas with limited space. Rest assured, it is very quiet with just 25 dB, allowing you to enjoy your music uninterrupted.

  • Can be charged with USB
  • Lightweight and compact
  • It functions as an evaporative cooler, relying on water instead of a hose

9. Midea Duo MAP14HS1TBL

Midea Duo MAP14HS1TBL
Product Dimensions16.73″D x 19.53″W x 34.48″H
Cooling Power4.1 Kwh
SEER Ratio
Voltage115 Volts
Noise Level42 dB

When compared to other portable air conditioners, the Midea Duo MAP14HS1TBL performs better in terms of cooling performance, energy efficiency, and noise level. The hose-in-hose architecture and variable-speed inverter compressor are responsible for this. While we were testing it, it efficiently dispersed chilled air around the room while keeping the temperature differential between different areas at or below 1 degree.

Not only is the Duo MAP14HS1TBL an excellent air conditioner, but it also has all the usual smart-home features, such as compatibility with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. You may further personalize the control experience with the supplied remote and smartphone app.

This device stands out because of its integrated heat pump, which can switch between cooling and heating modes with ease to keep your preferred temperature. This means it’s not just good for the summer, but all year round, as a temperature control system.

  • Quieter than other models
  • Cools space quickly
  • Easier to control
  • Energy usage reporting is lacking

10. Frigidaire FHPH142AC1

Frigidaire FHPH142AC1
Product Dimensions16.73″D x 19.53″W x 34.48″H
Capacity6 Cubic Feet
Cooling Power14000
SEER Ratio12.3
Voltage115 Volts
Noise Level42 dB

Keeping the room at a constant temperature within half a degree and operating remarkably quietly are what first drew our attention to the Frigidaire FHPH142AC1.

This Frigidaire air conditioner with a single hose is strong and runs at about the same noise level as an inverter model, but it isn’t as efficient.

This Frigidaire model also has heating options for when the weather gets chilly. We did find that the window-panel kit isn’t quite as strong as its rivals, which added an extra layer of frustration to the installation procedure.

  • Offers a wide range of motion for directional vents
  • Includes dehumidifier and ionizer functions
  • Utilizes a single-hose 
  • Energy efficiency is less
  • Considerable weight

11. Serene Life SLPAC10 Portable Air Conditioner

Serene Life SLPAC10 Portable Air Conditioner
Product Dimensions13.8″D x 14.6″W x 27.2″H
Capacity1800 Cubic Feet
Cooling Power8000
SEER Ratio9.8
Voltage120 Volts
Noise Level55 dB

You shouldn’t pass up the chance to own this reasonably priced portable air conditioner from Serene Life just because it lacks the newest features offered by competitors. Its reasonable pricing belied its impressive capabilities. The SLPAC10 is an affordable and dependable alternative that is ideal for tiny living areas or bedrooms, while it may not be able to compete with more sophisticated versions.

The SLPAC10 is the most cost-effective and easiest-to-set-up device we tested; we were able to have it up and running in about ten minutes. Being so light and having four caster wheels makes it very portable and easy to store. You get a convenient remote control with functions like a 24-hour timer and a sleep mode, and it works well from a distance of up to 30 feet with this item.

  • Suited for confined areas
  • Its sleek and small 
  • Easy and quick setup
  • Not suitable for big spaces
  • Smart features not included


Product Dimensions13.3″D x 13.9″W x 27.5″H
Capacity250 sq. ft.
Cooling Power6100
SEER Ratio2.6
Voltage115 Volts
Noise Level52 dB

When compared to other products, the GE portable air conditioner is more reasonably priced without sacrificing cooling effectiveness.

Unfortunately, when compared to other units we evaluated, this one isn’t the most portable. Its side handles are hardly more than a centimeter deep, making them difficult to hold. Its large wheels and low center of gravity also make it difficult to maneuver, particularly on carpet.

The GE portable air conditioner doesn’t produce a ton of noise, but it does reach a peak of 59.1 dBA when turned up to its highest level.

