The stick vacuum cleaner is a portable cleaning machine that is used for quick yet, effective cleaning. These are not expected to be as great as the standard/traditional ones, but certain models are also excellent at picking up items such as pet hairs, spilled cereals, flour, and dust. 

Moreover, stick vacuums are typically used for quick clean-up like cleaning the car interior when a model can be convertible to a hand mode. Generally speaking, these compact cleaners are excellent in cleaning but aren’t as powerful as their bigger counterparts. 

It is not as hard to pick which stick vacuum cleaner should you buy. In actuality, it is easy to find which one is made of high-quality materials even as you have only begun to look at it. These cordless vacuum cleaners are convenient for cleaning areas that are hard to reach, and for spaces that are bare or have small carpets or rugs.


If you want to define the best stick vacuum must be easy to maneuver. Since stick models are compact and lightweight, you can almost be sure that these are easy to handle. However, there are some models which are not able to provide this, and so, you must still be careful about choosing something that is controllable. 

The stick vacuum must be lightweight for it to be easily moved from one place to another when doing the cleaning task. There are some stick cleaners which has telescopic wands that can be adjusted to your height, lessening the stress that you can feel as you clean a room.

Battery Life

Battery Life of stick vacuum cleaner

Stick vac could also be used as your main cleaning tool. However, you must pick one that can run for at least an hour. Since these vacuums have good suctions that are great for fast cleaning, it uses more power than you have to ensure that it has enough battery to keep it going.


Vacuum is about suctioning the dirt and particles on the floors that may be bad for our health. Hence, you should get a reliable stick vacuum model that could suck all the dirt and particles especially in the corners or under furniture. This includes particles such as pet fur, human hairs, etc.


Compact stick vacuum cleaner

One of the main reasons you are interested in the stick vacuum is that they are more compact than the regular upright or canister cleaners which are not only big but are heavier. With this being said, it would be a great idea to choose a light stick vac that you could definitely find in your local vacuum store.

Noise Level

Most of the time, we hate noises, no matter where they come from. It is likely that a cleaner that you bought could be noisy, that you may want to simply stop using it and switch to broomsticks. That’s why you must be careful with choosing a quiet vacuum cleaner that still has the power that you need for cleaning your home.

Corded or Cordless

Cordless stick vacuum cleaner

Obviously, you could say that cordless stick vacuums are better than corded ones. This is because you don’t have to worry about the cords getting tangled with each other, and it’s only natural for you to choose the one that can be moved from one point to another without having to think of the cords being in a tangled mess. 

However, you must also know how long the battery of a cordless model will last for one time charged. Also, the cordless cleaners are operated using batteries, you may have to know how long it takes to fully recharge it. Sometimes, it takes even a longer time for it to finally be fully charged.

Out of the two options, the corded vacs have greater suction power. If you are thinking of using the cleaner for intense cleaning, then you should not get a cordless model.

Bagged or Bagless

With the model of the bag, the dust and the particles are collected in a bag, and a bagless vacuum cleaner that has no bags but it contains a dustbin that would make it work perfectly. Both have pros and cons that make them differ from one another.

A bagless vacuum collects the particles in a cup made of plastic or in some cases, metal. Usually, the cup is translucent, removable, and washable, so it is easier to know when the dirt is collected.

It also has filters that can be replaced once they are worn out, and also have to be cleaned when needed. The regular cost of a filter is about $30 and is way more expensive than when you simply buy bags. 

Besides, it is also possible for the dirt to clump together, and this is certainly hard to remove, especially as it becomes stronger with time. Even with the filters supposedly doing their job in getting all the dirt, it still leaves some residue. The bagless vacuum cleaner even has to be replaced as time passes by, so you might have to change your vacuum cleaner once it gets broken.

Meanwhile, the bagged stick vacuum cleaner uses a special material that traps the dirt. The bag has to be empty or replaced each time that it becomes full. The good thing is that these bags are not as expensive as the vacuum filters that are used in bagless cleaners. The bags are often in large sizes, so you don’t have to replace them every now and then.

The price of the vacuum bag varies from one brand and the vacuum model you have chosen, but these can never be too expensive. Compared to the filters, the vac bags are more cost-efficient. The good thing about vacuums that have a bag installed inside them is that they are able to collect dirt of any size. 

You also don’t have to replace the vacuum model regularly, as these have a high life expectancy rate. Typically durable and strong, these vacuum cleaners can last you for even a lifetime. Lastly, these are great for people with asthma or allergies because they use the HEPA system that lessens the dirt that spreads through the air easily.

With all these mentioned, it is obvious that stick vacuum cleaners that have bags are the better choice. Even other stick vacuum reviews have mentioned how those that have bags are more or less, better than its counterpart. The downside though, is that it is hard to find stick vacuum cleaners that have bags installed, so you might have to settle for bagless ones.


Remember to choose based on three things: quality, price, and design. If you think that one of these does not suit your taste, then go on and choose another that is suitable for you perfectly. Hopefully, this guide would be helpful in helping you choose which stick vacuum cleaner you will choose.

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