When the first pizzeria appeared several hundred years ago, the whole world fell in love with pizza and the traditional wood-fired pizza oven in which the pizza was created. In today’s world, it’s hard to imagine preparing delicious pizza in a different way than on a wood-burning stove. What should we know about wood-fired ovens? Why is it worth having one outdoor pizza oven in your garden?

What is a Brick Pizza Oven?

What is a Brick Pizza Oven

A brick pizza oven is a dome-shaped oven. Thanks to its shape, pizza is always properly baked, regardless of the temperature. The heat is accumulated on the floor of the oven, and because of that, it’s distributed evenly. There is also a chimney in front of the fireplace, which enables good air circulation.

Outdoor pizza ovens must be made from the specified materials, otherwise, they won’t have the right properties. Those materials have to accumulate heat well. That’s why choosing chamotte bricks is a great idea. Bricks with clay and special mortar mixed to form a uniform whole and fit the purpose.

Wood-Fired Oven — Why Is It Worth Having?

Why Is It Worth Having Wood-Fired Oven

Just let us explain if you’re wondering what is so special about brick oven pizza. A brick pizza oven has many advantages, especially when it’s your oven in your garden. With such a life-changer, it becomes possible to bake DIY pizza. If you feel like having Margherita, Marinara, Capricciosa, or any other pizza, you don’t have to buy a flight to Italy. You can prepare the chosen kind of pizza on your own!

When It Comes to Food, There’s Something for Everyone.

simple Brick Pizza Oven

We truly believe that you’re a pizza lover and will be willing to bake more than just one flat round base of the dough. However, there are many more meals to prepare. Different kinds of meat, different kinds of fish, different vegetables, different kinds of bread and even sweet dishes… There is something for everyone! Vegans, non-vegans, vegetarians, non-vegetarians… All of them can benefit from outdoor ovens.

The Quality of the Meals Taken a Right from the Wood Oven Is Just So Good!

It is a class of its own regarding the taste and the smell of the meals prepared in an outdoor oven. It will be possible to smell the aroma of pizzas and other baked snacks from afar. Maybe it would be a good occasion to invite your neighbors and feast together?

While we’re on the subject of food quality, we cannot fail to mention that foods do not lose nutritional value. This can be achieved thanks to a brick oven, on the condition that we have provided the most suitable and carefully selected hardwood (maple, beech, oak, etc.). 

A Wood-Fired Oven Saves Time (And Money!)

A Wood-Fired Oven Saves Time

“Time is money” — it’s highly probable that you have heard that saying before. In today’s world, we want everything to be fast, easy, and seamless. We don’t want to wait long for anything and certainly not for food when we’re super hungry.

A brick pizza oven is the best solution because it heats up to high temperatures! For baking pizza, 400ºC would be the best temperature. The pizza is ready quickly. If you wanted to go to a restaurant, you would have to wait much longer.

You don’t even have to walk far with an outdoor pizza oven. You’re gaining so much time! Also, think about it this way: preparing food on your own is cheaper. All you have to do is to buy your favorite ingredients. This would cost less than eating out.

Outdoor Oven — An Ideal Pretext to Meet with the Closest Ones

We live in a busy world. We all know this scenario in which you try to arrange a meeting with friends, but they are busy getting on with their lives… But what about special moments in good company and great food baked in a brick oven? Who could refuse? Who could say “no” to such a cozy atmosphere and fabulous food? This will encourage people to put aside their duties and focus on what’s important. 


There are many reasons why you should have your pizza oven in your garden. First of all, you can bake pizza that is the best in the world. After all, you are the person who chooses the ingredients, the type of cheese, the amount of cheese, the amount of oregano, and so on! You can prepare some different meals for a change. Meat? Fish? Vegetables? You decide! Everything is rich in nutritional value. An outdoor oven is perfect for outdoor cooking. You gain time. You gain money. You gain a great excuse to meet with family and friends. A brick pizza oven is everything!

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