  • Wireless remote 
  • Quiet operation
  • Maintain set temperature
  • Includes a dehumidification mode
  • Initial installation may require modification for window fit
  • While portable, still heavy to lift
  • Vent hose attachment requires significant pressure

Official Site: https://www.geappliances.com/appliance/GE-6-100-BTU-Portable-Air-Conditioner-with-Dehumidifier-and-Remote-White-APFD06JASW

13. Costway EP24619US

Costway EP24619US
Product Dimensions14.5″D x 13″W x 25″H
Capacity50 Pints
Cooling Power8000
SEER Ratio
Voltage115 Volts
Noise Level56 dB

It seems that the Costway portable air conditioner cut corners. It satisfies the average level in terms of cooling power, which is adequate but not outstanding.

When we tested the remote, we found that it sometimes responded slowly or not at all, and that several of its buttons were useless.

Not having a second handle means you’ll have to use your other hand to grab the vent, which isn’t ideal but is necessary on this model.

When turned up to its maximum level, the Costway portable air conditioner produces a somewhat audible 57 decibels of sound.


  • Effective cooling performance
  • Offers good quality at an affordable price point
  • Remote control boasts good quality


  • Not ideal for bedroom use
  • Hose becomes hot to the touch
  • Noise levels can be excessive
  • LED display is overly bright

14. Honeywell Compact Portable Air Conditioner

Honeywell Compact Portable Air Conditioner
Product Dimensions13.5″D x 14.6″W x 27.7″H
Capacity86 Pints
Cooling Power10000
SEER Ratio2.6
Voltage115 Volts
Noise Level50 dB

If you’re trying to save money, this best portable air conditioner without hose from Honeywell is a great pick. It has a window kit that makes installing the tubes straightforward, and it can cool rooms that are up to 450 square feet in size. You can clean the washable filter by running it under the tap; it helps eliminate dust, pet hair, and dander, and it prolongs the life of this 10,000-BTU device. Featuring a 24-hour energy-saving timer, three fan settings, a sleep mode, auto-wind, and an integrated remote control, it provides comfort and convenience at an inexpensive price.

  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with a timer that saves energy
  • Includes all necessary gear for setup
  • Very loud
  • The tube not connecting properly is a problem that some users have reported

Official Site: https://www.honeywellstore.com/store/products/mo0ceswk7-honeywell-compact-portable-air-conditioner-white-and-black.htm

Factors To Take Into Account Before Buying The Best Portable Air Conditioners

Think about all the options in terms of features and functionalities before you commit to a certain portable AC. Think about the room’s dimensions, noise levels, cooling capacity, energy consumption, and whether it has one or two hoses before making a final selection.

1. Hose Types: Single and Dual

Single-hose systems take in heated air from the room, chill it, and then send the cooled air and any moisture it contains out the outside via the same hose. They utilize already-cooled air, which makes them less efficient, but they’re cheaper.

Dual-hose devices have hoses for both the intake and the outflow. To cool the condenser, they bring in air from outside, and then they release the hot, humid, and utilized air back into the room. They are more efficient, particularly in bigger places, but they are more expensive.

2. Purpose

Standard air conditioners work by drawing in heated air, transferring it to a set of cold coils, and then releasing the cooled air outside via a hose. For quick cooling, they work.

Evaporative air conditioners reduce room temperature by evaporating water or ice. Although they aren’t as strong as regular air conditioners, they do provide an other way to cool off.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers allow you to control the amount of moisture in the air, while air purifiers make the air healthier to breathe all year round.

3. Dimensions of the Space

Think about the air conditioner’s BTU rating, which shows how much heat it can produce. The most efficient way to cool a space is to adjust the BTUs according to its dimensions.

4. Reducing Energy Use

To get the most out of your air conditioner, go for one with a larger BTU rating. Find out how efficient it is by looking at the Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). A higher grade indicates greater efficiency.

5. Easy transport

Pick a lightweight, portable air conditioner if you’ll be moving it about a lot. To make moving the unit easier, look for one with wheels and handles.

6. Average Level of Noise

Keep in mind that less noisy air conditioners only produce 40 to 45 dB of noise. For personal usage in the bedroom, this is of utmost importance.

7. Extra Functions

For extra ease, try to choose ones with timers, customizable settings, smart features, and night lighting.

8. Installation and Maintenance

Installing a portable air conditioner is usually as simple as finding an electrical outlet and a hose for the venting process. For optimal performance, regular cleaning and maintenance are required.

You may get the ideal portable AC unit for your requirements and tastes by thinking about these things.

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