With summer finally knocking at our doors and winter a distant memory, it is time to start planning more time outdoors to enjoy the warm days and natural beauty that summer brings. However, this is also a great time to spruce up your home for the long days ahead. You do not need to set aside a huge budget or spend a fortune to make your home summer-ready. Instead, you can give attention to the small and aesthetic details in the home and ensure it becomes a summer sanctuary. Consider the sensory information, which includes smell, sight, and texture, whenever you start planning for summer remodeling. You must be mindful when selecting materials that help build a visual connection with the outside world. Here are a few budget-friendly ways you can improve your home this summer. 

1. Bring Out the Rugs 

rugs for summer

If you have rolled and put your rugs in the attic, now is the time to roll them out. And if you are looking to buy new rugs, look for woven rugs which are made of natural fibers like hemp or jute. They are easy to use indoors and outdoors and equally easy to clean. You can easily find woven rugs of different shapes and sizes online and in the stores. However, do take the exact measurements of the room before you head out to the store to buy a new rug.

2. Bring the Outdoors in 

potted plants in home

Plants have become a big part of our lives and the best way to get your home summer-ready is to bring the plants in. It is the easiest and the cheapest way to update home decor for the coming months. Bring the potted plants inside and freshen the air. If you want to buy new plants, look for those that need minimal maintenance. Adding plant stands in bright colors can also add aesthetic appeal to the space. 

3. Get the Swimming Pool Cleaned

cleaning your swimming pool

There is no joy like jumping into the swimming pool in the warm summer days. The pool has been out of use for the past few months, and the first thing you need to do is get it cleaned. Hire a professional company and let them thoroughly clean the pool. You can then hire Leak Science professionals to take a good look at the pool before you are ready to dive in. It is a much-needed step to take each year. If you are someone who likes to host pool parties, you might want to ensure that there is enough shade for people to sit near the pool. 

4. Bring Out the Summer Colors

new look for bathroom

The best way to bring in summer is to change the colors. Simply switching the towels to summer colors like green and peach will give a fresh, new look to the bathroom. You can pick pastels or strong colors like green and it will bring a bright, lively feel to the space. If you have the budget, you can also paint the bathroom. Pick a bright color and ensure it complements the mats, towels, and bathroom accessories. 

5. Get the Cabinet and Drawer Pulls Replaced

upgrading your kitchen

If you do not have the budget to remodel the kitchen, you can transform it in a very inexpensive manner. Install new cabinet handles and drawer pulls. You can purchase them for as little as $5 and they are easy to change. Get a screwdriver and change them. However, do invest in quality materials and do not look for the cheapest pull. Look for brass, nickel, silver, or bronze to ensure longevity and ease of use. 

6. Bring Out the Linens 

linen bedding

Luxury hotels use linen bedding and you should too. Bring home breathable linen sheets for the summer. As against the common notion, they are not high maintenance and can be used in your home. Linen is undoubtedly the most comfortable fiber to sleep in and you can find sets for below $200. 

7. Create a Sanctuary in Your Garden

Sanctuary in Your Garden

Summer is all about spending time outdoors and your garden area filled with flowers and bushes could become the best place to hang out. This will draw birds and butterflies and you can enjoy the best summer days. If you have the budget, you can add water features like a bubbling fountain. It can bring a beautiful transition to the house. 


The much-awaited warmer days are meant to be spent outdoors, in nature, and with family. Now that you have some great ideas for summer decor, it is time to get to work and transform your home. Get your home ready for summer, and then lay back and make the most of the warm days. Whether you want to play with colors in your home or host friends for an outdoor dinner, you can get your home ready using these tricks. 

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