Wouldn’t it be exciting to live in a hobbit house? Living in a hobbit house is akin to enjoying the simple things in life. The iconic round door, perfectly manicured paths amidst rolling hills, and a cozy chair in front of a fireplace – these are all characteristics of hobbit homes.

The Shire has been described so imaginatively in The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and Unfinished Tales that it is often pictured as the dream destination of many people.

What is a Hobbit House?

What is a Hobbit House

Hobbit Homes are small, earth-sheltered houses that are built into the ground with the help of soil and plants to protect the house. The hobbit house is generally referred to as a dwelling that has been built into the earth with a green roof and around windows and doors as well as being environmentally friendly.

As J.R.R. Tolkien put it, his hobbit hole is intended for “comfort and good living.” Modern Hobbit houses are full of amenities and gadgets, making them every bit as comfortable as those described by Tolkien.

The hobbit home is generally constructed using prefabricated, vaulted panels that are constructed of recycled laminate panels, or more sustainable materials like wood and soil.

5 Characteristics of a Hobbit House

charactristics of hobbit home

Throughout the world, there are hobbit houses of all kinds. The hobbit houses are being designed and built in many different styles. Despite the differences between each hobbit house, there are some common characteristics that they all share.

1. Materials Used

The typical Hobbit house is either buried in the earth, perched on a hillside, or completely covered in soil and plants.

2. Aesthetics

There is an earthy aesthetic to these houses, as they use natural wood and stone to create this look, making them appear earthy and calm.

3. Round Openings

The majority of Hobbit houses around the world are constructed with at least one round window for ventilation and light

4. A Smaller Footprint

A hobbit house usually has a limited amount of space, along with a limited and clearly defined area for living and sleeping.

5. Sustainable Material

For the most part, the Hobbit houses are constructed from materials that are made from sustainable resources and techniques.

Here are 25 Shire-inspired hobbit homes around the globe that will give you a taste of the Shire.

1. Bilbo Baggins House

Bilbo Baggins House

The epic Lord of the Rings inspired the design of a hobbit house here. You’ll love Shire Hollow regardless of whether or not you like hobbits. Located in Suffolk on a private woodland estate. This hobbit house is hard to leave once you step inside!

In addition to the curving walls, the sustainable retreat was constructed from only sustainable materials. A rooftop loft space features a tree branch balustrade, which adds to the hideaway’s charm.

2. Secluded Hobbit House

Secluded Hobbit House

There is nothing more magical than a stay at Secluded Hobbit House. In addition to its iconic round door, granite rock walls, and wood-burning fireplace, this home offers a host of amenities. Travelers will find this house to be ideal because of its amenities.

Stained glass windows, Western Red Cedar, and rocking chairs made in the Hobbit style make this a unique place.

3. Forest Gully Farms Underground Huts

Forest Gully Farms Underground Huts

Taking a stay in a hobbit house in Tennessee is truly a unique experience! The property includes 3 hobbit houses and 15 acres of private land. Additionally, there are veggie gardens! On the property of the hobbit homes, there is a creek and two small waterfalls that are nearby. Besides our 3 underground huts, you will also find a bathhouse with 2.5 baths and laundry facilities within walking distance.

4. We Nook- a Hobbit Hole in Tennessee

We Nook- a Hobbit Hole in Tennessee

This hobbit house is located underground in the middle of the woods. There are woods, farm animals, trails, ponds, and a lot of open space to explore.  Also, in addition to its over 360 square feet of living space, the We Nook is equipped with a full kitchen, queen bed, sofa, and other unique furnishings. There are edible plantings around the hobbit hole, which you can enjoy in the spring and summer.

5. Underground Hygge in Washington

Underground Hygge in Washington

The property is situated on 6 acres along the Columbia River Gorge with plenty of hiking and exploring opportunities. A breathtaking mountainside surrounds this inspiring dwelling. You will be captivated by the spectacular views and the iconic round doorway that frames them.

