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Terraria House Ideas: 7 Interesting Ways To Design

Terraria House Ideas: 7 Interesting Ways To Design  

The most common advice one will hear about Terraria is also a very legitimate one. It is to build shelters and houses. As Terraria functions on a day and night cycle, building a house before your first night will keep you safe from wandering enemies. Like all other activities in Terraria, you might find that building a house also seems baffling because of the wide range of choices you can make, be it materials, location, biome, etc. Let’s see terraria house ideas.

Housing for the NPCs will also bring in some valuable skills such as the selling of items. As your development attracts more and more NPCs it will develop into a bustling township. Although, it will require that you build something of an all-in-one or a mixed-use development to ensure the township flourishes. 

Introduction To Building A Terraria House Ideas

There are multiple ways to build a Terraria inspired house. Blocks, doors, platforms, and tall gates must be used to build walls. You can provide a door in either wall and provision of the door on the wall with blocks above, is the most commonly seen configuration.

There is no necessity to have gaps between each house; neighboring houses of NCPs can share walls. More often than not, houses are built side by side with shared walls or stacked one on top of the other or both. This saves the use of material.

Bricks, platforms, or trapdoors can be used to construct ceilings and floors. Keep in mind that neither your enemies nor your NCPs can use the trapdoors. This means that depending upon your liking for your NCPs, this feature will either support you or make you regret it. 

Floors cannot fully be made of platforms and trapdoors either. You will need to have at least one single solid block for the NCPs to stand on.

A good amount of furniture, at least the basic ones, is necessary while building a township as it will make the NCPs happier to stay there. You may not be able to give an extravagant amount of volumes and area to stay in, but you can build in varying shapes and sizes to ensure that there is a factor of attraction to the housing development itself. 

Ensuring that you have a house is extremely important in Terraria. Your house will be the place to craft potions to fight the Terraria bosses and progress in the game. Your house will also be crucial to your survival; protection against wandering foes and a safe house, literally.

Before going to the more extravagant ideas, here are some rules set by Terraria and some tips to building your first housing:

  • Terraria requires that there must be at least 60 blocks but the number must not cross 750. This includes the wall erected outside the housing, also. The smallest is 30 blocks one way and then another.
  • Background walls are necessary for any home as the naturally available background cannot be count. Background walls can be puncture to have windows of the metal grill or stained glass or whatever material you have at hand. 
  • One of these furniture pieces- a source of light, a comfort piece, and a flat surface item must be placed. Building and installing a chair, workspace or bed, and a lantern are one of the simpler ways of fulfilling the above requirement.
  • The front door of any home must be make of wood.
  • Going above the current levels of corruption is also impermissible as evil biomes make your houses uninhabitable. Also, while holes are allowed on your building envelope, it is better to avoid them if you don’t want it to be a place where your enemies can lurk.

7 Interesting Ways To Design A Terraria House 

Let us now look through some Terraria housing ideas that you can implement once you have gotten the hang of what to do and what not to: Terraria housing designs can be divided based on which biome you choose to build it in and based on the type of house design too. 

Here are some of the Terraria house ideas:

1. The First House

terraria house ideas


This house design is for beginners to understand and familiarize themselves with all the choices and resources available as well as their use. It makes for a trial to understand the rules set by Terraria and give them a better handle on exploring their ideas and know what can and cannot be done. It will also help in finding the most efficient way to build houses too.

2. A Desert Retreat

terraria house ideas


This is one of the biomes where you could design beautiful Arabian nights inspired castles, cave dwellings, and underground housing that will hold an air of mystery. The use of lanterns, blocks, and warm wood accents will give the housing a Persia/Cambodia vibe.

3. A Snowy Cabin

terraria house ideas


Lots of wood, fewer blocks, and pitched roofing would be perfect for a housing design in a snow biome. The use of wood and installation of lots of lanterns, a cozy fireplace, and couches will induce the feeling of being warm inside the cabin.

4. A Forest Housing

terraria house ideas


While housing in the jungle biome certainly has its appeal, it is quite tricky to design and build. The use of warm wood, bricks, and platforms will respond to the disorderly nature of the jungle. Building a thatched hut-like design will only add to the charm of the housing.

5. A Treehouse Design

terraria house ideas


Another tricky design to achieve but means to stack and stagger the houses on succeeding levels and spread them out like the branches of a tree. The use of wood, bare minimum brick, and blocks, allowing natural light to light the interiors, and having the shape also like a tree, really makes the design. The charm of it lies in a very tribal-like nature and brings about a sense of nostalgia of the childhood dream of wanting to have a treehouse.

6. Underground Housing Design

terraria house ideas


The use of blocks and bricks rather than wood to produce a cave-like environment works splendidly with underground housing designs. The only catch is that it may appear eerie because of its complete reliance on artificial lighting. Though it’s not the most efficient on the list, it sure is attractive and is a very rewarding housing design. As a side note, to LOTR fans, this housing design makes for quaint hobbit homes.

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7. Underwater Housing Design

terraria house ideas


This kind of housing design is quite rare but most magical. Extremely tricky to design so one would have to wait until they have a lot of resources and skills to use to build underwater housing. The designs act like guilds or pirate retreats or even just simple underwater havens for your NCPs. It’s not the most efficient of housing designs and certainly takes a lot of time to build but it most definitely is the most entrancing.

A lot of players use dome-like enclosures to induce the feeling of living in a bubble under the water. Some create vast but tiered housing for NCPs that imitates the lost city of Atlantis. This lends a fairytale-like feeling to the dwelling. 

Creating Your Own Terraria Housing

terraria house ideas


While the above Terraria house ideas seem like a lot, there are so many more possibilities. A lot of players try to imitate real-world structures in Terraria, like apartments, Roman Aqueducts, Persian palaces, Geodesic domes, Ziggurats of Guatemala, etc, Though they won’t look exactly like their inspiration, they do tie to the real world in a subtle way.

And if you are new to the game, then nothing is better than starting by designing your very own Terraria House Ideas!

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