As we all know, how much a Glass is important in architecture. No structure is complete without using Glass. No matter at a big or small level, glass is used everywhere. Glass House Architecture got famous after Mies Van der Rohe and Philip Johnson built some glass houses in the 1950s. And there is something magical about Glass houses, they are gorgeous and very eye-pleasing. Glass is a material that can be used to make anything glamorous or elegant or both at the same time. 

You’ll be surprised to know that Glass is not used nowadays, it is being used since the 1940s!

You may have seen a mud house, a wood house, but have you ever seen a home that is fully made from glass? If not, keep on reading this blog because today we bring wonderful glass houses around the globe. These houses are not only located in fascinating places but also have unique shapes. So take a look at these mysterious glass house plans and designs and appreciate the work of architects. 

Here is the list of magnificent and luxurious Modern Glass House Architecture

1. Stahl House

Stahl House
  • Architect: Pierre Koenig
  • Location: Los Angeles, California
  • Year: 1960
  • Area: 2,200-square-foot
  • Type: Residential

Stahl House is also known as a case study house, or it’s better to call it a “Hollywood’s Famous Glass-Walled House.” Because it is the most popular location for American movies. It was also listed in the National Register of Historic Places in 2013. It has beautiful floor to ceiling glass walls with a panoramic view of the city. This is one of the most beautiful glass house architecture.

2. Glass House

glass house architecture
  • Architect: Philip Johnson
  • Location: New Canaan, United States
  • Year: 1949
  • Area: 1,815 square feet
  • Type: Residential

Glass house or Johnson house is now a historical museum that is situated in New Canaan. The architecture of the house is inspired by Farnsworth House. It is now opened for public for tours and currently owned by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. This is a perfect example of minimalism with amazing geometric designs and glasses that gives magical reflections and also complete transparency.

3. Tower House

tower house architecture
  • Architect: Gluck+
  • Location: New York
  • Area: 2,500 square foot
  • Type: Vacation home

Do you love enjoying mountain views? If yes, this house is perfect for you. It provides magnificent views of the Catskill mountain range. The tower house has 3 levels and has a common staircase that joins all the levels. The house is covered with entirely transparent glass panels, which also has a unique cantilevered design. So spend your next vacation here!  

4. Photographer’s Studio Over a Boathouse

Photographer’s Studio Over a Boathouse
  • Architect: GH3
  • Location: Canada
  • Year: 2007 
  • Area: 167 square meter
  • Type: Residential/studio

Photographer’s Studio house is situated in front of a lake, and it beautifully blends into the surrounding landscapes. It has a marvelous see-through glass facade. It has completely white interiors with the dark flooring that compliments everything very well. Also, the architects wisely use the glass with metal and granite that improves the thermal efficiency of the house. 

5. La Casa del Desierto (The Desert House)

La Casa del Desierto (The Desert House)
  • Architect: OFIS Architects
  • Location: Gorafe desert, Spain
  • Year: 2018
  • Area: 20 square meter
  • Type: Temporary vacation retreat

La Casa del Desierto is a result of a collaboration project among OFIS Architects, Transsolar, and energy consultants from AKT II. This house is specially designed to have a comfortable and luxurious life in extremely hot temperatures of desserts. 

6. Villa Kogelhof

Villa Kogelhof
  • Architect: Paul De Ruiter
  • Location: Kamperland, Netherlands
  • Year: 2013
  • Area: 715 square meter
  • Type: Residential

Have you ever seen an underground glasshouse? If not, look at this house, it is mind-blowing. Villa Kogelhof is completely an eco- friendly house. Another amazing fact about this house is that it has a built-in cooling system and it also generates its own energy. As it has all these amazing features, no wonder that it has also won the Dutch ARC13 Architecture award

7. The Kay House

The Kay House
  • Architect: Maria Gigney Architects
  • Location: Battery Point, Tasmania
  • Year: 2002
  • Area: 3,895 square foot
  • Type: Residential

This residential house is everything, it has amazing surroundings, modern architecture, and open roofs (how can we forget about this!). It also has a private lap pool with a cozy lounge area. The smooth facade beautifully blends the indoors to the outdoors, which gives aesthetic vibes and list will go on…

8. Glass House by Santambrogio Milano

glass house architecture
  • Architect: Santambrogio Milano
  • Location: Milan, Italy
  • Type: Residential

Love the frozen movie? Just imagine if Elsa wants to build a house by her magical ice powers, then how it will be? It is definitely going to be this house. This house is completely made from glass sheets!! Not only it’s interior and exterior, but also it’s furniture is entirely made from glass. Shocking right? 

9. Tree in the House by Aibek Almassov

Tree in the House by Aibek Almassov
  • Architect: Aibek Almassov
  • Location: Kazakhstan
  • Type: Public space

Architect Aibek Almassov designed this conceptual house, which has a unique shape. It has a tubular shape that is completely made from glass that gives transparent reflections. This house has 4 floors with a see-through ceiling. A spiral staircase connects all the levels, and it also has solar panels and rain harvesting systems. Just imagine the wonderful forest view you’ll get from it! 

Sometimes mere words cannot describe a beautiful thing, like this house!!

10. S House

S House
  • Architect: Yuusuke Karasawa
  • Location: Saitama Prefecture, Japan
  • Year: 2014
  • Area: 1,117 square foot
  • Type: Residential

We are pretty sure that you’ve not seen a house like this in your life! After all, S House is like this. With unique architectural designs and patterns, it will stand out among all the other glass houses. This glass house architecture has two storeys with staircases in a zigzag shape. All the interior is in contemporary white color, which gives a totally luxurious look. 

11. Y1 

Y1 house
  • Architect: Werner Sobek
  • Location: France
  • Year: 2013
  • Area: 750 square meter
  • Type: Residential

Y1 house features two storeys- ground floor and a glass first level. The ground level is completely hidden under the landscape, and when you look from afar, you are only able to see the second level. It is a residential house that has a spacious living and dining area.

glass house architecture
glass home with a staircase leading up to it
glass house with a lot of windows
Glass House  with a pool in the foreground
Glass House Architecture with a staircase leading to it
glass house in the woods surrounded by trees
Solo Hous kersten
glass house with porch
glass house architecture with a swimming pool in the middle


So how do you feel after reading and looking at all these beautiful pictures of glass houses? Definitely, you’ll get some inspirations from them, you can always include some of the elements in your home that you like in the glass house architecture. So what if you’re not able to live in one of these houses, but you can actually spend your vacation there…Right?

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