You will feel hygge as soon as you step into this whimsical property. Throughout this hobbit house, you will find a sense of charm and imagination.

6. The Hobbit House – Shire of Montana

The Hobbit House – Shire of Montana

The Hobbit House of Montana is a true architectural masterpiece that emphasizes eco-friendliness. The dome ceiling provides a soothing acoustic experience. It provides many modern conveniences while retaining the mystique and caricature of a Hobbit house by being fully underground and designed with aesthetic appeal. This meticulously constructed, unique, and mystical Hobbit House of Montana features master craftsmanship details throughout the house.

7. Hobbit House in the Hollow

Hobbit House in the Hollow

This Hobbit House in the Hollow is one of Alabama’s prettiest getaway spots. There will be a sense of being in Middle Earth while you’re there. Those who need some time away from city life will enjoy this.

This unique house is made magical by the bottle wall, which reflects beautiful colors when the sunlight shines through it every morning. The interior is awash in colors.

8. The Hobbit House in Arkansas

The Hobbit House in Arkansas

An earth house like this is one of the most sustainable Airbnb’s available. It features an eco-friendly straw bale home, a tired home, and a game room. One of the most unique hobbit houses out there, this house has a giant circular door, handcrafted amenities, and indoor plants. In addition to its circular “Hobbit” door, the Hobbit House is self-sustaining and handcrafted.

9. Hobbit Knoll

Hobbit Knoll

This hobbit house is situated on 8 acres of pristine land with mountain views and all the amenities you could want. In addition to two handmade round doors, this 800 sq ft home has many unique designs and decorative touches.

A majority of these homes are built into the earth, just like the one in the story. There is an impressive layered mountain view from the front glass door.

10. The Hobbit House of Russellville

The Hobbit House of Russellville

Literature nerds, architecture lovers, or anyone with an appreciation for unique architecture will love Russellville’s Hobbit House. This woodland realm location gives you the feeling of being outdoors.

A cozy cabin atmosphere is created in the space, which includes a living room, two bedrooms, and a reading nook. A kitchen and two bedrooms are provided in the air-conditioned vacation home. A coffee maker, an ironing board, and a washing machine are also included as standard amenities.

11. Charming Storybook Home by Carr Jones

Charming Storybook Home by Carr Jones

The green architect Carr Jones designed this home in 1944 as one of the first sustainable homes in the country. There is a lot of craftsmanship and creativity put into the design of this hobbit home, which is impressive. The combination of the outdoor fireplace and the indoor fireplace as well as the courtyard and pool will make you want to stay awhile.

12. The Chalet – A Tiny Mushroom House Experience

The Chalet – A Tiny Mushroom House Experience

Behind The Thatch House, the Chalet is beside the Charlevoix Mushroom House. Although it shares the same iconic thatch roof, it has its private entrance.

Featuring an earth house design with a thatched roof and a unique earthen house design, this is the perfect romantic getaway for couples. You will find it difficult to leave this mushroom house property once you spend some time there.

13. Hobbit House Airbnb in the Shenandoah Virginia “Shire”

Hobbit House Airbnb in the Shenandoah Virginia “Shire”

This earth house Airbnb offers a private setting and thoughtful features. The luxury hobbit house offers a hot tub, screened-in porch, fire ring area, BBQ grill, fireplace, and other great amenities. Amazing attention to detail is evident throughout the property. Besides being surrounded by nature, it has everything one needs.

14. Hobbit House of Pawling

bbit House of Pawling

This unique house was created by Lords of the Rings fans Jodi and Jim, mimicking the arched roofs of Hobbit homes, which are traditionally built into the hillside, even down to the iconic circle door!

With two bedrooms featuring king-sized beds, two bathrooms with walk-in showers, a queen pullout couch in the living room, and an electric fireplace, this cottage boasts so much to offer.

