Automatic Aleko gates guarantee the beauty of the environment and offer integration between spaces, in addition to being practical, safe, and more hygienic (since it is not necessary to use your hands to open them). 

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They are a great differential in the most modern architectural projects, that’s why they are present in shopping malls, restaurants, hospitals, universities, and stores in general. If you want to find out how to automate them and get to know their different models, just keep reading our post!

How Does an Automatic Aleko Gates Work?

How Does an Automatic Aleko Gates Work?

The operation of automated Aleko gates takes place through the presence of temperature sensors. The presence sensor causes the door to open when it detects that someone is approaching.  The operating process through temperature is similar; however, the system is activated when the sensor detects the change in infrared waves emanating from the heat of the human body.

It is worth remembering that the activation system of an automatic glass door must work according to its flow, that is, the equipment used, as well as its programming, will depend directly on the local demand.  Another important point to be considered is the speed with which the door opens and closes, which can also be controlled according to the need where it is installed.

Automatic Aleko Gates Opening Models

Automatic Aleko Gates Opening Models

The automatic gates are versatile, so they can be installed in any environment, whether with an intense flow of people or not. In addition, they can be made to measure, which guarantees more beauty to the environment.  However, the most common models of automatic glass doors are:

Anti-Panic Sliding Gates

They function like a normal automatic sliding door, but they also have a full passageway opening in case of an emergency. For that, they have special profiles to open from the outside, in a pivotal way.

Automatic Sliding Gates 

They are the most common models and generally have 4 sheets, two of which are fixed on their sides and the central ones are used for the opening and closing process. They can also be presented with just two sheets.

Automatic Hermetic Glass Door

They can be sliding or pivoting and serve to block the entry of environments that need more protection and hygiene, preventing infestations by external agents.

Automatic Telescopic Sliding Glass Door

This model is also in sheets, but only one of them is fixed on the side, and in the process of opening the others overlap, providing a greater opening. It can have two or more sheets.

Automatic Hinged or Pivoting Door

The pivoting door, as it is also called, opens in the traditional model of a hinged domestic door, that is, to the right or to the left, and can have up to two leaves.

Common Uses for Automatic Doors

Common Uses for Automatic Doors

Because they are extremely practical, the models can be installed in the most diverse places, either for internal use by employees or for the general public to enter, so they are excellent for:


Most malls have an automatic sliding glass door at their entrances, in the most varied sizes and models. 

Even in these environments, the access doors to garages are also generally automated and in some spaces, they are hinged. 

Commercial Establishments

The automatic glass door, in the traditional sliding model, is also very present in commercial environments, such as large stores and supermarkets.

They can be installed in the most varied models and places, such as clinics, notary offices, offices, and any other commercial establishment. 

It is common to see the telescopic door, for example, in restaurants that prefer to separate the outdoor leisure area from the indoor environment for more comfort for the patron. 

Airports, universities, and hospitals, as a general rule, also have their main entrances automated. 

Openings of Internal Premises of Companies

The automatic door can also divide a space into two environments within a company, allowing people to work with more privacy and maintaining integration between the team. 

For common doors, Garen’s SELF BLDC swing door operator is ideal.

It facilitates the entry and exit of employees when they need to have their hands occupied with boxes, for example.

Hospital rooms, laboratories, slaughterhouses, logistics sectors, or environments that need greater hygiene and cannot suffer from external elements entrances can benefit from an automatic hermetic glass door.

How to Buy an Automatic Glass Door

If you already have a glass door but it is manual; be aware that you can automate it, and also if you have any doubts; contact us using this form here, and a specialist will help you choose the ideal model.


If you are thinking of installing a new door, pay attention to the type of glass so as not to compromise safety and to adapt the best model to your construction style. Anyway, it is essential to look for a trustworthy company that uses quality products for the project.

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