Do you know what will happen if you leave the leak issues untreated in your home or workplace? The results can be upsetting as they can destroy the structure of a building, waste resources and lead to life-threatening situations. The role of an emergency plumber becomes very important here. In this blog, you will explore the reasons behind leaks and get to know why many experts in the UK recommend responding to emergency plumbing leak situations as quickly as possible. Keep reading to learn more.

Reasons for Leaks

Reasons for leaks

Leaks can be addressed on time if the reasons behind them are understood. There are many reasons why leaks occur. Here are 3 most common reasons for leaks seen on an everyday basis:

1. Burst Pipes

Burst pipes are one of the most common causes of leakage, especially during winter. Water freezes inside the pipes at some points, and the flowing water creates high pressure inside them. High pressure can also be created due to clogs and magnesium and calcium build-ups inside the pipes, irrespective of the season. When the pressure becomes too much to handle, the pipe bursts. 

Rust and corrosion due to age and external exposure can make pipes go weak over time and burst. Also, pipes become susceptible to bursting when they are installed poorly or not maintained properly. 

2. Faulty Taps

A common cause for faulty taps is the washers. These are small rubber or silicon discs which rest between the valve and handle of the tap. They get damaged due to frequent use. Often, the tap’s cartridge can also get corroded or damaged, causing leaks. 

If water is dripping from the tap’s handle, it could be a sign that the O-ring, which holds the tap’s handle in place, got loose or worn out. Sometimes, sediment buildup can corrode the valve seat and cause a leak from the spout. All these things can result in water wastage and raise water bills. 

3. Toilet Connection Problems

If you notice water accumulating around the base of your toilet and also smell an unpleasant odour, it can be because the wax seal under the toilet seat got damaged. A malfunctioning flush valve or damaged flapper can’t stop water from flowing into the bowl, leading to its wastage. 

Other potential problems could be broken connectors, damaged bowls or tanks, and cracked supply lines. If these issues aren’t addressed on time, they damage the toilet flooring and surrounding walls, leading to more costly repairs.

Why Is Quick Response Critical in Emergency Plumbing Leak Situations?

Quick response in emergency leak situations

Water is a silent invader which can seep into your home or building within a few minutes. Quick response to such emergencies is the key to preventing plumbing related short and long-term damage:

1. Prevents the Growth of Mould

Leaks can result in the rapid growth of mould, as moisture is their favourite breeding ground. They can start growing and spreading across the affected area within 1-2 days of water leakage. They not only damage the structure of the building but also pose health risks to the inhabitants, such as breathing issues and allergies. 

It becomes challenging and expensive to remove molds once they spread. A quick response towards treating the leakage can prevent the growth of moulds and save you from costly repairs.

2. Helps to Avoid Damage to the Structure

Water can penetrate various parts of a building including the walls, wood and flooring. The initial signs of structural damage could be discoloured patches on walls, deformed wooden frames of doors and windows, or a stale smell inside the structure.

If the leakage isn’t fixed on time, it can weaken the building’s structure and cause rotting, warping, sagging ceilings, crumbling walls, and structural collapse (in severe cases). Prompt action and a good plumber can address the leakage to mitigate the risk of severe damage and unnecessary expenses on repairs. 

3. Promotes Safety and Well-Being

When water accumulates on surfaces, the area turns into a potential danger zone, especially for kids and elders. It becomes slippery and prone to falls. Also, the presence of water near the electrical systems increases the risk of electrical malfunctions such as short circuits and fires.

Stagnant water is an ideal environment for mold, viruses and bacteria to grow and create health problems. A swift response, like calling a 24 hour emergency plumber, prevents the issue from escalating further and ensures the safety and well-being of you and your loved ones.

4. Stops Water from Getting Wasted

Even minor leaks, if not treated on time, can cause a significant volume of water loss over time. This not only adds to water bills but also strains local water supplies. Every drop of water counts when we, as humans, are concerned about climate change and water scarcity. 

Moreover, it’s expensive to maintain the water treatment, storage and distribution systems. Any leaks can lead to more expenses in buying additional resources to fulfil water scarcity. You might contribute to maintaining this water infrastructure and its efficiency by taking quick action as soon as you notice any leaks. You can even contact a reliable company that provides 24-hour emergency plumbing service in your area.

5. Reduces the Cost of Repairs

You can’t overlook the association of time with costly repairs. The more time you spend on taking action, the more money you will need to spend on the repairs because untreated damage amplifies with time. 

Sometimes, the damage level can reach up to a point where things such as dry walls and flooring can only be replaced and not repaired. Quick response to leaks can prevent the damage from escalating to such a level. 

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Quick response to leaks is undeniably important, no matter what the cause is. It not only addresses the immediate issue but also prevents secondary damages from developing. It ensures a safe and secure environment for your home and property.

You can get in touch with an emergency plumber, if you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a 24/7 emergency plumber. You can have the skilled plumbing engineers reach you within hours and get repairs done at the earliest, depending on the condition of the leaks. 

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