15. Wonder Haus

Wonder Haus

Featuring a brick tower made for stargazing, Wonder Haus is an eco-friendly, solar-powered hobbit house. In addition to its architecturally unique design, this Airbnb features quirky elements such as a mid-century modern fireplace and a domed ceiling.

The passive solar earth home primarily relies on the sun on heat. As part of the design of the building, there’s even an observation tower perfect for stargazing.

16. Simon Dale’s Hobbit Home

Simon Dale’s Hobbit Home

Designed and built by hand, the Hobbit House is a sustainable underground dwelling. Designed with the environment in mind, the house provides a unique chance to live close to nature. A pond collects roof water for use in the garden. Lighting, music, and computers are powered by solar panels. For low visual impact and shelter, it is dug into the hillside.

17. The Sassafras – A Unique Earth House Airbnb in Tennessee

The Sassafras – A Unique Earth House Airbnb in Tennessee

A dome house perched on a bluff, the Sassafras is surrounded by trees, a quarry pond, and a waterfall creating a peaceful atmosphere. This is a super luxurious underground dome earth house. There are only two exterior walls of the home, and floor-to-ceiling windows allow natural light to flood the interior.

18. Creekside Hideaway

Creekside Hideaway

The Creekside Hideaway in the Elkhorn Mountains won’t just please Lord of the Rings fans but also nature and interior design lovers. This home is characterized by its clean Scandinavian-style decor, which allows marvelous construction.

There are several outstanding amenities at this charming house, including a massive tree trunk shower entrance, a Hobbit nook for sleeping, and a secret door to a hidden room.

19. Hobbiton New Zealand

Hobbiton New Zealand

In the movies, the famous Bag End interior was shot on a Wellington set. Earth-sheltered green roofs and slopes at each of 44 Hobbit home holes were averaged and estimated. It should be noted, however, that most of these hobbit holes have only facades, and there is not much interior space inside those doors that do open.

20. Villa Vals

Villa Vals

A hobbit house based on a dwarven dwelling, Villa Vals in Switzerland shows the future also lies below the surface. Nearly all of Villa Valls’s interior is underground. The house also made international headlines after being featured on Netflix’s ‘The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes.’ Despite being situated on a slope, this house takes advantage of the wonderful views and allows light to shine through it.

21. The Hobbit House in the Cotswolds

The Hobbit House in the Cotswolds

It’s not even a house. This is a sheep shed! Among the strangest hobbit holes in the world, this one was built in the 90s by a local artist, who eventually abandoned the site. Stone from nearby fields was used to build the structure over ten years. There is a sense of mystery about it, even though it may not be home.

22. Icelandic Turf Houses

Icelandic Turf Houses

Trees are largely absent from Iceland, a cold land. To live, the inhabitants had to improvise, developing turf houses, which were a crossbreed between hobbit and Viking living. These buildings are native to Iceland but are part of a growing trend of efficient, sustainable subterranean homes.

23. Malator


The property belongs to a private individual. The building is designed in the Earth House architectural style. This structure is buried into the ground to minimize its impact on the landscape.

Therefore, it cannot be accessed by the general public. The interior of the hobbit houses is a spacious, futuristic abode that is virtually buried into the ground in the shape of a trapdoor spider. In terms of its interior, the building has an open-plan layout.

24. Terluna


The Terluna off-grid adobe dome home located in the Chihuahuan Desert, this Hobbit house is the perfect place to relax. Besides offering complete solitude, the dome offers stunning views of the night sky.

Dome-shaped buildings are earthen structures made from adobe, which provide shelter from the elements. There can be extremes of heat, wind, or rain in this part of the state. Power is obtained directly from solar panels installed on the roof.

25. Half House

 Half House

This comfortable house is located near all of Charlevoix’s best attractions, including shopping and dining.

Half House is a 720-square-foot house with two bedrooms and sleeping accommodations for up to four guests. With its thatched roof and stone exterior, this building truly resembles something from Hobbiton. There is a perfect blend of modern amenities and timeless details in this home.

