The Barbie franchise has a strong fanbase, and since the new film was announced, their fans just can’t keep their calm! And now HGTV is joining this pink party as well!

HGTV is also joining this craze as well by introducing the Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.

Let’s see what this show and all about is, and we will also focus on the marvellous Barbie Dreamhouse and see its specialities.

What is Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge?

HGTV is announcing its life-size renovation of the iconic Mattel toy, Barbie Dreamhouse, creating the biggest, boldest, and one of the most fantastic homes of all time in its new competition series.

The Barbie Dreamhouse challenge is going to be a 4 part event series. The host of the show will be – Ashley Graham.

Each episode of the show will have alluring and nostalgic Barbie Content.

Who is Participating in the “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge”?

Who is Participating in the “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge”?

The show will feature eight teams and a popular food network chef as they transform a house in southern California into a real-life Barbie Dreamhouse.

One dedicated Barbie fan will have a chance to get a sleepover staycation in the completed dream home. The show will have a lot of surprise guest appearances of celebrities.

Who are the Judges of the Show?

Designer and Barbie collaborator Jonathan Adler will act as the main judge of the show. The designer & Barbie Dreamhouse expert Tiffany Brooks will join Jonathan Adler in judging the show. Every week there will be a celebrity guest judge on the show.

How Can People Watch the “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge”?

People can watch out for the show on HGTV, and all the episodes of the series will be streaming on the same air on Max.

What is the On-Air Time of “Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge” airing on HGTV?

The show will premier on July 16 at 8 p.m. EST. The premiere of the show will be of 90 minutes long.

It will be all over HGTV, Discovery+, and Max. So, sign up for the free trial before the premiere.

Sneakpeak Into the Barbie DreamHouse!

Here is a sneak peek into the Barbie Dreamhouse:

  • The house comprises 10,000 square feet and has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, a rooftop terrace, a swimming pool, and a hot tub. The bedrooms are made of a hot pink colour scheme.
  • The house is equipped with Barbie-themed furniture and accessories.
  • The house has wonderful features like a working elevator, a carport, and a secret passage.
  • The house has an aquarium desk which shows Barbie’s love for fashion and animals.
  • The house has a light-up dance floor, which is a fun place to have. It has a variety of different light patterns that can also be changed.
  • The HGTV Barbie Dreamhouse is still a work in progress, and its complete reveal will be on the HGTV show Barbie Dreamhouse Challenge.

Final Thoughts:-

At last, we would say that the Barbie Dreamhouse is a great architectural work with all the amenities, thanks to HGTV! If you are a Barbie fan, you should watch this amazing series by HGTV.

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