Finding a place to stay for so long and can be considered home is one big step. You must choose either you want a luxurious or an affordable place. You may want to consider walk-up apartments as a replacement for city dwellers looking for a less competitive and more affordable opportunity.

You may be wondering, what is a walk up apt? You will surely want to check this budget-friendly alternative for people on the lookout for other options.

What Are Walk-Up Apartments

Walk up apartments are those units that are only accessible by stairs. There are no elevators to use in order to reach the upper floors. You can only use your legs and a couple of steps.

They are not expected to be more than six or seven stories. Like in the well-known city, New York City, they are widespread. This type of apartment can also be seen in multi-bedroom apartments, studio apartments, or efficiency apartments.

 Take time to get to know some of the pros and cons while deciding to move or not to move in walk up apartments.

Pros of Walk Up Apartments

For several reasons, Walk-in Apartments has been on the top of the list of many New Yorkers. Here are the reasons why.

Walk Up Apartments Cost of Living Is Generally Lower

Walk up apartments are usually less expensive than multi-bedroom apartments or townhouses due to the lack of an elevator and the steep climb. If you can find a unit on a lower floor, you can save money while still getting the benefits of a walk up apartment.

You Will Only Deal with Fewer Tenants, and You’ll Have More Privacy

Typically, walk up apartments are located in smaller urban spaces. This results in fewer tenants and increased privacy.

Of course, the level of privacy desired is entirely up to you. When you live in a smaller, more intimate apartment building, it’s easy to meet your neighbors and enjoy your neighborhood.

You’ll Get Healthy by Burning Calories While Walking Up and Down Stairs

You'll Get Healthy by Burning Calories While Walking Up and Down Stairs

Walking to the fifth or sixth floor is not a matter of faintness. It can still be a walk up pro, however. You’re going to have a good chance to burn calories by walking up and down the stairs. If you’re bringing up groceries, you’ll definitely be doing a lot of this.

Walk Up Apartments Is Definitely a Money-Saver

Real estate brokers are commonly used in cities like New York and other metropolitan areas in real estate to find locations for people who are buying or selling property. It essentially means that there is higher pay for living in a luxurious city.

It is not a requirement to have a broker in these cities. You will need to find it on your own, making it challenging to find an apartment in new complexes because of their lack of availability. Walk up apartments don’t have brokers and nyrentownsell will help to saves you a lot of money.

Walk Up Apartments Are Aesthetically Pleasing

Except for downtown or “loft” apartments, walk up apartments are typically found in older buildings with vintage features. Traditional or modern-patterned black and white tile may be found in different parts of the kitchen and the rest of the bathroom. You will also get bay windows as well as exciting details like large ones.

Cons of Walk Up Apartments

Before you sign your next lease, consider the disadvantages of living in a walk up apartment.

Moving in and Moving Out Will Be Challenging

Moving in and Moving Out Will Be Challenging

Moving in and out of walk up apartments is challenging and potentially exhausting. It is difficult to scratch moving heavy furniture up and down the stairs, not to do soiling the walls. Rates of D Depending on where you live and the number of moving companies in your area, you may have to pay a higher fee for the stairs.

Stairs Can Be Exhausting to Walk Up and Down

Living in a walk up apartment may provide an endless supply of exercise opportunities. However, it can be exhausting. Forgetting something in your car or at a nearby store can ruin an otherwise fantastic day.

Walk Up Apartment Buildings Are Typically Older

Walk up apartments are typically located in older buildings, some of which are historic and retain their vintage charm. However, the structure can reveal their age as well.


It is possible that utilities and amenities are not updating. Additionally, walls and floors may be more receptive to sound than the newer apartment complexes across the street.

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