Are you trying to find some inspiration for bathroom refurbishments? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Choosing the perfect tile for your bathroom can be a thrilling experience. With many options available, from timeless classic subway tiles to unique mosaic designs to statement-worthy big tiles, you can create a space that perfectly reflects your style and personality. 

Tiles are like protagonists in this scenario and can change your bathroom’s entire aura and feel depending on their color, texture, materials, and individual pieces’ scale. So, it’s essential to choose wisely. 

But don’t worry; we’ve covered you with over 30+ stunning shower tile ideas that will influence you and help you create a bathroom you’ll love for years.

1. Atomic Starburst 

Atomic Starburst 

Want to experiment with the perfect combination of voguish and chic? Imagine keeping your walls and vanity sober and neutral while creating a burst of visual appeal with a stunning starburst pattern. 

2. Granulated surface

Granulated surface

Are you looking for a way to turn your tile shower into a serene spa-like oasis? Step onto a pebble tile floor that adds a touch of minimalism and gives you a soothing mini-massage each time you shower.

This exquisite flooring design gives your bathroom texture without sacrificing a look.

3. Build brick-by-brick

Build brick-by-brick

Are you a fan of exposed brick walls’ charming and rustic look? Well, you’ll be thrilled to know that now you can bring that same vibe to your bathroom with brick-effect tiles. These edgy wall tiles will make your bathroom look straight out of a magazine.

4. A coordinated chevron

A coordinated chevron

If you want to add some pizzazz to your tile shower, why not try the Lailaya chic chevron pattern? It’s an excellent way to add a touch of sophistication to complement your contrasting wall and floor tiles.

5. Lay Subway in a New Way

Lay Subway in a New Way

Subway shower floor tile ideas are a more exciting option now. Consider a crosshatch pattern hue to add a twist to your bathroom. This will give your bathroom a unique touch while keeping that classic vibe. 

6. Graphics with rainbow

Graphics with rainbow

Why not add bold, colorful decor to your bathroom with multi-colored graphic tile shower ideas? It will create an instant focal point, lend a wallpapered effect, and leave you and your guests in awe.

7. Wild Wallpapers

Add striking wallpaper to your bathroom besides your tilework to achieve a luxurious look without breaking the bank. It works wonders while creating a similar type of drama, like tiles.

8. Accent Wall

Accent Wall shower tile ideas

Add personality to your shower space with a stunning accent wall of tiles. Mix and match different colors and shapes for a unique look. Keep the rest of the decor neutral to make the tiles pop, and let your accent wall steal the show.

9. Remove shades, go Monochromatic: 

Monochrome shower tile

Upgrade your home with a monochromatic renovation using floor-to-ceiling tiles in different sizes within the same color family. Mixing tile sizes throughout the room creates a cohesive yet non-coordinated look. It’s a stunning design that will impress your guests.

10. Opt for big boxes

shower tile with big boxes

Want to make your small bathroom feel big and rich? Opt for large tiles! They need fewer grout traces, creating an illusion of more space and making your bathroom look more spacious than it is.

11. Marble

Marble tiles for shower

Are you looking to create an opulence-burned look in your bathroom? Marble is the way to go! It’s an evergreen material that talks class. Try subway marble tiles with gold finishes for an antique charm.

12. Embroidered with Moroccan 

Moroccan Embroidered shower tile

Imagine a heavenly bathroom with a classic white subway tile backsplash and a Moroccan walling that is vintage-inspired. The combination offers a unique personality while maintaining a calming effect. You will want to stay in this oasis after a stressful work day.

13. Give shape with Clay

Clay shower tiles

Consider using clay tiles to renovate your shower space. They are stunning and have a natural resistance to mold and bacteria. Pair them with a vertical stack bond laid subway tile and a frameless shower for a vintage touch. Enjoy a beautiful and functional space.

14. Polish your Terrazzo

Terrazzo shower tile

Terrazzo is back, and it’s hotter than ever! This stylish shower floor tile idea is easy to clean and camouflages blemishes. Imagine a beautiful terrazzo wall tile perfectly complementing a subway tile with a stacked bond salmon color in your bathroom. It’s a match made in heaven.

15. Herringbone Subway

Herringbone Subway shower tiles

Have you ever considered using a herringbone pattern for your space? It’s a great way to add visual interest and make your design stand out! You could use a contrasting grout color to make the lines pop and draw the eye in.

16. Strength lies in Differences

Combine and contrast various tile patterns and forms to add character to your bathroom. Get creative and experiment with different ways to bring your bathroom to life with depth and texture.

17. Play With Penny

Play With Penny shower tile ideas

Have you ever considered installing penny tile in your bathroom? Its diminutive size and numerous grout lines make a huge visual impact. Keep the rest of the toilet simple while achieving an updated and contemporary appearance. 

