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3 Essential Health and Safety Tips for Self-Build Project Managers  

3 Essential Health and Safety Tips for Self-Build Project Managers

As a self-build project manager, you wear a lot of hats. It doesn’t matter how big or small the build is; project managers are typically juggling many things at once since they are the coordinator that plans all aspects of the process. They are also the person that people tend to go to with problems, delays, and issues, which means you need to prepare to come up with answers and solutions. Another very important responsibility that will fall on your shoulders as self-build project managers are ensuring that all essential health and safety rules are in place and adhered to. But which ones are essential? Here’s a look at three that you will need to be mindful of.

Protective Personal Equipment – A Must for Any Build Project

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This first tip is probably the most essential of all and that is to ensure that every person working on the site is wearing the proper protective personal equipment (PPE) at all times. There is absolutely no room for lenience here, as PPE can prevent some very serious injuries and incidences from happening.

There are also minimum mandatory requirements that you need to adhere to when on the job site. These include:

  • Hard hats must be worn (the type of hard hat worn is based on the site’s risk level)
  • High visibility clothing is necessary
  • Safety footwear is essential (the type will be based on the site’s risk level)

This doesn’t mean that’s all that is requires or recommended – this is just the bare minimum when it comes to PPE.

Give Thought to Site Sanitization

self-build project managers

Managing your construction site’s sanitization needs is essential for health and safety reasons.

Construction sites, including self-build projects, are notoriously filling with dirt, dust, and debris which means washroom facilities will likely need a more frequent and deeper cleaning

If you’ve hired a cleaning service to take that responsibility off yourself and your construction crew, then you need to be sure they have easy access to the washroom facilities when they arrive. This may mean creating a path for their service truck to get in and out, and making sure your crew is aware that obstacles need to be removed for the cleaning team.

Be Prepared with First Aid Supplies

As Self-build project managers, you don’t want to think about anything going wrong on the job site, but the unexpected can occur. Accidents, even minor ones, need to plan for, which means having all the necessary first aid items on-site. It also means that you need someone trained in first aid and the crew needs to be aware of who that person is.

Having a least one first aid kit/box on-site will ensure you’ve got the necessary items. First aid kits need to have signage on them and be in a place that is easily accessible and that everyone is aware of.

These are some of the most important health and safety tips you’ll want to apply to your self-build job site to ensure that it is safe for all.

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