Nothing beats the leisure provided when living near the sea. The calmness and its health benefits are all there that offer comfort and relaxation. To keep this kind of leisure, you need to perform protective measures, and installing the Babcock-Davis Coastal Zone Exterior Access Door is one way to do it.    

The Babcock-Davis Coastal Zone Exterior Access Door and Its Benefits   

The Babcock-Davis Coastal Zone Exterior Access Door is a beautiful product made by the geniuses at Babcock-Davis that provides quick and easy access along with the best protection for coastal properties anywhere. This access door is the best with its durability, performance, and functionalities. Here’s a list of the incredible benefits this coastal zone exterior access door provides when installed:   

1. Provides the Best Water Access 

Babcock-Davis Exterior Access Door Provides the Best Water Access 

Embracing coastal living means embracing seawater, and in times of maintenance or repair of the house, this exterior access will provide the quickest and easiest access; maintaining the home is not a problem anymore. This access door’s easement is second to none as it can act as an emergency exit in times of trouble, especially when children and people of old age are involved.   

2. Superior Durability and Longevity   

Sometimes the ocean is our friend, and sometimes it is not. The sea produces waves that can destroy almost everything in its path with its force, and it’s good that the coastal zone exterior access door can withstand ocean waves with its proven and tested high-velocity and impact door protecting the establishment from the strong ocean waves. The durability of this access door is superior as it possesses a Miami-Dade County certification ensuring the protection you need.   

When the house or commercial building is near salt water, the dangers of rust and corrosion are sure to happen. Do not fret, as this type of access door consists of corrosion and weather-resistant stainless steel that protects the establishment from the spread of corrosion, jeopardizing the establishment. Saltwater corrosion is no joke, as it is a harmful element that adversely affects the establishment and its occupants.    

Saltwater is a dangerous element to establishments that can penetrate wood, leading to gradual damage to sa same establishment. Besides wood, this dangerous element can wither away any brickwork of the establishment, such as exterior walls that, would lead to its collapse. 

Airborne salt by salt water can affect the roof tiles, especially those made with terracotta, as salt corrosion create holes in the roof tiles, which can lead to leakages in the establishment during rainy weather. 

With the Coastal Access Doors Installed, You Are Now Safe from These Adverse Effects of Corrosion

  • The gradual destruction of the installed establishment as a small amount of corrosion in an establishment can spread, destroying its aesthetics and lowering its overall value. 
  • It disrupts the comfort of the home as corrosion affects the essential components, such as the HVAC and the plumbing system, affecting the ventilation and the water.  
  • The spread of corrosion can go straight to the plumbing system, contaminating the water that comes inside your house through the faucet and exposing the occupants to ingestion of rust.   
  • Chipped metal parts due to rust will spread in the ocean, harming sea creatures.   

Here Are Some Preventive Measures Against Saltwater Corrosion Other Than Installing the Coastal Access Door

Conduct Annual Inspections

This method is the primary thing to do. Inspect the establishment for parts near saltwater and check other details for holes and dents. Once you see the corroding part of the house, take action immediately

Use Alloyed Steel or Stainless Steel

Like the coastal zone access door, install alloy steel materials on parts of the house exposed to saltwater

Apply Barrier Coatings

Applying barrier coatings is another method to prevent saltwater corrosion where you apply materials such as paint, plastic, or special powders that can avoid corroding the establishment

Hot-Dip Galvanization

This method involves dipping steel materials in molten zinc where the applied molted zinc acts as a protective layer against corrosion. 

3. Control of Room Temperature

Living near the ocean means the temperature is mostly hot or cold. Still, the Babcock-Davis Exterior Access Door will ensure the temperature inside is comfortable with its wind pressure-tested and perfectly insulated door for superb temperature control. Controlling the temperature is a big deal, as hot-to-cold or cold-to-hot temperatures can get you sick.    

4. Aesthetics 

Aesthetics comes with every installed access door, but the aesthetics of this coastal access door is on another level. Experience the feel of durability and longevity with the stainless-steel material with the paint grip door and mill flange finish that emits a strong feeling of protection.   

Final Thoughts    

Coastal living is one of the best joys in life, and maintaining it requires specific actions. There is a need for maintenance and repair of the house. Products like the Babcock-Davis Exterior Access Door exist so that the dangers of ocean waves and corrosion and problems with water access are now just a thing of the past because of this excellent access door that contributes to your coastal life. 

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