26. The Hill

 The Hill

Located on 12 acres of green space, this hobbit house is a fantasy architecture masterpiece. An award-winning design/build project, this 1100-square-foot house has appeared in numerous publications.

With two separate entrances, the house has two connecting sections. Baggs Inn has the master bedroom, bathroom, and living area, along with a full kitchen. “Double Dragon Pub” side offers a queen-size Murphy bed, a full bathroom with shower, and a pub/bar.

27. The Undercroft Hobbit House

 The Undercroft Hobbit House

Undercroft Hobbit House was made from found objects and constructed into the hillside, setting it apart from other hobbit houses.

Despite its open-plan design, the house is separated into different sections, including living space, a kitchen, and bedroom-like areas. Nevertheless, there is an area that serves multiple functions, with the greenhouse serving as a dining room with a bath.

28. Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse

Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse

Located in Dietikon, Switzerland, Earth House Estate is a dream-like location like no other. Vetsch Architektur designed it as an alternative to traditional single-house concepts to allow inhabitants to connect to nature and better integrate into the landscape.

All of the houses in this complex are built underground with the earth covering their roofs. There is a small artificial lake in the center. This ambiance is even more mysterious and alluring because the entrance is hidden to the side and difficult to see.

29. Green Magic Homes

Green Magic Homes

The innovative designs of Green Magic Homes help budding hobbits embrace the 21st century through modular construction and green technology.

There is a predefined catalog from which buyers can select their floor plan. Green Magic Homes will then deploy to the site and construct your very own hobbit house. The designs range from tiny to enormous, focusing on eco-living without sacrificing luxury.

30. Santa Fe Hobbit House

Santa Fe Hobbit House

The adobe structure is both a private rental and a live-in art gallery while minimizing the need for air conditioning. Moreover, the location is breathtaking. Santa Fe Plaza is just a short distance away, making it considerably more urban than the typical bucolic hobbit hole.

There are some incredible features of this home including a private landscaped garden, a waterfall, and finely detailed mosaic tiles throughout the entire house, all of which create it a true work of art.

bilbo baggins house
bilbo baggins house
bilbo baggins house
bilbo baggins house
bilbo baggins house
bilbo baggins house
hobbit home
hobbit home
hobbit home
hobbit home

Isn’t It Wonderful to Live in a Hobbit House?

We’ve found real-life hobbit homes. As long as one of them is available, you may stay in it. It is even possible to construct your own hobbit house according to your preferences! Which of these hobbit homes is your favorite? Would you like to share any other must-see hobbit holes we did not include on our list? We would love to hear your thoughts!


1. Is It Possible to Make a Hobbit House?

You can build a hobbit house despite it appearing like something out of a fairytale. Building a hobbit house isn’t as difficult as it seems. Typically, hobbit houses are built by specialized companies because they have the proper hobbit house kit. there aren’t many of them available for sale.

2. What Is a Hobbit House and What Are They Generally Made Of?

Every hobbit home is made up of prefabricated, vaulted panels constructed with recycled laminate materials, which anchor into each other and to the foundation. There is a wide range of customization options for these homes, so they can be tailored to fit just about any specification. In addition, Hobbit homes require between 50 and 70 percent less energy than conventional homes, according to the Green Magic Homes website.

3. What Are the Problems of Living in a Hobbit House?

Hobbit homes do have some downsides, regardless of their energy efficiency. Insulation can be an issue, so hobbit houses usually do best in warm climates where the earth on top keeps them cool. If you live in a climate where seasons change dramatically, hobbit houses may not be the best choice.

4. What Are the Common Characteristics of Hobbit Houses?

From a small studio structure, you can put in your backyard to a large house with several bedrooms, Hobbit houses can be small or large. There are however several characteristics that all hobbit houses have in common. Those are earth homes, circular windows, small footprints, natural light, and natural aesthetic appearance

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