Industrial interiors have recently become popular and are a trend that does not appear to be going anywhere. The style is about showing off your space and taking advantage of the raw materials and parts of your building. So, without further ado, let us look at how to create the perfect industrial interior, no matter what your budget looks like. 


Colour Of Perfect Industrial Interior

Traditionally, industrial interior design focuses on a simple color scheme with whites, greys, and blacks. 

If you want to incorporate some color into your interior, you can complement the neutral tones with an accent wall. It could be an exposed brick wall painted a funky color or just left its original color to add some texture to the room. 


Material Of Perfect Industrial Interior

The materials are the main feature in creating an industrial interior design at home. 

During the industrial revolution, wood, iron, and steel were popular. These metals are often incorporated into furniture nowadays to combine practicality with style. One way to achieve this rustic look with minimal effort is to apply industrial legs to existing furniture. It is particularly effective when it comes to chairs and tables and can transform an entire room. 

Lighting (Artificial and Natural) 

Lighting Of Perfect Industrial Interior

For lighting that gives off an industrial feel, your best bet would be to go with exposed bulbs of some kind. These types of lights give a soft glow and are available in a range of styles, giving you complete control over your space while still getting the traditional industrial interior you desire. 

Natural lighting is always a win-win in any type of home, so definitely don’t cover up any windows you may have. Having said that, curtains aren’t considered industrial in design so opt for blinds instead. Darker blinds or even wooden ones are most likely to fit in with an industrial interior design. Blinds let you control the level of light you have in your house, as well as offer a good level of privacy. 

Accessories and Décor 

You want to add a bit of personality to your home, and there’s no better way to do this than to make the most of accessories and experiment with your use of décor. 

The beauty of this step is that you don’t need to spend hundreds on industrial-themed accessories. There are so many different types of interior design styles out there that can complement industrial elements. You may even find that pillows, blankets, and other decorative pieces you already have will work perfectly within your new aesthetic. You can repurpose wood and metal pieces to add to the décor – you might even surprise yourself with how easy this is to do. 

An example of an inexpensive décor idea is to hang a lot of mismatched artworks together on the same wall. Have fun experimenting and being creative to see the effect for yourself! 

Metal Fixtures

Metal Fixtures of Perfect Industrial Interior

Metal fixtures are a vital component of the industrial-style interior. Metals are a versatile choice- they can provide both sleek and rustic looks. You can experiment with different colors and textures to bring a unique design to your home.

Choose polished metal for a sleek and refined look. If you are going for a rustic look, keep your metal rough and textured. Or, you can mix multiple finishes to create a random pattern of both modern and vintage.

Metal provides an excellent accent to your interior design, from small fixtures, like metal light bulbs, to large furniture, like metal stools. Ceilings, stairs, windows, and shelves are a few places where you can add a metallic touch. A chic yet vintage industrial home ready!

Let It Be Exposed!

Let It Be Exposed!

Exposing elements that people tend to hide is the highlight of the industrial-style interior. Ducts, pipes, pillars, floors, walls, and unfinished corners- when exposed, all add a humane touch to your design.

Concrete flooring and exposed brick walls add to the rustic industrial styling, mirroring the worn-out look of factories and warehouses. Ask your architect to build an exposed brick wall. Or, get the same effect with stencils, wallpapers, or faux-brick wall fixtures.  

If you have an exposed pipe, pillar, or column, do not hide it. Instead, paint it in a contrasting color and make it pop. Not only does it adds a rustic touch but a special uniqueness to your home. 

Large Windows

Large Windows necessary for perfect Industrial Interior

Small windows are a big no in industry-style interior design. Industrial spaces mostly feature big and loft-type windows. Not only do these windows let in tons of sunlight but serve as a staple décor.

If you use warm wood or metallic frame, the rustic industrial look will be worth it. You can also use floor-to-ceiling drapes to add an individual touch full of warmth. 

Distressed/ Warm Wood 

If there is anything that goes best with the fine metal accents, it is textured wood. Choose your wood with a rough texture and warm colors. Cabinets, shelves, tables- there is a lot of furniture you can get in distressed wood. You can also provide support for furniture by using gas struts To learn more about gas struts please visit Ovesco.

It provides a stark contrast to the refined metal décor and adds to the rustic or vintage look. It also increases the relaxing feeling of a cozy home. 

Final Thoughts!

With all of this in mind, you will now have a better idea of how you can create your industrial interior. Remember that imperfections are actually a big part of the whole design. So you can bring your own version of the style to life, no matter the size of your budget.

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