18. Floor gets all the spotlight

spotlight shower tile ideas

If you’re on a budget, don’t worry. One clever trick to transform your shower without going bankrupt is concentrating on a single area: the floor. Choose a visually stunning tile that stands out, and keep the backdrop simple and white. This will create a unique design focal point in your bathroom.

19. Change like or with Leaves?

Leaves design shower tiles

Have you ever considered using a leaf-patterned tile as your tile shower? Not only is it stunningly beautiful, but it’s also a unique way to add a touch of nature to your space.

Though it may be a bit expensive, it’s worth the investment. Once you’ve got this gorgeous tile, you won’t need to worry about further decorating.

20. Mimic Wood

Mimic Wood tiles for shower

Are you looking to add a cozy touch to your bathroom? Consider porcelain tiles with a wood appearance for your bathroom instead of wood flooring. These tiles are durable and moisture-resistant while still creating the same visual impression. For a stylish touch, opt for a chevron pattern.

21. Let floral bloom

floral bloom tiles

Opt for a beautiful penny tile flooring featuring a sweet floral pattern. Sure, penny tiles can be tricky to install, but incorporating a simple design can take your bathroom to the next level with little effort.

22. Scalloped

Scalloped Bathroom shower tile idea

Transform your space with the irresistible charm of scalloped tiles. These little beauties pack a big punch and come in various colors. Add a classic touch with pearly gray or a pop of coastal coolness with aqua. The possibilities are endless.

23. Stripes on stripes

Stripes design shower tiles

If your area has any blue in it, striped tiling is a terrific method to incorporate a nautical sense subtly. Combining a vanity made of natural wood and gold fixtures creates a polished and contemporary final appearance.

24. Remove traces of reality 

Black shower tiles ideas

Are you tired of your dull and ordinary tile shower? Use an abstract, bold tile to give your area a “wow” aspect. Nothing can beat the contrasting, bubble-styled tiling that offers a unique twist to the traditional black and white shower room. 

25. Unglazed finishes

Unglazed finishes tiles for shower

If you want to add character and visual interest to your shower, use unglazed tiles. These tiles give the shower area a carefree, rustic appearance that goes well with earthy decor.

26. Make a Statement With 3D textures

Bathroom Shower tiles with 3D textures

Are you looking to add some oomph to your bathroom space? Three-dimensional wall tiles might be the answer. These tiles can instantly add depth and texture to your walls, making them a great option. Stick to one wall with your chosen design to avoid overwhelming the space. And if you want to make a statement, go for high-gloss coatings that reflect light beautifully.

27. Artistic Zellige

Artistic Zellige shower tiles

Have you ever heard of the Zellige tile? It’s a fascinating option that’s gaining popularity around the world. Its handmade nature makes it so unique, resulting in an imperfect, irregular, stunning finish. Plus, it has a hidden talent for hiding soap stains, making it perfect for bathrooms.

28. Floor reaches the ceiling

Floor to ceiling shower tiles

Have you ever considered taking the bathroom tiles up to the ceiling? It’s a fantastic way to give your small bathroom an elevated look and feel.

Use black grout with subway tiles for a dramatic contrast and classy finish. Yes, it may cost you a little extra, but the result is eye-catching.

29. Movements with mosaic

mosaic shower tile ideas

Want to give an unpredictable artistic touch to your space? How about a focal mosaic that will bring life to your walls? With such tilings, you may make your room an unexpected canvas. It’s a creative way to break away from the classic subway tiles in white and gray and give your space an organic look.

30. Metallic yet melodic 

Metallic shower tiles

Let’s discuss how metallic tiles can give your space a glamorous, dazzling touch. If you have a small bathroom without windows, metallic tiles are an excellent choice as they reflect light and create a bright, open feel. 

31. Go round with six sides

shower tile with round deigns

Are you looking to add some shapes to your bathroom without going overboard? Hexagon tiles are the answer. These classic tiles not only add subtlety but also give a rich feel to any room. While they are a popular option for flooring, you can get creative and use them on any surface. 

32. On-board with Checkerboard ?

Checkerboard shower tiles

Check, mate. Now convert a freestanding tub into a shower, and then cover the floor with blue checkerboard-patterned stone tiles that go well with the wooden fittings and cool marble.

33. Shower tile ideas: Go Dark for Depth

black and white bathroom shower tiles

Rich, dramatic black tile in an amazing open-concept shower gives the impression of extra space in the bathroom. Use a contrasting color for the remaining area to prevent your bathroom from looking too gloomy or dull.


Do you know what’s incredible about all this? Well, it’s the fact that you can rebuild these designs without encountering several difficulties. Moreover, there are no strict guidelines for choosing a bathroom tile. Therefore, you can play around with different components that complement your style and match your preferences. 

So, why wait? Create your small haven in the bathroom by finding the perfect balance between classic and modern design. In the comments section, we would love to hear your existing shower tile ideas or inspirations.

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